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"She" I am working on my second divorce. I should have noticed the argument style several posts back.

Ha, you are a chick. I was starting to wonder.

Miz Voice are you going to refute any of my points? Here is another logical fallacy you should be aware of called a red herring. The whole upbringing thing was a asside. I added my experiences ,anidotal I know, to bolster why I believe it to be true. It was not a straw man, A straw man forces you to take a repugnant posistion that sounds bad. If it was somehow a straw man it was accidental.

I am sure they are both fine fathers, Dale. So when are you going to point out that me and you argued about the spanking thing and you beat me? Amazing how much I have learned on this BBS. Still find your gay porn annoying but luv ya anyway. :)

Parenting with Joe Rogan and Stefan Molyneux
The Child rearing thing isn't a strawman. I was making a point that abiding the NAP would create a better human as a aside. You were the one trying to point out that spanking is swell as long as the victim is smaller weaker and under your charge. A strawman would be me pointing out that minarchism always leads to statism as proven in the good old USA and making you defend concentration camps and the purges. Do I need to post a link proving that bad unaccountable people seek power?

Use your google foo yourself. Prove that it doesn't. Show me a torture victim that isn't messed up. And guess what, when someone you love and trusts hurts you for disobeying them, it is actually worse. Common sense. I am done with this conversation. The post I deleted was full of caps and anger. You are not worth my trouble.

Update: Naw, I have been letting my troll foo etrophy need to train a bit.

I would argue that beating a, albiet smaller, human being goes against the NAP. It is scientifically proven to permanantly fuck up people. I have rage issues to this day because of my childhood that are untreatable.
I told you, criminals would be pretty rare if we generally stopped breaking our childrens minds. Work with some youth from Scandinavia, then work with American youth and get nothing but aditude for while, and you would be convinced as well. On my channal I made a video showing my son to flip me off, for comedy's sake. To get that done I had to really talk him into it then edit it to make it look right. He didn't even want to pretend to disrespect me like that. I have never hit any of my kids. My dad beat the shit out of me as long as I can remember and I flipped him off, fought yelled and raised hell all on my own.
When it comes to unshackling people what you should be asking is what to do about people who like to be told what to do and taken care of. I guess I would hope that someone would set up little factory town or something and make use of them. Women could always move to a well run structured brothel. So don't worry, you would be fine.

General / Re: Liberty Lovers !!!! The idea of the State is NOT your enemy.
« on: February 01, 2014, 03:31:27 PM »
"Religian is not your enemy." said the priest and torturer to the heritic. "It is just a tool."
You are correct maam, belief in the state is indeed a tool.

As long as I voluntarily agree to said rules and the methods of enforcement there is no problem.
Try and force me to follow your rules then there is one.
That Dispute Resolution Organization thing is a solution for a bunch of statists who wanted to survive comfortably in a place with no one telling them what to do. In a free society kids would not know corperal punishment. I believe violent criminals and theives would disappear after a while if humanity suddenly unshackeled itself. I live in Norway where spanking has been illegal for 2 generations now. Young people are incredably nice, and theives are so rare gyms barely have lockable lockers. I am so unused to passive aggression that it surprised me last time I visited home (the NW USA). Yes Molyneux discusses DROs on a archived podcast, but I don't have a quick to find link. I think it is one of his early ones. He understands it a hell of a lot better then I do. Truth is I don't really care for it. I would choose to live in a neighborhood of nice leave me aloners. :D

General / Liberty Kids Youtube playlist
« on: February 01, 2014, 12:05:29 PM »
Here is a youtube playlist of liberty themed videos for children or immature people like me. Any suggestions for additions? Please post them on this thread.
The Philosophy of Liberty

I agree people would have to take responsability for their actions. Was that ever in question? I also think property rights are vital. (anarcho socialists can own property as a group) This puffin explains the NAP as I understand it. Stefan Molyneux thought DROs would be a good solution for arbitration. (a organisation sort of like a insurence company) Here are some videos. Law without Government: Conflict Resolution in a Free Society Non-Aggression Principle

 Ah fuck got meself in one of those fucking rabbit holes. Oh well I am sure many enjoy watching me stretch a bit, nice to see traffic in the old barroom again.....
 Look lady, Anarchy to me is "without government". "Voluntaryism" has less baggage, lets go with that. For a society to actually have Voluntaryism, everybody would have to respect the NAP. If someone decides to break the NAP and rule... you taint got Voluntaryism or "Anarchy" anymere. You got communism, tribalism er some other form of slavery, Savy? If you want to argue that voluntryism will always revert to some sort of tyranny, fine. You may be right.
 I can either argue the merits of a free society or speculate on how it might look. I can't try and do both with undefined turms. OK?

Who set up the rules ? The people who built the comunity.
In every community ?
Or could there be dictatorship-like communities ? Yep. Stupid David Koresh crap would probably turn up. Without any state they probably wouldn't be burned to death though.

What if someone doesn't agree ? They leave or get lonely.
And if they did not leave and did not get lonely, then what ?
Such as a hoard of racists that move into a small nondiscrimination rules community and choose to stay. They would be unwelcome. Life would suck. Why would they?

When you want to move, where do you go to find the rules for the community ? Probably clearly written on the contract for renting or buying a property.
And if there is no written contract anywhere ?

AND . . . if there is a dictatorship-like community with no written contract, then what ? We already established the NAP as the ground rule. Your question is contridictory.

And what if there is no place you can move to with rules you can live with ? One would homestead on unclaimed land.
And if there was no unclaimed land (such as most places today) ? In a free society no one could claim land they were not using or improving. Successful societies have less population growth then poor statists one. It is unlikely the earth would run out of usable land.

Bullies you are so worried about have limited life expectantcies in a place where everybody is armed. Those problem do not exist in closed communities now to any degree, I don't see why they would exist in a free society either.

Who set up the rules ? The people who built the comunity.

What if someone doesn't agree ? They leave or get lonely. I wouldn't move to a place that didn't have a clear clause for ending a contract. Anyone that did in a free society would be sol.

When you want to move, where do you go to find the rules for the community ? Probably clearly written on the contract for renting or buying a property.

And what if there is no place you can move to with rules you can live with ? One would homestead on unclaimed land.

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