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General / Re: The problem with cheating in the FSP movement
« on: April 15, 2010, 07:14:27 PM »
The greatest thing about monogamy is not having to deal with all the bullshit of seeking out sex partners, dealing with their crap, dealing with all the goddamn drama and effort.

Yeah, a monogamous relationship is a lot of work too, and can be a PITA sometimes, but it's a lot less of a PITA than any alternatives I can think of.

That's only because you're not confident in your ability to get laid very often. ;)

General / Re: Cheapest way to register domains
« on: April 15, 2010, 07:11:18 PM »
For .com and .org domains, use GoDaddy and Google "GoDaddy Promo Codes" first.

OHY7 is $7.49 for a registration or renewal of a .com.

General / Re: Excellent breasts.
« on: January 29, 2010, 05:50:16 AM »

General / Re: Alex Libman was wrong.
« on: January 29, 2010, 05:26:04 AM »
If the price were right, I would have sex with Libman.

This should be a meme.

General / My wife says "I thought I heard Ian"
« on: January 29, 2010, 04:41:52 AM »

Tonight my wife woke up in the middle of the night and said to me "I thought I heard Ian..."

I was listening to an episode of FTL where they stroked my ego by reading my e-mail on air.

But so....

I talk to Ian now and then. I see the people the forum trolls lambast on a daily basis.

And you know what?

You all fucking SUCK.

Until Ian's voice is enough to wake up your wife, you're not here and you suck.

General / Re: ORCL PWNS SUN
« on: January 27, 2010, 01:36:09 PM »
The government spends more money building warehouses than private companies do. More money !== better results.

Granted, I'm hoping to see some very positive things come as a result of this. I'm just saying that spending more money doesn't always mean a better product.

I also noticed a very distinct LACK of mention for Java. I wonder if that means they'll be harnessing the power of the open source communities to further that rather than dumping money into it or if it means they're just going to ignore it.

General / Re: Decent Torrent Sites
« on: January 17, 2010, 03:56:58 PM »
openbittorrent is a sort of TPB replacement.

I never really liked TPB though. I use btjunkie.org and it tends to find what I'm looking for. I've also got memberships on several private tracker sites.

General / Re: faces to go with the names...
« on: January 17, 2010, 04:16:51 AM »
Here's your Manchester Brewing in action:

What's happening there? It looks like you're pitching a vial of White Lab's but there's a lot of foam in that carboy that I don't think would be just from aeration, would it?

Also, my picture.

Government still has legitimacy. I predict a LOT of violence until that changes.

The Show / Re: Mark regrets his tattoos
« on: January 12, 2010, 01:36:06 AM »
I have one and plan on getting others. I don't regret mine per se, I think it's just dandy, but it's almost entirely meaningless for me and my others will not be.

General / Re: Does FTL Support NAMBLA
« on: January 12, 2010, 01:33:52 AM »
There's a big difference between supporting a behavior and not supporting a coercive monopoly agency that steals money from innocent people to pay armed goons to shoot people for that behavior.

This. :)

Does FTL Support NAMBLA?

One of NAMBLAs specific issues is pressing that adult-child sex is a CRUCIAL part of proper development. I think that's complete and total bullshit.

General / Re: Drama in the Free State
« on: January 08, 2010, 08:16:27 AM »
Kevin......it's the drama thread......it doesn't have to be all serious...it's drama and maybe for some it gives them a release they need.

I will agree that there are far too many people who aren't in NH who bitch about what happens or what doesn't happen in NH though.

Tammy, you know that you and I have not seen eye-to-eye before, but that's a great post. Thanks.

I feel victim to that, personally. When I wasn't here, I posted all kinds of crap, probably stoked a few fires that would have died if not for my prodding. But guys, seriously (*and it's hard for me to say that still drunk at 7 in the morning... But I mean it... SERIOUSLY*)

These are people. You hear them on the radio and see their stories on a forum thread, but they're people. I love trolling now and then... hell, I've been doing it here on these forums for a certain mod for the past few hours. I get it. I even enjoy it. But understand that these are real flesh and blood human beings.

Or... of that doesn't work for you...

Understand that nobody on these forums is mentioned IN these threads. Your troll shit antics just don't work here.

Either way. Holla.

General / Re: Sex
« on: January 08, 2010, 08:11:13 AM »
Hey Drifter, seriously, do I know you in person?

I could poke fun and tug your chain all day, but if you're someone I know, I'd love to do it in person.

Dude... I'm drunk... I'm trolling... It's all in good fun. This is an internet forum. I think I've posted enough here that people know when I'm being serious and not. Unless your Denis Goddard... then you just suck. :P

General / Re: 4chan.org
« on: January 08, 2010, 08:08:07 AM »
This is not anon, and your much much much safer ways to acquire CP, as great as you may think they are, get a sage response that comes in many forms.  One of them is hostility.  From me.  In person.  Not as a fucking anon janitor.  It makes me wonder what your much much much safer knowledge is acquired from.  Because I can acquire all sorts of creepy shit, I've been everywhere a fucking weirdo can go in the webs.  Except for there.

Ummm... If 4chan is the creepiest place you've been on the web, you're far, far, far from the anus the the interwebs, my friend.

So if you know a failsafe way to acquire child porn, and I hate childporn and child pornographers, I'm thinking maybe you're a fucking shitbag.

I'm sure someone now and then considers me a shitbag. The problem? You assume that because I'm a shitbag I'm a fan of the child porn. I am not... at least... not in the traditional pre-pub sense.

To state that "there are safer ways to aquire cp than 4chan" as a fact does not imply "I procure cp in ways other than 4chan". Indeed, it does not imply "I procure cp" at all.

Are you a shitbag, Kevin?

As I said... Someone has probably accused me of being such now and then. You?

General / Re: 4chan.org
« on: January 08, 2010, 06:10:54 AM »
Yeah, I do.  Do you realize you're in FTL?

I do indeed!

What's your point?

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