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General / Re: What Video Games Are You Currently playing?
« on: November 29, 2011, 11:56:39 PM »
Been sitting in a dentists chair a lot this week, getting the teeth back on track. Decided to try and take my mind off the pain with some new games. Picked up Drakeís Fortune 3, Dead Island and Skyrim. Put Skyrim into the PS3 and havenít played other games since. I played Oblivion, loved it, and now Skyrim is here. I usually need to see something funny as hell or new and wonderful as far as game play goes to play these huge open games. I loved the Fallout series, especially going on the alien ship and destroying the little grey people, and then the historical people from the cryro chamber, LMFAO! Loved Just Cause 2, more for the tropical scenes that made me feel all warm in the winter.

But Skyrim, wow, awesome! I became a Redguard and am treated like garbage because Iím not a Nord. I go for magic, light armour and swords/daggers. Trying out blacksmithing, lots of interesting stuff to do in Skyrim. Iím tending to go with the rebel scum, to hell with the empire. Iím at level 21, still wonít go after giants. Then thereís the trolls, ya know, even when you flame them they still come back to bug you, bloody trolls. Bought the house in Whiterum (thatís what I would be drinking like water if I lived there), what a godforsaken place. Discovered the city of Solitude, working up to buy the $25,000 house there. People there are stuck up though, guess Iíll fit in. The graphics for Skyrim kick butt, much better than Oblivion, orcs actually look scary instead of like Shrek.  Killed myself 9 dragons now, got the companion Lydia but sheís a bit of a wimp. Sheís died on me a few times and no matter how much I lay my hands on her body and pray to the Godís,  she wonít come back to life, why canít I just whistle her lovely bottom back to life like I could with my horse in Red Dead Redemption?

Found Sheogorath in one mission and got his Wabbajack, what a great weapon. Not sure what the exact levels for armour are, Iím currently going all elven. In Oblivion near the beginning (level 10) you could go get some amber armour and a sword for soul catching from Umbra, not sure if someone like her exists in Skyrim. Love the new settings, Solitude on a cliff face, going over the waterfalls, ruins I donít need torches or other light to explore, the freakin Arctic in a video game, cool, just donít go toe to toe with the mutant walrus.

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