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Author Topic: woman activist attempts to pay fine and gets tazed, maced & thrown in cage  (Read 2760 times)

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woman activist attempts to pay fine and instead gets tazed, maced & thrown in cage:

my name is mary vandenberg.   
I was a victim of police brutality this past week. I plan to call in and talk to you folks at FTL tomorrow evening (monday 21 may)...
but i wanted to give you back ground info first
... i attempted to copy paste my notes on 'show prep' page since im gonna call in
but there is way to much text for that! ... i am still working on filling in more details on my outline of the events that took place this past wednesday as well as getting a statement from my brother who witnessed the assault...

i will post in show prep and redirect readers to this post   

my first court experience was 3 parking tickets in kent county(grand rapids-61st district court) this was over the summer of 2011
...went through the process of filling out a 'media request form and 'was allowed by the judge to record audio but not video
each ticket was 20, and was doubled to 40  for failure to pay so a bill for 120was sent to me...

i attended the hearing... i fought and lost ...since i was found 'responsible', court costs were charged to me as well 55each to bring up the demand to 285$ (not a moving violation so no worries about my license being suspended) 
i was told in order to bring it up to the next level in court, i was required to give 100$ cash for them to 'hold onto' and it wpould be given back if i was found innocent.
a few weeks later i was sent a "request and writ for garnishment(income tax rufund/credit)"  ...which is not a request but a demand for money the 285$ was raised to 297$ ... it states at the bottom 'you are ordered to pay the amount intercepted under this writ as stated at the top of this form'
'on halloween 2011,  i was forced off the road by a man in a statist costume. (hudsonville-58th dist court)
i had a 5 min conversation with him about liberty and natural law then asked if i could go on my way since i had not hurt anyone or anything...
Tubergan said no and took my papers back to his cop car
he came back after a few min and gave me a demand for money ticket (wrote 71mph in remarks but wrote me up for 60in a 55)

i had a phone conversation with him and was not able to convince him to reconsider his complaint (the ticket)

a hearing for the speeding ticket was scheduled for dec16 which i rescheduled for 16january

the hearing went as well as could be expected... i was not heard and could not make any philosophical arguments... before i was interrupted and told it was irrelevant.
again i was told to fight it at the next level, i would have to give up 100 $ cash ... i did not pay the extortion money and a few weeks later got a notice that my 'permission to drive' was revoked

license was suspended as of 3 feb 2012

on 31march i was walking out of a gas station with coffee and was asked by a female in a statist costume if i was 'mary'
We proceeded to have a half hour of conversation about liberty and she wrote me a 'DWLS'-driving while license suspended ticket.

on 24 april i went in for an arraignment on the dwls and got threatened with contempt of court for saying 'this is bullshit'
the same day i met with a prosecuting attorny-duckworth who was not even willing to consider the problems in the current system-told me to talk to a legislature to change things

i called to find out what happens next/what to expect:
hudsonville told me that i can pay with creditcard or cash between the hrs of 9am-5pm mon-fri with exception of a lunch hour... i also asked her about a jury trial and jury selection and how that works. she gave me the date on her computer and said i just hadnt received the paper in the mail yet....i asked about the money being demanded of me by hudsonville(145$) and would it make a difference whether I pay that before or after meeting w/prosecuter... also asked if she ever though deeply about the system she works for...  when asked about why this money is being demanded of me when i had hurt no one, she would not answer...       
i asked:
if i pay the 145 before the meeting on the 7th of june, will the points and money amount be less?
the lady on the phone said  'you can BEG the prosecutor when you talk to him' ....

  ....holland told me that after meeting w/prosecuter on 7 june at 11am, i can determine if i want to take it to a jury trial...she told me that i have the choice of taking it to a jury trial or not... if i do go with a jury trial, the jury selection starts the next morning at 9am)
*******Police brutality:______disorderly person_____&_____po assault/resisting/obstruction____________________

wed morning took 145 in one dollar bills intending to pay and get 'clearance papers'  to bring to prosecutor on 7 june(jury selection starts friday morning if i decide to have a jury trial for dwls)
i was called up to the counter
dave had my camera and turned it on as i was giving my name to lady behind counter (daldos?)
 approached by (  ?name   ) uniformed man  who approached on my left as i faced the counter.      dave was standing to the right
the costumed man (   ) told dave to give him the camera...

i reached up and intercepted the camera, shut it off and put it in my vest pocket saying that it was my property and it would not be turned back on
he stayed on my left ...asked why we were there...

told him i was trying to stay safe by paying the 145 that was demanded of me by threat of force
and slid the 4inch stack of ones through the window to clerk
clerk ( ) started counting and right away asked 'can we take this' to the costumed man

i tried to express my feelings of fear and frustration and my need for maintaining control of my own property-my$
i was interrupted and told i needed to leave or i'd be arrested ...i asked 'for what' and was told 'trespassing'

i started walking toward the door- as i was walking, i was talking to the growing number of costumed gun carrying people
by the time i had my back to the lobby door, there were 4-6 of them... i was not moving fast enough or had paused to long to open the lobby door and the cop that was right in front of me said 'thats it' or 'we're done' or something similar. and grabbed at my left arm

i pulled my arm back into my chest and said i dont consent to you touching me' i was through the door into the lobby when i was put to the ground and being grabbed at ... i was crawing on my belly ...people from all angles were holding my limbs

i felt so afraid i was begging and pleading to let me go im leaving, stop hurting me

i was pepper sprayed in the face and tazed and when my arm was outside and most of the rest of me was in the lobby, i was begging 'please stop, please dont mace me again please dont taze me again' i remember hearing my brother say
'is this really fucking necessary?'    c'mon,  just let her go!'
  i looked up and saw through teared up eyes a mace can in my face and was screaming for them to please dont, to please stop...

i couldnt breath well and was spitting and crying and nose dripping... by this time i was outside the building
 had my arms  handcuffed behind my back and was moving on my knees blindly ...

my glasses were removed from my face
i remember an emt ...i remember having water poured on my face by him to rinse the mace off...
 i couldnt get enough water into my mouth to swish and spit    ...i asked for a drink...
it seemed to take forever for them to get me some water to drink.

at one point a cop poured some on my face and was gonna pour more ...i wanted to drink it ...i tried drinking it ...i was confused by the cop because he would stop pouring when i lifted my face to drink, he was pulling it away from my mouth and up out of my reach(i was on my knees with hands cuffed behind me) i kept telling him to tip it toward me, why to you keep moving it?    ...and was finally told it was non potable rinse for my face... and that water to drink wasnt there yet but was 'on the way' or 'someones getting that now'

still handcuffed behind my back, i was grabbed by my arms and pulled to my feet and brought toward a suv
i was then molested by fast-moving groping hands...  i think it was the one female officer who was touching and groping me as the hands moved over me ...through courderoy pants and typical cotton panties, i felt her fingers in between my labia before she went to feel up my legs...

 as i was molested, i was standing just out side the back door of cop suv ...i remember choking on warm exhaust fumes and having problems breathing and dropping to my knees again spitting and nose dripping and moving on my knees a few feet to get out of reach of the hot exhaust fumes-
(i was still mostly blind and really disoriented so possibly was the heat coming off the engine...it was warm out and the engine was running)..

when i did get back into the cop suv, i was sitting on the edge of the seat,  and i was spitting down toward the ground rather than inside the vehicle and was yelled at:   'dont spit at me again' ...because my spittle apparently fell too close to his black booted feet

sitting on the back seat of suv...left cuff removed to take off my vest that had fallen down my arms and was in the way...
while the left cuff was removed i asked for water and tissue to blow my nose and wipe my face...
i asked to be recuffed with my hands in front so i could sit up... they told me i had to have my arms behind me, no exceptions
'im being cooperative, please, i'm cooperating!' 
but no, i was ordered to put my arm behind my back... which i did not do fast enough for him
my left wrist/arm was grabbed and the guy was on top of me trying to wrench my arm back behind me ...i was sitting side ways on the back bench seat in the suv with my feet on the seat and could not get my arm behind me because my left side and shoulder was pressed/leaning on the back of the seat... he had a tight grip on my arm and was trying to twist it around behind me from his position infront of me standing outside the vehicle as he was yelling at me to put it behind my back...
 i said:     'my arm doesnt bend that way, you're hurting me, let go of my arm and ill put it behind me.'

i was emotional and terrified and through out the time from when i was first grabbed
 through when i was released from the straight jacket chair, i kept asking the people around me:
why are you doing this, i havnt hurt anyone, i havnt violated anyones rights

driving to cage i was silent and crying softly to myself... it felt unreal and surreal and terrifying as i reflected on what had just happened...

reaching the cage(filmore complex-ottowa county) i asked to just go along, i promised to cooperate...
but they put me in straitjacket chair anyway- tightly bound wrists and backpack straps forced me against the back of the chair and my legs were

wheeled into single person cage-
the female nurse ok ed how i was secured
(even thoughthe wrist restraint were supertight already  ...and got tighter as my wrists swelled from the cuffs and the trauma sustained when i was grabbed in the back of the cop suv
they felt through my hair and removed all the beads and they were talking about needing special tools to remove the jewelry and decided not to remove it and left me strapped in this restraint-chair

at that point i had not slept in over 20 hours ...so for hours i sat strapped in this chair chair drifting in and out of consciousness
occasionally i would wake up startled awake by sudden loud noises(the door of this cage was next to a 'in and out double lock door' that had a fair amount of traffic
also woke crying from a bad dream ...i felt very scared and confused... i felt hopeless and sad and very scared... 

at one point i woke up crying and my fingers were tingly and one hand was numb...
i called for help...and the wrists were both loosened a little ...but i was still left in the straight-jacket-chair

 i realized my left foot was loose enough to remove it from the restraint ... i  placed my toes on right knee and was able to wipe/itch my drippy nose with knee of my pants i put my foot back through the loop...i did this twice before it was noticed by someone and i tried to quickly get my foot back through but the ankle belt had come undone ...i told them i was just trying to wipe my nose, please let me out ...they refastened my left leg strap and pulled the right one tighter 'just in case'

i was very subdued, i was weeping but not hysterical... there was no reason to keep me in that chair as long as they did

finally released from chair, into a cage...   i asked for something to sit on, a chair, a cushion, something...
rinsed my face with water in the sink

asked for  blanket

requested to check my insulin
blood sugar check-insulin--not allowed to use
::::::::::::::::::arprox  4pm
back to cage unhealthy food

forms-male nurse-permission to va medical records

attempt to mug shot... didnt know what was going on... and slumped against the wall during the long pauses between when i was told to stand on the line and turn  was called un-coopertive and put back

back to single cage

booking-mug shot/prints

long acting insulin 5hrs late

 moved to multiperson cage- was the 7th person in there

called mom

video  arraignment with judge from cagehouse:
disorderly person=1000$
po assault/resisting/obstruction =3000$ ...10%   =300$ ransom to get me out

________________________________^^^^notes as of 20may
---these notes will be added to as i get the names of people who hurt me and get the witness statement from my brother

thank you for reading...
i hope to call in by 8 pm(on 21 may 2012) and discuss my experience
mary vanden berg
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