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Author Topic: Health scares.  (Read 34784 times)

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Re: Health scares.
« Reply #60 on: October 15, 2012, 03:17:27 PM »

Almost died from hypoglycemia because of an insulin overdose, three times. The third time it actually made me start being more responsible with my 'beetus management. I think the difference was that the first two times I was depressed and sort-of suicidal.
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Re: Health scares.
« Reply #61 on: December 11, 2012, 03:21:27 PM »

Gotta watch out for your head. Its a pretty important organ.

My story is pretty stupid. By pretty stupid I mean really stupid.

I was getting rip-roaring drunk with a few friends a while back, and one of the guys has to take out his insulin pump, and check out his blood-sugar level. Me and the other guy start making fun of his lazy pancreas. Then the other guy asks the diabetic to give him a little insulin, to see what it feels like. I knew insulin is potentially deadly, and doesn't produce any euphoric effects. I still ask to get some insulin too. Being drunk makes you do that.

He checks our blood sugar levels, and we high-five each other. Working pancreases! Woooooooo. Then he gets out the stuff, and injects it into us.

"I'm not giving you guys a lot"
"Dude, did you use a clean needle?" I ask.
"Don't worry about it"
Whats that suppossed to mean?
"It means don't worry about it"
"You didn't answer yes or no. I don't know where you've been!"
"Mumble mumble" Then he falls asleep.

I still don't know if he used a new needle on me. I assume he did?

Some time later, and I've let myself go. Stopped working out. Stopped going to the gym. Ate terrible food, and gained weight.

One morning, I'm eating cake for breakfast, and I get this horrible feeling in my insides. It was exactly what getting insulin felt like. I thought I might be coming down with early stage diabetes, so I picked myself up. Lost 20 lbs, and started working out again.

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