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General / Re: Indianapolis
« on: June 18, 2008, 11:15:33 PM »
Im in Indianapolis and the pathetic Marion County Libertarian Party social gatherings normally have a whopping 6-7 people attending and the fucking population of Marion County (Indy) is over 800,000!!  If anyone is into this stuff let me know-I have a few constitutionalists/libertarian minded friends who might be interested as well.   


The Polling Pit / Re: Sexiness of Piercings and Tattoos
« on: September 01, 2007, 02:55:26 AM »
Ill have to admit theres been a lot of girls that suggest that i get a tribal tattoo on my arm or a dragon on my shoulder.  They might be cool on guys (if a guy has muscles to show em off) however as guys get older Im sure tattoos wouldnt look so great over wrinkled skin.  Plus tattoos on girls give them a proclivity to be seen as sluts.  Ankle tattoos for girls are normally innocent and cute but there is a reason tattoos on the lower back are known as "tramp stamps."  If you see that on a girl GO FOR THEM!! You have nothing to lose! (by the way i suppose a girl or guy could go after a girl with one.)

The Polling Pit / Re: How did you find out about Free Talk Live?
« on: October 26, 2006, 12:15:24 AM »
I found FTL off listening to 1430 WXNT on a Saturday afternoon/evening.  After listening for a few minutes i was appauled at the anti-military/government positions against the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and war on terror overall.  I knew their political identity as libertarians but thought one of the hosts (Ian) was absurd to be an anarcho-capitalist and believed the state had to survive for certain reasons....However after being daring enough to listen for a few Saturday afternoons, i took their smaller, less intrusive government opinions to their logical conclusions.  Doing this I totally understood their positions against the military and the ongoing US foreign adventures that the US govt has imposed on foreign individuals and states for "the common good of our country."  I was a more statist libertarian before (disaffected republican) but have turned into a minarchist who only believes in a minimal military with a court system-thats it!!.. along with no "public" representatives whatsoever.  Ive been telling all of my friends about this and that libertarians really arent that absurd at all.  We just believe in a highly de-centralized, more free society.  Plus i would like to hear from any Republican or Democrat on how the government does not take away our rights.  Its very clear that any government whatsoever, whether necessary or not, takes away some form of our rights-whether civil liberties or INVULUNTARILY through taxes.  FTL rules and i wish they became the next "Rush Limbaugh" of the libertarian air waves, without compromising libertarian ideals.  


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