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Title: Diggers are Niggers
Post by: Alex Libman on July 26, 2008, 11:53:01 AM
First, a note that the word "Nigger", as an alternative to "Digger", is being used in a completely non-racial context here, and there have been few Niggers out there more niggardly than myself (

So, I've recently Nugg this Nigg story - John McCain (Songbird) Got Prostitutes Not POW Prison (  And this comment by some fascist asshole ("theright") caught my eye as I was thumbing it down:

Yet more attempts by libertyth0r (multiple-time banned Digg user) and the children at to game the Digg system.

Once again, why doesn't libertyth0r want people to know the diggs on this article are coming from this forum post ( ... )? Why is libertyth0r masking the link to this article using a textbox and a character-removal trick to prevent Digg from receiving referral information for the diggs on this article? Why is libertyth0r posting links to Digg articles on a forum where he and others have openly discussing "gaming" the Digg system, in this instance commanding people to "DIGG NOW"?

Perhaps the most important question is, why isn't this multiple-time banned Digg user (former usernames including libertythor, VikingoTJ and ScrewOneTimer) banned again?

Feel free to report this chump to Digg using, cite Digg terms of use section 5.8, "[...] participating in any other organized effort that in any way artificially alters the results of Digg's services;" and the fact he has been banned numerous times before.

And the bury brigade is active in full force on this story now.

Nigg has been biased against Ron Paul before, including banning me for a while for my political views (, and that's why there's a tradition of taking steps to hide the HTTP_REFERER of the Nigg visitors coming from that site.  I've decided not to recreate an account to become active again if they banned me, like I don't edit Wikipedia any more after being banned for DoublePlusUnGoodSpeak on "global warming", but they've unbanned me and I've been a sucker ever since, posting countless thousands of "PLEASE DIGG" links all over the Internet...   :x

If voting is counter-productive (as per my enlightenment last night (, isn't Nigging even more so?
Title: Re: Diggers are Niggers
Post by: Peppermint Pig on July 26, 2008, 12:32:02 PM
I've never experienced any bias by digg moderation, to my knowledge.

I used to be quite active on the FTL forums, but I've decided to take the message of liberty to Digg for a while now. Spreading the principles of non-aggression and prosperity to the desolate places of the internet, so to speak.

It's also nice to stick it in their craw now and again.
Title: Re: Diggers are Niggers
Post by: Alex Libman on July 26, 2008, 12:58:21 PM
Very nice to see you back here, Peppermint Pig!

The major difference is that this forum content is owned by the people that we apparently trust.  There haven't been any major reasons to call them biased.  (I'd be more comfortable if they were more "open source" about the data and provided periodic XML / static HTML forum dumps to proliferate information in case the central server goes down, but I certainly could run my own spidering / mirror script if I wanted to.)

The Digg content, on the other hand, is owned by a large company and is likely to be bought by an even larger company in the future.  It is becoming as dominant in the social bookmarking market as Microsoft or Google are in their own markets.  Not that there is anything inherently wrong with that, but the larger a for-profit company is, the more pressures they are subject to.  By contributing and especially by linking to their site (which I have been very guilty of recently), aren't we just helping to create another CBS or CNN?

More importantly, we are not challenging ourselves to come up with our own grass-roots solutions for sharing and popularizing news stories.  Over-dependence is always bad, especially when there is centralization.
Title: Re: Diggers are Niggers
Post by: sillyperson on July 29, 2008, 11:53:40 PM
The big idea from BreakTheMatrix was Digg-spamming.
Shit, we had that way back in 2007.
Title: Re: Diggers are Niggers
Post by: Alex Libman on August 18, 2008, 01:33:41 AM didn't go bankrupt yet...

Man, boycottin' sure is hard work!  :lol: