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Title: New listener...Enjoying the show but a comment/suggestion
Post by: Sheeple Shepherd on May 03, 2011, 12:45:32 AM
I completely agree with your points regarding people in this country celebrating the death of another human being...Especially for this reason:The FBI themselves admitted in 2006 they do not have enough evidence attaching Bin Laden to the 911 attacks to even get a grand jury indictment, much less a conviction and death sentence...I won't belabor this post with the mountain of evidence that is the Bin Laden lie,  but it should be blatantly obvious that this is at best an effort to boost the current administration's ratings, at worst it could be a prelude to another false-flag attack on this country...I pray it is the former...

But I digress to my suggestion.. First, I admit that I am guilty of this occasionally myself when trying to reason with some folks...I feel like maybe you should handle the detractors calling in to your show with kid a little easier on them..try to not berate the points they make, as we need to realize that most people in this country are a product of the mainstream media's programming...They are akin to members of a cult and they have to be de-programmed over a period of time...It is very hard for one to come to grips with the hard reality that our country's leaders do not have our best interests in mind and that you have been lied to for so long...It is much easier for most folks to keep believing the lies...I know because I (and I'm sure I'm not alone here) at one time also believed the propaganda being spewed.....I am a 12 year veteran of the armed forces and have been in a couple of the hot zones...I slowly started realizing while I was serving our country that all was unfortunately not what it has frankly  been a shock to the system...But I am still "patriotic" because I can separate my love for this country from my disdain for the corporate bought and paid for puppets that currently are in control of our country...They are after all a very small minority of our country's population and in no way represent the real citizens of this country... Again. good show...thank you for providing it.