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Serious Business / Years of Persuasion
« on: April 08, 2012, 07:24:18 PM »
I just got AMPed and thought I'd share a few of my stories and experiences with law enforcement. I've never been arrested and I was raised to respect law enforcement. The disdain I have today for cops has stemmed from years of persuasion by cops themselves. I'll post one story at a time:

The first really bad encounter happened when I was about 22. I was driving in rush hour traffic and coming up to a spot where 2 lanes narrowed into one. I was well into the single lane when this old Ford Ltd comes out of nowhere and passes me on the shoulder and nearly cuts me off to get in front of me. I was furious and decided to express my displeasure at the other driver by laying on my horn and hanging my middle finger out the window. Out comes the blue light to the top of the car and I can see someone pointing to the side of the road. So, I pull over and some guy in a suit walks back to my car and shows me a badge. He then asks me to step back to his car. I get out and slip into his passenger seat as he asks for my drivers license. He then opens his glove box where there is a police radio stuffed inside and runs my license. It comes back clean and meanwhile he starts asking me if I think I can just go around giving black people the bird. I was stunned and it had not even occurred to me until that moment that the man was black. I attempted to explain that he cut me off and almost caused a wreck which he ignored and threatened several times to arrest me. I wanted to ask for what, but something inside me told me that this was a no-win situation so I sat quietly while he finished running my license. He let me return to my car and I wrote down his license plate number. Later, I tried to file a complaint with the state trooper headquarters and I was not met with any cooperation at all. The best I could get out of anyone was that the guy was an administrator but noone would give me any additional info. I started getting the impression that these folks could make my life a lot harder so I finally dropped it.

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