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Title: Bully judge rules against homeschooling
Post by: Sonija on April 16, 2015, 12:12:49 AM
My children were attending a charter school. I thought things were going well until the end of the first semester. My daughter's teacher sent all of her students a Christmas card wishing her students a merry Christmas, a happy new year and informed us that she would no longer be teaching there.
It took a while to find out why this teacher was no longer teaching at the charter school, and I found this out from the woman who RUNS the charter school, the teacher was not teaching, she had the children watching movies all day, no educational progress had been made. Later, I find out from another employee of the school that some of the kids from this class would go outside and play on the recess equipment unsupervised. This was enough.
I filed my "intent to homeschool" with the state online. I received an email confirming my application. A day later, the superintendent's office of the local public school signed off as well. They also waved the 14-day waiting period. I was legally homeschooling by March 17th.
My kids have told me that what I teach is harder than what they were learning in school, but they liked being homeschooled because I was able to talk them through the lesson until they understood it. We had a great time.
On April 7th, I get a phone call informing me that I have to show up for court the next day because my children have been reported truant. I thought for sure this was some sort of clerical error and that this would get cleared up. I presented the judge with the paperwork showing that I was legally homeschooling, but it did not matter. The judge ordered me to return my children back to the charter school. He said I 'just wanted to start summer vacation early.' I asked if I could put my kids in a different school, but his answer was 'no'.
I have talked to local lawyers, no one seems to to want to go up against this judge. I can understand, I'm pretty sure that would be a career killer. I've talked with HSLDA, but they can't take my case because the judge has already made his ruling. I've talked to the state board of education, I don't know what else to do. I'm out of ideas. If you could, please send constructive ideas. I really appreciate it. Thanks!
Title: Re: Bully judge rules against homeschooling
Post by: Diogenes The Cynic on April 16, 2015, 09:08:12 PM
Some states have online schools for children.

If you enroll your child there, you have proof that they're in a legally recognized, and accredited school.

The one in CA is free, and I think you may be able to get textbooks through them as well.
Title: Re: Bully judge rules against homeschooling
Post by: glenn on April 18, 2015, 11:39:58 AM
If your are interest in an online school, my 9th grade son goes to for Pennsylvania.
They have schools everywhere. Some are paid for by taxes.
He started this year.
He and I am very happy with it.
However, there are many new fellow students a not as prepared since they come from failing schools.
So, the scores of these new students on standardized tests brings down schools scores.
What state and what grades are the children?