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General / Re: FreeTalkLive on YouTube
« on: August 24, 2012, 03:43:08 PM »
I'm on holiday for a long weekend so I won't be able to upload videos on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, but I'll be back for Tuesday.

Could this thread be moved to 'General' please as it's sort of more than a suggestion now. :)

General / Re: FreeTalkLive on YouTube
« on: August 24, 2012, 05:24:10 AM »
Very Nice Crotale
Videos got my Vote.

Thanks pal. :) I've done the Stossel one ready to be uploaded this evening. Please subscribe and share them around!

General / Re: FreeTalkLive on YouTube
« on: August 23, 2012, 06:15:56 PM »
I'm finally seem to be getting the hang of this photoshop lark, transformed a FSP business card image into a cool elongated FSP banner to go at the bottom of the next video, which is the interview with the (former?) Free State Project president Varrin Swearingen. The video is just 'rendering' (if that's the right word) and I'll upload it later.

Aaaand here it is, hope you like the banner at the bottom, it only took me about an hour to figure how make it  8)

Free Talk Live interview Free State Project president Varrin Swearingen

Hey everyone,

Hope someone can help me here because this is driving me a little batty.  Many weeks back, the hosts were discussing the dying medium of newspapers and Mark used a word to describe newspapers.  He said its a thing that people cling to that's inefficient and outdated but still exists for a niche market or just because its always existed and people don't know a remember a time when it didn't.  I've been Googling different phrases hoping to get a hit, and short of listening to all the shows over the last several weeks, I just can't remember the word!  Does anybody out there remember the word or know what I'm talking about?

Whoever helps me receives a giant dose of karma :)


Archaic? Vintage? Retro?

The Show / Re: BitCoin Infomercial
« on: August 23, 2012, 02:49:58 PM »
Sure, but I just want to know about cash transfers.

I am sure Mark and Ian didn't drive down to Manhattan to do this show for nothing.

Well aren't BitCoin and BitInstant sponsors of Free Talk Live? Besides, does it matter, there's nothing wrong with a mutually beneficial exchange, that's what the market's all about. :)

Listeners win - great program
Mark and Ian win - make more money
BitInstant win - great publicity.

The Show / Re: BitCoin Infomercial
« on: August 23, 2012, 09:58:12 AM »
How much did BitInstant pay for this infomercial?

I hope it was not only lodging and travel.

It's good content about something very relevant to market agorism. Also, broadcasting from NYC was for me an exciting change from the regular show. It was nice to hear from a wide variety of people at the event rather than just Mark, Ian and a third change as per usual.

I enjoy these type of broadcasts, similar to them airing at the NH Liberty Forum and PorcFest. We all have our tastes I suppose but for me this episode was a real treat.

General / Re: FreeTalkLive on YouTube
« on: August 23, 2012, 06:03:32 AM »
Crotale, you have my blessing to create and maintain a Youtube channel for Free Talk Live. We don't want the money, you keep it. Do a good job and we will mention it on the air.

By the way, Mark, the plan isn't to monetise any videos, it's just to get FTL content 'out there' if you know what I mean. Otherwise people will have to sit through an annoying commercial before watching the video which I reckon will be a major turn-off.

What I'm hoping is that people will discover FreeTalkLive videos on YouTube, like what they hear, and then head over to this website, thus eventually become regular listeners and AMPers to the show.

General / Re: FreeTalkLive on YouTube
« on: August 23, 2012, 05:58:48 AM »
I'm finally seem to be getting the hang of this photoshop lark, transformed a FSP business card image into a cool elongated FSP banner to go at the bottom of the next video, which is the interview with the (former?) Free State Project president Varrin Swearingen. The video is just 'rendering' (if that's the right word) and I'll upload it later.

General / Re: FreeTalkLive on YouTube
« on: August 22, 2012, 06:40:40 PM »
LRNFM was available and so I've just snapped it up, it's ours to use!


General / Re: FreeTalkLive on YouTube
« on: August 22, 2012, 06:36:14 PM »
Hey there mac a fellow DelMarVan?

If there ever was a sister county to New Hampshire It would have to be Sussex County, Delaware. While not as free as Wyoming, it is a peaceful place surrounded by water, no/low taxes, no helmet laws, reasonable police, with a nearly identical population demographic mix to that of New Hampshire of part redneck -- part tourist -- part high tax transplant escapees (Baltimore/Phila)....also home to the beautiful Angel Clarke.

About Youtube......with alot of people volunteering.....would a YOUTUBE YOU CONTROL be possible?

People upload non-copyrighted videos, homeade FTL best of's, Copblocks, anything of original content to a moderated list (moderated only for copyrighted material that could possibly ban the youtube channel), then people vote up or vote down the video to be published.

Alot of competition could increase creativity and quality potentially making something go viral.

Possible? Wise?

I dunno, alot of details would have to be worked out on it.

I think this is a great idea, but how about making a LRNFM channel for that? It would make more sense because LRN.FM is a community network and thus is more compatible for a community channel if you know what I mean.

Keep the FreeTalkLive channel for purely FTL content and create another account LRNFM for your brilliant idea!

General / Re: FreeTalkLive on YouTube
« on: August 22, 2012, 06:18:32 PM »
Okay, I'm making my way through the guests. This is the first one, feedback welcomed:

Ron Paul discusses his presidential campaign and the issues that matter on Free Talk Live

Seems fine to me, but what do you think?

I have downloaded the entire FTL guests archive and have started making images on photoshop and putting them with the MP3 audios, thus creating the video. I hope to upload one video every few days or so. :) 

I have sorted them out into three tiers so the more renown guests (Paul, Stossel, Molyneux, Rockwell, Block, Kokesh etc.) will be uploaded first but eventually I plan on having the entire archive on YT.

The Show / Paid App for FreeTalkLive/LRN
« on: August 19, 2012, 01:29:22 PM »
I have the LRN.FM app and it's great. Personally, I would happily pay $4.99 for a non-advert version of app. Can't be too hard to produce a version without adverts right?

Just throwing the idea out there. :)

General / Re: Should I Buy From "Government Motors"
« on: August 16, 2012, 03:30:01 PM »
If you like the car then yeah buy it. I would feel too guilty. It's impossible to live in the statist society we have without doing something or other you are uncomfortable with. We all use fiat money despite finding it abhorrent don't we.

A lot of free-staters are so immersed in anti-statist circles that we've practically developed our own language. Many of us actually forget how to speak statist. There's a communication gap and I think it's growing as we immerse ourselves more and more within strictly anti-statist circles. Remembering how to speak statist will be a valuable skill. We need some diplomats.

You also can't shout at statists with your anti-statist lingo and expect it to change anything. You are practically speaking a foreign language. You have to have some patience and teach them our language.

On a side note, I was just chatting with some friends about how exhausted I am with how every conversation seems to go into some libertarian direction. We already agree. There's not really anything to discuss. It takes us out of the world we live in, a statist world, and into some fantasy setting that doesn't exist yet. So many libertarians seem to want to live in that fantasy world to the extent that it's almost debilitating.

Just as an example, let's say there is some delay with a package I've ordered. It was sent via the totally statist monopoly of the U.S. Postal Service.

"We wouldn't have this problem if the USPS wasn't getting massive subsidies and blah blah blah... 15 more mins of ranting about the fantasy world that we hope to live in many years from now."

"Yes, of course. Absolutely right." **lots of enthusiastic nodding that's starting to feel robotic and reflexive.**

Now can we pull ourselves back into the present and the now and the world as it exists right now and deal with it in some kind of productive manner? Can we pick a battle here and there where we might make some progress? If you want to take on the USPS as an activism path, awesome. Focus. You can't take on every battle every moment of your life with this overwhelming behemoth which is the State and get anywhere.

You speak a lot of sense.

As I listened to that episode, I did get a feeling similar to the sentiment of the OP - that Bradley was being an apologist for police brutality. It made me listen more intently, and in doing so, I realised that what he was saying was just common sense. It certainly highlighted one's propensity jump to conclusions, and perhaps this in turn relates to the suject matter of what was being discussed. When I, as a voluntarist with an innate prejudice against cops, listened to the stories I had quite a knee-jerk reaction to the story - "THAT's OUTRAGEOUS!!! RAGH! :evil:" - when a more open, considered approach (as Bradley took) is required. Attitudes like mine are never going to win anyone over to supporting our ideals, whereas a more open one like Bradley's is much more rational and, well, just better really.

I really can empathise with what the OP is saying, because I intially got the same impression, which is why I really would encourage him to have another listen to the podcast and hear what Bradley really was getting at.  

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