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Amazing that I feel so life like, I didn't know I was a "bot"!!  thanks for filling me in on that!:)   I've also called into FTL - crazy what bots can do these days!

In 2007-08 Trevor Lyman combined the popularity of the then newly emerging internet social network communities and election campaign fund raising. Lymans idea, what we've come to know as "Money-Bomb" brought fund raising into the 21st century and changed the future of election campaigning. Trevor's fund-raising records stand. Whether or not those records are ever broken will never change the fact he pioneered it.

So far in 2011-12 Petroni is the lone front-runner for the 2012 Pioneer of the Year. This idea of his very well could be the "norm" a decade from now. I suspect, like Lyman did, Petroni has changed the game of election campaigning.

The Ron Paul Super Brochure is a grassroots project that is spearheaded by Erik Petroni and Ron Paul Products as an end run around the Ron Paul MSM media blackout. The plan is to print 10 million brochures to get information about Ron Paul directly into the hands of voters.
Please check out this video for more information.


Some supporters are using the brochure as an insert in their local paper.

And the Revolution Super PAC has just launched a new direct mail Super Voter Bomb to mail 200,000 Republican "Supervoters" - 100K in Iowa and another 100K in New Hampshire a brochure and a copy of the Ron Paul documentary For Liberty.

Information on the Super Voter Bomb can be found at: http://supervoterbomb.com/

Please call me to connect you with Erik!

In Liberty, Zak Carter

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