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Serious Business / Re: Damaged Goods
« on: January 22, 2012, 02:45:57 PM »
Wow. There are a lot of interesting posts in this thread. And, a lot of common threads in these posts. I had a lot of these same experiences, to varying degrees, with the primary exceptions of the family violence and abandonment/neglect.

I think there is a lot to be said for the notion that libertarians often become so as a result of personally experiencing state violence but, that can't possibly be the real reason. After all, anyone who's ever had a "legitimate" job or has purchased anything to speak of, has experience state theft. Likewise, anyone who's ever been through jury duty or who's stood in a courtroom answering a summons over a traffic violation, has seen the dysfunction of our criminal justice system. The thing is though, some people see it for what it is and some people don't. And you can rest assured that those who don't see it aren't a part of some exclusive crowd who has never experienced abuse or injustice in other parts of their lives.

In the end, it really has to do with how we process the negative influences in our lies. Some of us store them away and vow to never revisit them while others of us file them away as life lessons that, while they seemed evil, were actually good for us and still, others of us simply see them all as wrong and never stop searching for a way to right them. Not that we think we can change the past, mind you, but we seek to change the future so that no one else might suffer them.

Libertarians are, in my opinion, that last group. Some of us got our taste of evil from the family, some from the state schools and others from adult interaction with the state. Of course, there is also every combination of the above three, as well.

My point in this rambling is that it's not really accurate to presume that libertarians become so as a direct result of experiencing evil. Take for instance, a person who is raised and educated peacefully and who is deeply loved by his or her family. Using the above mentioned metric, it would be highly unlikely that this person would be a libertarian, at least not until later in life and then only by the happenstance of being abused by the state. I would argue that this person would naturally be a libertarian, because he was raised to respect property rights by means of having his property rights respected. There are myriad other reasons but, I don't want to write a novel on my first post and I'm sure you all get my point.

In closing, if you all want to stop the cycles of violence both in the family and by the state (and I'm sure you do), there is one simple rule you can follow to that end...

Don't hit or yell at your children.

One way to help get you into that modus operandi is to stop hitting and/or yelling at other adults.

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