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Title: Show ened 9/6/2014 mis-analyzed example of NAP
Post by: ReasonableVoice on September 06, 2014, 10:14:43 PM
I'm posting here because no one will probably see it here  :-0)

The show ended by analyzing a person defending another person from getting hit by a bus through shoving them so hard that the defensive force hurt the person that may have been hit by a bus.

It seemed that Ian and Mark incorrectly thought this was violation of NAP.

#1 whether or not another person was hurt or not does not factor into NAP
( though generally, the ideal is for there to be NO harm)

#2 the only factor in NAP is whether the "initiation of force" is in defensive use or in offensive use

Initiation of OFFENSIVE force is AGGRESSION
Initiation of DEFENSIVE force is NOT AGGRESSION

If one is acting DEFENSIVELY of self or others IT IS NOT AGGRESSION

Yes, it may be unwanted, or even stupid, NON-aggression action, but the action does NOT violate NAP.

NAP has only on GRAY area - determining whether an action initiated as defensive action or offensive action.

Generally, there is very little gray area, but . . .
a factor in determining defensive or offensive is INTENT
and INTENT can be somewhat SUBJECTIVE (gray area) sometimes.

Now if the person shoving thought they could actually hurt the person worse than the bus could hurt them and the intent was for them to hurt worse than getting hit by a bus, then, yes, it could be a violation of the NAP. :-0)