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(Q1) How soon will the state of Israel fall?   (Q2) How do you feel about that?

(Q1)  <5 years
- 0 (0%)
(Q1)  5-10 years
- 2 (5.1%)
(Q1)  10-15 years
- 2 (5.1%)
(Q1)  15-20 years
- 3 (7.7%)
(Q1)  20-25 years
- 3 (7.7%)
(Q1)  25-30 years
- 0 (0%)
(Q1)  30-40 years
- 0 (0%)
(Q1)  40-50 years
- 1 (2.6%)
(Q1)  50-75 years
- 0 (0%)
(Q1)  75-100 years
- 1 (2.6%)
(Q1)  100+ years
- 2 (5.1%)
(Q1)  Never!
- 2 (5.1%)
(Q1)  Don't care.
- 1 (2.6%)
(Q2)  Positive.
- 10 (25.6%)
(Q2)  Negative.
- 3 (7.7%)
(Q2)  It won't fall!
- 4 (10.3%)
(Q2)  Don't care.
- 5 (12.8%)

Total Members Voted: 14

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Author Topic: The Fall of Israel  (Read 3510 times)

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Diogenes The Cynic

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Re: The Fall of Israel
« Reply #15 on: May 21, 2009, 08:07:14 PM »

Well if its not religion, what is it that makes you think all the surrounding countries are going to want to attack israel?

1.They just hate jews?

2.Iran? Are you fucking kidding me?

3.If a crumbling USSR which had spent millions on nuclear armament wasn't willing to use, what makes you think any centralized government (like Iran) is going to attack any other government that has nukes? Especially since Iran is no where near the size of USSR and America would definitely get involved if Iran nuked Israel.

4.Funny, Jordan, Egypt, Syria have all left Israel well the fuck alone after the 1948 war. Are they really biding their time like some evil genuises? Or do the rulers of those countries know better to fuck with a country that has nukes and the backing of America?

I'm sure there'll be more terrorist attacks on Israel, but thats not the same as an invasion from a sovereign state.

5.So first off, who is going to be using these countries (that don't have free will) to attack Israel?

And why do they want to wait till Palestine is at peace with Israel?

Surely if they want to destroy Israel, theres a better chance when Israel is tied up with Hamas or Hezbollah?

6.Considering you were meant said you were going to "explain in a way that even you can understand", you're not making anything very clear.

7.I'm going to assume thats some veiled talk for "Israel are going to be attacked because they won't get tough with terrorists", so feel free to correct me since you made it about as clear as mud.

I still don't see why "they" (whoever they are) would want to wait for Israel to be at peace with Palestine before attacking.

So Syria, Jordan, Egypt, all at peace with Israel for years, then as soon as peace breaks out, someone is going to use on of those countries to start attacking Israel again?

8.You really don't think all the Palestinian attacks on Israel are more to do with the fact that there has been a huge land dispute, combined with border walls, sanctions and military conflict for the last 60 years?

9.I guess islamic terrorists just play musical chairs with Israel though. As soon as Israel makes peace with one nation, the terrorists will all run over to the next nation and start launching rockets from there.

1.The majority of these nations probably hate Jews, but thats not why they attack. Ill explain later.
2. No. Do you read the news?
3. MAD only works when the people at the trigger are not suicidal.
4. No they havent, and the Yom Kippur war occured after Israel went nuclear. They have an uneasy peace accord with Egypt thats steps from not working. That only occurred after Israel beat the snot out of Egypt several times.
5. G-d.
6. G-d is at the helm. Thats what I ment.
7. Thats not what I ment at all. In fact in several posts on other threads I said that there is no military solution to the Arab problem. What I ment is that the Israelis are being attacked because the secular Jews there are failing their spiritual mission.
8. Its not really a dispute. The Gemara outlines the borders of Israel in detail.
9. They have before, and they will again.
I am looking for an honest man. -Diogenes The Cynic

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