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Title: I dont want to be banned so can you give advice to curb my evil,even further?
Post by: Chaerty on August 21, 2013, 11:04:07 AM
My family history had different colours. At first jet setting when we were Children. Caught for tax fraud, we had jewels on the plane worth some millions and Dad did not trust the tax people of the new country. Then we got a house in a well to do farming town. I thought Dad owned the shampoo company I was thinking it. Because the next bad thing, during the time of Vietnam protesting was that I had already broken my back in a car accident. My father could come back at lunchtime and launch my head between my knees and under the water of the bath,this way I would stay supple in my muscles and walk properly with my mended spine. Then Mum had smeared the dogs nose in urine on the carpet. This was better than me because I bathed the dog and it died,from not holding its breathe.May he rest in piece,nice young puppy. Only recently I saw the TV program the Exorcist and hoped it was not me from back there trying to talk of that occasion.   I was lucky to make it back out at six years old.  Our next house was in Miller Street. Have you seen to Kill a Mocking Bird.  My Grandfather reminds me of Atticus. Their house was the same as in the movie. Then the Bible starts to talk of real heavy things for young people to partake in. Responsibility on shoulders of those whom cope is where I am delving here. It seems to delve out Shakespeare and then leave questions. I enjoyed the film To KIll A Mocking Bird but I can never get over that if that is me being aware of different energy,an elderpersons clock I had broke by accident and not wanting to lose too much common ground in my stance to do with that accident. You would know by the way Scout tears a piece of paper at the start. It appears she is smart but this move is to me experimental. Now I have watched part of Who is Afraid of Virginia Wolfe.  If this is real and it could be a fight over the invention of the telephone with my brother as a courier to a patent office being a bully to me, then whom is the Moderator of the book that has been brought to stage called of Mice and Men?  Because a friend and I wrote a play similar to it for High school but now the Opera of Mice and Men is showing a different sort of patience to technology and its uses. Is anyone aware and would like to answer?