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Title: Vigil Against Anti-Homeless Laws, Lakewood, NJ
Post by: on March 21, 2015, 04:00:17 PM
Bullied out of FSP, I stayed in Lakewood, NJ - the only libertarian activist in town...  In Feb 2013, I learned that they were about to pass a municipal ordnance to harass and kick out the homeless camping on "public land", and that has become my main area of focus.  Here's a very small sample of my latest dealings with the local cops:

To learn more, please visit (

Being homeless is illegal in Lakewood, NJ.  Over a hundred homeless people camping in the woods on unused so-called "public land" were forcefully evicted from their homes in this town - a travesty that has harmed both the poor and the taxpayers as well!

To protest, I set up a tent in the middle of Lakewood Town Square - a Free Speech action for which I was repeatedly arrested, in violation of my Natural Rights.  I am now facing over SIX MONTHS IN JAIL...

Title: Re: Vigil Against Anti-Homeless Laws, Lakewood, NJ
Post by: on March 21, 2015, 10:47:30 PM
At least it's 3 free squares a day.

I guess you haven't heard about my Hunger Strikes (  I've spent 50 days in jail in my life (6+3+7+11+3+20) without consuming a single calorie, only drinking water.

Last one was 19 days and 5 hours before the judge had to let me go.  They kept me locked up in Medical for observation 24/7, waiting for me to pass out so they can force-feed ( me, which didn't happen.  Lost 40 pounds.  Gained it back since.  8)

Next time I'll go 3-4 weeks at least.  The longest Gandhi ever went is 21 days, and he drank lemon juice, which is cheating in my book - makes a HUGE difference.  I asked for calorie-free electrolyte / multi-mineral / multi-vitamin supplements that you're supposed to take ( (costs pennies a day over the counter), but the bastards won't give them to me...  They're also refusing to release my medical records.   :x
Title: Re: Vigil Against Anti-Homeless Laws, Lakewood, NJ
Post by: on March 22, 2015, 09:31:03 PM
So, what is the point of your adventures?

Fucking the government.  For details, buy my upcoming book (or read the shit I've been posting on forums for the last ten years).   :P
Title: Re: Vigil Against Anti-Homeless Laws, Lakewood, NJ
Post by: on March 24, 2015, 04:36:39 AM
Welp, I'm not in jail yet (

Follow me on Facebook ( for all news and details.  Yes, Facebook is an "eeeevil corporation", but it has a much better track record than Free Talk Live.   :lol:

What have you accomplished?

Much libertarian egoboo (   :D

You can grovel before my awesomeness by donating digital currencies:

Are you looking for private land to live on, or just public land?

Solving problems of poverty through NGO charities that can afford to buy private land is an accomplishment, but land constitutes well over like 95% of the start-up costs for a Tent City type shelter.

Solving problems of poverty by fucking the government into handing over "public land" to NGO charities and setting that precedent would be a MUCH bigger victory, and I think it's actually attainable.  The government has a lot of unused "public land" but no budget to deal with the homeless.  By providing the land, politicians can look good from both "helping the poor" and "saving tax money" perspectives.  Result: less government-owned land, less government spending, more voluntary charity donations going to things other than land.

The government is the root cause of homelessness, regulating people out of low-income jobs and artificially inflating the cost of living (especially housing and healthcare).  The "war on drugs" and the fucked up education system don't help either.