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General / Re: 3D printing
« on: June 14, 2013, 10:02:36 AM »
Can you imagine when they create a 'breakdown' machine?  Something plastic (or whatever materials they can work with by then - I have heard they are starting to use metals in 3D printers) breaks, put it into the breakdown machine where it is turned into pellets, then use the pellets in the 3D printer to create a copy of the original.  No need to buy more pellets even.

As for the 3D printer companies - They would require some sort of programming and I'm assuming that wouldn't be included in the blueprint.  Also, I'm sure most people wouldn't understand enough about how one works to assemble/repair it on their own, and there's always the warranties.  "Buy your 3D printer from us, get X years of troubleshooting/repair service for free."  It's going to be interesting watching the technology (and the subsequent lawmaking) develop, as it has been for the internet.

General / Re: Can we bring the Greek Gods back, please?
« on: January 11, 2013, 02:10:44 PM »
I remembered being enamored with the Greek Gods when I was younger myself.  Wrote my own version of the story of Demeter and Persephone for a school project - even illustrated it myself. 

Then I grew up and went Norse.  ;-)

I was 14.  I don't ever remember discussions about drugs with my parents, but both of my parents are alcoholics and my mother had gone through a bout of cocaine addiction several years earlier.  Everyone assumed I had already done it.  I had, after all, stood in front of my 7th grade Language Arts class and read a paper that I had written on why it should be legalized, so no one believed me when I told them I had never even tried it.

A friend of my mom's was staying with us at the time.  (RIP, Tommy.)  He had a bunch of joints rolled and stored in a glass next to the pull out bed he slept in.  Just off hand one day he let me know I was welcome to it at any time.  I believe it was the next day, or the next weekend, that a friend and I tried it for the first time.  Don't remember much about it other than that.

As for LSD, I remember when I was 17 years old I nannied a little girl.  She had gotten very sick and was spending a few days with her grandmother, so a friend (the same as before) and I decided to try it.  Imagine - a little girl's bedroom with a light blue carpet and stuffed animals hanging from the ceiling.  A small toddler-sized bed, a little play kitchen.  I swear I could see purple fibers in the carpet.  :-)  I was quite out of it.

We walk out of the room into the dining room - white walls, brown carpet, wooden table and chairs.  Just the change of scenery immediately made us feel sober.  Walk back into the little gir's room and we'd be out of it again.  It was like entering/exiting Wonderland.

General / Re: Ancient Aliens torn asunder
« on: October 24, 2012, 03:53:30 PM »
I like watching the show, mostly because I love "what if" scenarios.  That orange-tan guy, however, talks like a revival preacher.  I think he really believes everything he's saying is truth, not just possibility.

--Of course it wasn't a dragon, that's just silly.  What it was was a rocket from space!--

Serious Business / Re: Years of Persuasion
« on: October 04, 2012, 03:10:39 PM »
Sounds like my relationship with police.  Never been arrested.  Heck, never even had a speeding ticket.  But they always seem to find a way to make contact with me.

In the 3 years that I have owned my 2006 Town and Country, I have been pulled over only once.  Prior to that, when I drove an old 90's-something red rust bucket, I'd get pulled over every few months.  Usually for some bullshit equipment violation - exhaust hanging a little too low, front license plate not attached correctly, etc - but it never failed, they found an excuse to pull me over and seldom failed to ask to search my vehicle.  I imagine, driving the rust bucket, they believed they had someone who was too poor to 1) chance pissing off a cop and 2) fight any charge in court.

Now, because I am such a "good girl," I tend to throw them off guard when I refuse a search.  They cite the safety of the police officers, the safety of the neighborhood, etc.  Luckily I still have not had to endure a search.  But their presence - when I hear/read the stories and see them take the stupidest actions and they continue to amass more power and immunity, as the numbers of friends and family who's lives have been irreparably damaged due to "the system's" thirst for power - it is beginning to eat at me.

As time goes on I dislike them more and more.  When the time comes that I am arrested/charged with a crime, I don't know how I will react.  I hope, at least, it holds out until the kids are out of the house.  They won't like the monster they've created, and I fear I may not either.

I don't visit often, but that has more to do with not having internet at home and less to do with lack of interest.

The Polling Pit / Re: RealNamesPlease?
« on: September 19, 2012, 12:08:13 PM »
I generally use a pseudonym online, but the pseudonym I use is easily traced to me and I always use the same one.  It is a name I made up for myself back when I thought AOL *was* the internet, and it has been available on every site I've used since so I don't need to remember many different names.

The Polling Pit / Re: Libertarians are people without kids?
« on: September 19, 2012, 11:48:17 AM »
I have kids.  3 of them, ages 17, 16 and 9.  I also have a 6 year old step-child.  If I had a higher income, a working farm and hips that didn't require C-sections, I'd have more.  I love children and enjoyed being part of a large extended family growing up. 

General / 6 year old sex offender?
« on: November 23, 2011, 12:34:31 PM »
Work's web security won't seem to let me submit this on the home page.  Had to share.


"Attorneys for the parents of the 6-year-old said that Riniker has gone too far by bringing a felony sex charge against a first-grader for touching a 5-year-old girl inappropriately while playing doctor last fall."

General / Re: Local marijuana laws
« on: May 19, 2009, 02:27:16 PM »
In Madison, if you are caught in a public place "casually possessing" marijuana, the penalty is a $100 fine, but is still not considered a crime and cannot be recorded as such.  Within a private residence, however, there is no fine, and no confiscatory procedures.  I am relieved that they added that little line in there, "...is not subject to forfeiture,"  to keep the bad cops from "confiscating" to their hearts content without charging anyone.

I have not heard of any issues between this law and State law, which is very draconian, like I have seen fights between Cali and the Feds.  I heard of one case when someone passed a joint to a friend in public, and the gov't tried hard to prove their strength, but the case ended up in nothing but a fine.

I even have a friend who was robbed while, hmm..., peddling his wares.  He admitted to the cops (I could have slapped him) that it had been pot and drug money that was stolen, but after months he has suffered no ill consequence.  Even in the newspaper, the several paragraph story was "Man robbed at gunpoint," and the drug issue was mentioned in one sentence, just that the victim was a dealer and marijuana had also been stolen at the time.  

I guess it just surprises me.  Here it's all good, and Madison is often been listed in magazines as the best place to...raise a family, get a job, etc., etc.; then in another area marijuana is banned 'cause it's one of the most horrible drugs known to man as far as Drug Warriors are concerned.  Then again, logic has never been a strong point of government.

General / Local marijuana laws
« on: May 19, 2009, 10:25:19 AM »
It has come to my attention that, as well as Claifornia and other states trying to pass laws contrary to federal, individual cities and communities are trying to do the same in their states.  I never knew about this law, I guess 'cause I never got caught as a kid, but it's been in effect since the 70's.

From NORML's Madison, WI page, http://madisonnorml.org/ordinance.html

"(3) A person may casually possess marijuana or cannabis in a private place. Such casual possession is not a crime and is not subject to forfeiture."

Also, "casual possession" is described as "The possession of not more than twenty-eight (28) grams of cannabis, or one hundred and twelve (112) grams of marijuana."

So, I was wondering what other more lenient local laws there are, and how society has crumbled since they have been instituted.

The Polling Pit / Re: Drugs
« on: October 27, 2007, 06:40:23 PM »
I have already tried LSD, cocaine, and meth.  I used to smoke cigs and pot a lot, and I now do alcohol and caffeine.  I would likely still do pot in certain circumstances (one of those being it being legalized).  In fact, I'd prefer to smoke pot than drink alcohol.

I would like to try opium, mescaline and shrooms, but it'd have to be a planned thing - like I need a babysitter and not have to be anywhere that day or the next.

The Polling Pit / Re: Yo Bro, What's Your Birth Order?
« on: June 26, 2007, 10:00:28 PM »
Eldest of 4.  And the smartest by leaps and bounds.  ;-)

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