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Author Topic: Bullhorn/Fire Siren  (Read 1256 times)

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Mr. Schlinky

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Bullhorn/Fire Siren
« on: July 28, 2009, 06:08:40 AM »

I listened to the show discussing the bullhorning and the "noise level" issue. The guys mentioned the fire siren/klaxon in Keene, and I don't know if anyone wants to stop it, or let it continue as a "see, they can do it, so can I" kind of thing. I dealt with this issue in my previous (government) job, where almost all of the local volunteer fire departments had a siren that would blow when they had a call. The thought was (originally, 50 years ago) that the men would be working around town, maybe in the fields, and if there was a fire, they would all come a'runnin to put out the fire. This was all well and good back yonder, but with the structure of volunteer departments now, the level of training and custom-fit protective gear, such a notion is outdated badly.

There is also the argument, which I think is more the situation in Keene, that the siren "lets people know" there is a fire, and to clear the streets so the trucks can get through. A blinking light along with all the traffic lights changing would certainly suffice.

My point that I made for years without convincing anyone to get rid of their sirens was that all qualified fire department personnel carry radio pagers, and that is now the way they are notified. Also, modern vehicles are much more soundproof, and with a/c on, no one drives with the windows down either. Heck, people don't pull over to let a fire truck by when they're directly behind them with several thousand dollars worth of blinkys and hooties going at once. All of these things make fire sirens an annoying anachronism, and are usually very expensive to maintain if they break. I have no problem with the siren blowing once at noon or something, I think that's a good use for them until they finally break. My 2 yen for my 1st post here. Thanks.
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