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Serious Business / Re: This is Part OF My Story
« on: August 22, 2012, 10:41:54 AM »
I wish it was that easy. This broke up my family and right now I have no feasible way to move.

Serious Business / This is Part OF My Story
« on: August 22, 2012, 03:17:20 AM »
 this has to do with a year long story and chain of events in Montgomery county Pennsylvania. this is no where near the complete chain of events i will  be reorganizing the events better and explain them better on my website as well as filling in missing incidents. all having to do with all types of rights violations. thank you for your time and responses

so this is part of my story im sorry its a little out of place and long but i know our mission and our goal are the same.. no victim no crime no injury no lawsuit  i cant get help anywhere no one wants to go after a judge and the police.. i wanna go pro se all the way but i need some help and support through  this.. please pass on and advise thanks alot.

lets only go back to February to start. Happened to be pulled over one night  for "broken tail light" happen to have a suspended license, officer happened to to write it up as my first offense. i plead guilty have someone drop it off at  a magisterial district court. judge happens to not accept my guilty plea despite ticket saying the fine is 286$ skip ahead the judge illegally made me go to court so he could illegally sentence me to a recidivist penalty which for a number of reasons he cant do. simply because the ticket i got was a. written up as my first and b. had the exact amount of fine to pay.. how ever he illegal sentenced me to 30 days in jail and 1000$ fine.. wait till we discuss appeal. to come later.
"still waiting on answer"

so i live in a condo everything outside of the units building is a common element . including doors.

so within the next day my neighbor and a bored member had his radio up real loud, woke my baby up was causing my dog to bark.. its the middle of a Saturday so i know the "police" wont do shit.. i go over there with the baby in my arms no less knock on his window because for years his door has been broken.. he turns off the radio i go back inside.. an hour after i was at his door the police show up asking me if i was at his door i said yes and explained why. they said ok here ya go criminal mischief your neighbor said you broke his door.. i replied how about ask the neighbors how long its been broken? the police's reply was well i think you did it and it not my job to ask your witnesses so im going to charge you to which i said thank you..i thought police were supposed to investigate crimes not only from one side? guess not.. skip to court because the police failed to do their job and because it happens to be the same judge as my drivers license i decided to go my self with no witnesses. well the officer properly asked the neighbor and his witness under oath if the door was damaged prior to me the neighbor "breaking it" the neighbor submitted a picture of one corner of his door which was broken and he said i did.. and not the other damage to the door. just the corner picture not the full frame door. my turn i try to submit a picture of the whole door with all the rest of the damage that was there that the neighbor never claimed i did perjured himself and conveniently omitted.  i first showed the officer. i then showed the judge the judge asked me when this was taken i told him after my neighbor lied and said i broke his door, before the judge said no i pointed out the witnesses perjured themselves by  omitting the full frame and extra damage to the door that i provided evidence of....guilty neighbor asked for 600 dollars for door officer reduced it actual value $120 plus fine of $300 and costs...

unfortunately the condo rules at the condo i live in are from 30+ years ago are geared to a high rise condo. this is a condo with 12 buildings and 6 or so units in each townhome style.. and  the rules are illegal as all.. never amended properly etc.. it states twice all doors are common elements...... start emailing board collecting evidence of their fiduciary duty breaches.. ie above incident  being taken to court by any one especially the board without first a mediation now that would be if anyone ever fixed and amended the condo rules and many other issues attached to this..  i believe these to be civil right and civil liberties  issues.

i have a full list spanning a year of bs from the board my 2 neighbors for things such as trespassing and cleaning up trash and the police being called  for "trespassing" news to me i can be threatened every time twice a week for a year  with trespassing but never have a trespassing charge i can fill in this and others later

so Sunday after the door incident my neighbor had this fence up, blocking a common element since 2005. for months even before this particular incident i and many people have asked the board  that this dangerous fence made of one piece of string and plant props be taken down its ugly unsafe etc. they refused.. so i took matters in to my own hands the week before any of this and i moved some of it.. of course he calls the cops of course they threaten me all types of ways even tho i point out hey this is a common element hey this is dangerous.. hey you cant do this to me he cant do this to everyone and the board cant do this either. none of that matters they leave at if were back here again for the fence we will charge you with trespass.. back to sunday.. well since i asked nicely the fence issue to be taken care of previously to the lie about the door. and because i was charged with breaking a broken door.. i ripped the fence down because its stealing my and everyone elses common element rights among other things. this was tried same day as door  and illegally joined  despite being two different incidents completely.  not guilty because its a common element...

skip to july.. neighbor calls im trespassing. police arrive im inside my door, i turn to girlfriend because 4 cops show up and yell "this is fucking bullshit"  proceed outside cops says immediately  its 630 am noise ordinance violation  you will get a ticket in the mail. i explain that well officer first i was in my home secondly this and all around us once you pass the driveway entrance is private property. that makes this noise issue civil. he proceeds to bullshit me and say you see this road here my car is parked on its a street this is public property.. i ask since when does the township police private property? no answer.. then  since when has this unnamed driveway that has one in/out been open to anyone not invited to any of the condo units? no answer... i then ask can i see the title information that this private land is owned by the township and the township pays for the driveways maintenance? answer expect your ticket next week...
next week comes i get a nice ticket thats improperly filled out.. its a bad code number and it says what happened but not how i did it.. go to plea and told its not in system week later find out it was "pushed thru"

currently waiting  failure to respond warrant because my rights were violated again.

currently sunday last week neighbor board guy turns off common element water faucet illegally.. i go to use it he calls the cops tells cops im stealing the water from him he pays the bills and has a water meter..
 police threaten trespass

12 buildings share 12 water meters i tell cops this.. i tell cops water bills is paid thru condo fess.  monday same story different cops. same trespass threat. in 12 days he has called the police 6 times and got "board approval" to restrict mine and everyone elses common element use. so monday the 20th i go to see if the water is on and i get the cops called on me again. they say this time they talked to the board and the issue was resolved i point out if the water is not on and i cant access a double common element then its not resolved then charge me with not one but 2 harassment tickets that are from the same incident.

so now i have these bullshit harassment tickets  i refused. now waiting for warrants to be issued.

so again  this is part of my story im sorry it a little out of place and long but i know our mission and our goal are the same.. no victim no crime no injury no lawsuit  

please pass this around and advise me Thank You  John S Freeman

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