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Title: Is benefiting from welfare or other public services immoral?
Post by: lockedup on August 26, 2015, 05:48:33 PM
Is  it immoral to take redistributed money from government entities or use their services? Say for example a person who takes a disability check from the government because he suffers from a "mental illness". In my opinion it is and I will present my case. But I might be wrong and would like to hear other peoples opinions.

Molyneux once said (I don't remember exactly if he was talking specifically about disability) that since the money has already been stolen and taken away via taxation and since the service will be provided regardless, one might as well take advantage of it.

This assumes that the amount of money that this service requires will never increase due to an increase in demand for the service.

But if there is more demand for the service the government may act accordingly and generate more supply which would lead to increased taxation.

So for example: the more people relying on a disability handout or using X service, the more likely the governmental entity will be to request an increase in taxation to cover for this service. In a similar manner, if everyone stops relying on welfare the programs might be terminated and therefore there might be a reduction in taxation. So, as far as I can tell, everyone who is using the service is partly responsible for governmental theft.