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Title: passports
Post by: apocalisanow on April 05, 2012, 11:15:29 PM
 :lol: As a seasoned traveller and expat living abroad I was kinda shocked about your guys lack of knowledge about passports... but I guess if you've never needed one so why be informed, right?  TSA George, though well meaning, doesn' t know what he's talking about... obtaining another country's passport? Maybe it was a joke... The only people able to have another passport are those with dual nationality... like my kids who have one parent of each country and even then, not all countries allow it.  In some cases the US makes you give up one of the two. So Ian, let's say one of your parents are or were from Country X - hopefully they'd have registered you at that country's consulate when you were born so getting a passport would be easy.  If not, you would have to take in that parent's birth certificate and other docs first and then apply for yours providing you are allowed to have a dual nationality.  In some places dual nationality for a male means having to do military service - so watch out! LOL AND you don't have to go to NY city for God Sakes,,,,most State capitals have all of the major consulates.. I know it's a pain and I also hate having to bend over and crack my ankles for OUR MASTERS but for now we have to play their game ....
so get out your wallet, birth cert, pictures prepare to SUBMIT!  LOL Luv u Guys!