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The Show / Re: List of Bumper Music?
« on: January 23, 2014, 01:31:16 AM »
Totally OT and all, but...
doesn't it strike you as a bit weird to sign your post as if it were an email, when in fact the SMF software puts your name is right there clear as day indicating that you are the person who made the post?

Or is this "Michael W Dean's Post" in the same sense that it's "Bram Stoker's Movie" or "John Carpenter's Movie" ?

lol. It's habit. I sign everything with that. And, you're not the first to give me a friendly poke for it, and you won't be the last.

I used to be on a forum where everyone started signing their posts with that to point it out to me.


The Show / Re: List of Bumper Music?
« on: January 21, 2014, 01:18:21 AM »
Quote from: quickmike
Ian, just a quick question. I always wondered if radio stations have to pay royalties  on bumper music in general. If so, Is it a play by play basis they have to pay them, or is it just a one time fee for it?

Quote from: FTL_Ian
I don't know if talk stations pay royalties.

I know this is old, but I just ran across it and know the answer. Talk radio stations have begun getting shaken down the past few years by performing rights orgs ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. Talk stations have to pay regardless of whether they have ANY music on their stations or not. They have to pay even if they pay someone to make all their music. They have to pay even if they pay even if they write and record the music themselves. They have to pay even if they pay even if they pay someone for royalty-free music.

These organizations are like unions...they start out of a basic good reason (to help workers get paid for their work), and like unions, end up acting like the mafia, but a mafia backed by the government gun.

And I can tell you from my experience in the music biz, in a band that was on a major lable, was a BMI member, that performing rights orgs really don't have any sort of equitable math to figure out who gets paid what. Big artists get paid the lion's share disproportionate even to what they have played where. For instance, Megadeth probably gets a few dozen dollars a year for Ian using their music on talk radio, but some of the lesser known bands probably get nothing for it, even if they're a member of one of those performing rights orgs.

I've talked to a number of program directors about the performing rights orgs, and they hate it. Big station cartels like it, because they can pay it. Small mom-and-pop stations hate it. It's relatively new on talk radio, and it's just one more example of government thug-guns hurting small businesses.



And after you have exposed them for violent thugs, they will most likely act like the violent thugs they are and put you in a cage.  Mission accomplished!

This is my ENTIRE point in calling out Marc regarding his talk with Jillian. It's fine when Ian and Pete and Ademo do it themselves. It's not fine when Marc seeks out people facing serious prison time on multiple felonies, with a judge who already hates Jillian because cop block did a call flood, and says to Jillian "I can help with your court stuff", has her on the show and tells her to do things that will piss off the judge. And Jillian ends the show saying "That sounds great!" thinking she's just gotten legal advice that will keep her out of prison.

One can say "buyer beware", and Jillian is an adult, but when people are facing multiple felonies (especially in Texas, especially when the judge already hates her), they're a bit vulnerable. Marc ignores that and tries to turn someone into a jailed activist who has no intention of being one. Either that or he thinks that something that may work in traffic court will work in a criminal court when the person is facing years in prison.

Marc does this with a lot of people besides Jillian, but she's a friend of mine, so it really pissed me off when he did it to her.



Of course Marc is going to cheat. He deals with lawyers all the time. People can take a lesson, in this instance, on how to manipulate things to your favour no matter what, if he joins you in your arena he is basically fucked, even though you have proved more then most that you are willing to learn and adjust over time....

Thank you.

The key is the win, not being correct.

My point is to get it out there that Marc gives some horrible advice that puts people in jail. There's no being "right" with him our his fans. I'm 100% sure his methods can be dangerous, he's 100% sure he's stumbled onto the secret keystone that you pull out to topple the government. Neither of us will "budge", there's no arbitration, there's no concessions, it's like I'm an atheist and he's a Christian. There's no "come on, guys, see the other guy's side just a little bit." Which is why there's no point in us going on the other's shows or on FTL.

Some are saying I did this for publicity, I didn't. I could have done this anonymously. But I'm not a coward, so I didn't.

I don't hate him and would love to give him a hug and would love him to do well doing something else. If he got rich and famous being the libertarian John Grisham, I'd stand up and cheer.

I am sure deep inside Jillian wants to put her head on the block for the greater cause.

You're kidding, right? Having a mother ripped from her kid and thrown into prison in Texas will do absolutely nothing to end the drug war.


 Maybe if Dean had some foresight, he would have not gone after someone he doesn't even know.  Marc makes it known that Dean is welcome to come on his show anytime Dean wants to.  Marc said he would be happy to be on Dean's show too.  Dean has refused.  Coward.

Here is a reply of mine explaining why I used an open letter instead of contacting Marc:


And one explaining why I won't go on his show:


Marc seemed to concentrate on the personnel stuff instead of Michael's more practical points.


Marc seemed to win in the opinion on the commenters underneath.

You seriously can't see what's going on there? On his blog Marc is only approving comments of his fans. I've had people tell me that they tried to post respectful comments that were critical of Marc, and he refused to approve them. He finally approved my comments, but hasn't approved any from others that are critical of him.

If you want to see the 50 or 60 liberty people agreeing with me that Marc's wrong, it’s here:

What does Michael have against people who believe one should use the system against itself and be in jail for a while? It worked for Nelson Mandella. Only 20 years in prison and he got to lead the country later and traded in his loyal wife for a hot young thing to boot. Win win. Go Marc!

I love that stuff. But Jillian didn't want to be Nelsan Mandala and go to jail for a cause. She wants to stay out of prison and raise her child. Marc gave her advice that would have put her in prison.


Howdy Marc,

I am, like you, a liberty lover and liberty media activist. I'm the co-host of two podcasts syndicated on The Liberty Radio Network as is your own "No-State Project." My podcasts are "Freedom Feens" and "Anarchy Gumbo." I also directed the film "Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom."

You and I have never spoken, but we have a lot of the same friends.

I am, like you, a fan of civil disobedience. I believe flexing rights with cops is good, and I believe it has its place with judges. I have respect for people who know the dangers, weigh the options and choose to do that on their own. But advising your "clients" (your word, not mine), who just want to stay out of jail, to go piss off the judge, especially in felony cases, is not helping anyone's personal liberty. It's doing quite the opposite.

I know that on your website you state that you are not an attorney (though you do charge $100 an hour for phone consultations). But people calling in on your show may not know that you are not an attorney, as you seem to present yourself as an attorney. Therefore people may place their trust in you and act upon your advice based upon a mistaken understanding.

I've listened to your show before, and I listened to your talk with Jillian the other day. I know Jillian. I posted some of her bail when she was busted in Texas recently. I speak with her frequently. The Freedom Feens podcast has also, for several month, given free ad time for her confectionery company on our Sunday live show, ad time that we also sell to other people. In short, she's a friend, and I care about her.

I was pretty appalled by some of your advice to her. Some of your advice might make sense to someone who was willing to grandstand in court to make a point, didn't mind doing some jail time, didn't have a kid, had money for a lawyer as a backup if needed, and was only facing misdemeanor charges in their home town. It was not helpful advice for a young mother with no money trying to stay out of prison and facing two drug felonies outside her home state. Particularly when the charges are pending in Texas, and after Jillian told you that the judge already hates her.

By the end of your talk with Jillian, she was saying "That makes sense!" and cheerfully saying "Thank you!" In short, she sounded like she thought you were the solution she was looking for. She's smart, but you confidently present yourself as having some basis for being able to give advice.

You even said to Jillian on the show "We're very confident of the material on this show."

I forwarded the episode to a lawyer friend for his opinion. This guy, Randy England:

Randy is a former prosecutor and currently a privately practicing attorney, with decades of criminal law experience, a lot of it with drug charges. He's also a philosophical anarchist. He was taken aback by your advice. He said, "I believe that required licensing for anything is tyrannical. But this guy Marc Stevens is a poster child for everyone who believes that required licensing for lawyers is a good thing."

Randy said that in most states, if Jillian retains a criminal defense lawyer, or even the public defender, she's unlikely to get jail time, since it's her first felony and drug possession offense. He said if Jillian takes your advice, acting pro se, and challenges the judge by asking "Where do you derive your authority?" and "Do you honestly think I can get a fair trial here?", Jillian will almost certainly end up in a cage in Texas for a long time.

Yet your "knowledge" of the law is such, Marc, that you sought Jillian out, you contacted her, and offered to her: "I can help with court stuff."

That sort of "ambulance chasing" would be considered unethical for an actual attorney.

You read her statement here

wherein she said "I am not equipped to fight this financially", and " I'm so frightened thinking of the violence that may come in the near future from the state against me…"

Her fears notwithstanding, you still suggested she skip the public defender and act pro se and antagonistically challenge the judge.

You said, "This has worked in Texas for *traffic tickets.*" (Emphasis added.) But Jillian is not facing a traffic ticket. She's facing two *drug felonies.*

You went on and on with this "question and challenge the judge" defense theory for your whole long talk with Jillian. This theory is largely what you promote on all your shows, and in your seminars, books, workshops, web forum, etc.

I've heard you similarly advise other people who are not trying to "make a stand" but simply trying to serve the least amount of jail time as possible. In doing so, I feel that you are making people pawns in your plan of how to fight the system.

Occasionally on your show you make self-deprecating comments like "Hey take my advice or don't!" (usually followed by a laugh, like you're joking). But that's sadly lacking as a disclaimer, in my opinion. You make those jokes, then launch right back into pretending to know what you're talking about, and give advice on how to "fight the man" to people who are just trying to stay out of jail. Your pet theory isn't even particularly good advice for someone wanting to fight the man.

I have no ethical problem with someone practicing law without a license, if they're good at it. But I don't think you are good at it. One reason licensed, practicing attorneys are often much better at it then even the good "jailhouse lawyers" is that practicing attorneys have actually spent a lot of time in courtrooms in a wide variety of cases, and that's where a lot of knowledge of the law comes from. They know the courts, the judges, and the (often persnickety) local rules. You can't get it all from books.

In my opinion, you have a difficult time reconciling your vision of "how things should be in a perfect world" with how things are in reality. Your vision of "how things should be" has parallels to mine. You and I both believe that there should be private police and courts who actually have to earn their keep and only process real crimes, rather than the monopolistic tyrannical system of "justice" we have now.

But by providing your "clients" with bad advice, advice that comes out of some sovereign citizen-esque fantasy of "how things should be", and your faulty belief that magic words make tyrants melt in fear, I believe you are doing more harm than good.

I'm looking at your Facebook page right now, and reading a note to you from a woman who had her 18-year-old daughter try your "legal advice" by asking the judge "Do you really believe I can get a fair trial?" It didn't help and the woman seemed astonished that the judge didn't dismiss the case on the spot.

There is no profit to me in railing on you. I love liberty media, and want there to be as much of it out there as possible. I spend hours each week giving free technical advice to people wanting to start or improve their podcasts and filmmaking. I get great joy from helping people create liberty media. Before today I would never have considered telling anyone "You should stop doing what you're doing."

I'm no fan of Ronald Reagan but he had some good quotes. One was his "11th Commandment": "Never speak ill of a fellow Republican."

I feel it's an equally unwritten rule to not speak ill of fellow liberty activists. And your ideas about liberty are good. But when a fellow liberty activist is doing podcasts, radio, seminars, workshops, forums and books convincing people to do things that may endanger their liberty, without sufficient disclosure, I have to speak up.

Your legal advice would likely be solid if you were "practicing law" in a Heinlein novel. But in our current reality, much of your advice is not solid, and is more likely to hurt than to help. I wonder how many people are in jail or prison from following your advice?

I think your show, books, website and seminars are likely doing far more harm than good. I wish you'd do something productive instead. You're a smart guy, and could certainly excel at many things that would not inadvertently harm others.

At the very minimum, I think you should add a pre-recorded disclaimer with every caller and guest on your show, something like "Marc Stevens is not an attorney. And any advice he gives is aimed at activists who want to 'fight the man', not folks whose primary concern is to stay out of jail."

People calling in to your show don't know your whole deal. When people are facing the horror of actual prison time, and cannot afford an attorney, they are very vulnerable. You seem to offer a solution, but you don't give them the full terms of what your "solution" entails.

I'm even willing to professionally record that disclaimer for you, for free, if you'd use it.

I'm going to be reading this letter next week on the Freedom Feens podcast, and will also be posting it on my blogs, LibertarianPunk.com and MichaelWDean.com, and elsewhere.

Feel free to read this letter and reply on your podcast. I'd also like to offer you the opportunity to come on my podcast and respond. If you'd prefer to respond via e-mail I will print your response on my blogs and read your reply on the podcast.

Thank you,
Michael W. Dean


Make Your Own Liberty Radio Station for $250


I’ve seen a lot of posts on FM micro-transmitter systems, but they’re all lacking in this detail or that. For instance, a lot will say “make sure you’re using a low-pass filter”, but then don’t say how, or where to set it up in your gear chain, or specifically what adapters you need. I made this post to fill a void. This post includes details of ALL parts needed, links on where to order them, and how to set them up and configure them, as well as a lot of related information based on experience......

General / Re: Stacy Litz, The Liberty Snitch
« on: May 19, 2012, 01:23:08 AM »
It hit the front page, so hopefully that means they'll see it and possibly talk about it on the show.  It would certainly be an interesting topic, and I think it just goes to show that you should never trust the police, especially when that involves selling out your friends.

If you don't want to wait, Freedom Feens did about a half hour on Stacy Litz in our new episode, "Libertarian Snitch!"
 Stacy talk starts about 28 and a half minutes in:


General / Anarchy Gumbo Podcast - interveiw with Ian Freeman
« on: March 30, 2012, 02:34:26 AM »
I have a new, second show:

Anarchy Gumbo Podcast
Insomniac anarchist chat and chatter from Michael W. Dean and a rotating cast of nifty guests

Have two episodes so far, one is Ben Stone from Bad Quaker Podcast, one is Ian Freeman from Free Talk Live.

Upcoming episodes include Scott Horton (Anti-War Radio), Kelly Voluntaryist, Mark Edge and Stephanie Murphy.


How we do it for our LRN.fm show "Freedom Feens Live." This would also work for radio, without spending a bundle or using a third-party company to do it.


LRN.FM - The Liberty Radio Network / Re: Freedom Feens on LRN
« on: March 18, 2012, 06:24:39 AM »
New Live call-in show

In addition to the usual weekly podcast, which comes out sometime between Tuesday and Thursday, the Feens are now doing a second weekly show on the Liberty Radio Network, and it’s LIVE! You can call in with your questions or comments.

Freedom Feens LIVE! expands on the Feens’ weekly Wednesday podcasts, but now they’re kicking the hornets’ nest live. Talk back to the back talkers every Sunday from 5-7 PM Eastern. Call in soon, before they get droned!

Live studio number: (307) 215-5171. Or via Skype to user name kittyfeet1

Calling is free from most phones, as most plans now include free long distance in the US.

Show Times in different US time zones:

5-7 PM Sunday Eastern time
4-6 PM Sunday Central time
3-5 PM Sunday Mountain time
2-4 PM Sunday West Coast time

General / Re: Richard Mack - Oath Keeper - running against SOPA author
« on: February 21, 2012, 10:08:44 AM »
I'm an anarchist but I like Constitutionalists like Richard Mack and Ron Paul. They point out to statists that they're constantly being lied to and ripped off, by both parties. From that realization, it's a short jump to minarchy, then a short leap to anarchist.

I believe Ron Paul already is an anarchist, and will come out as such after he doesn't become president.


p.s. "Believing in the Non-Aggression Principle but being a minarchist is like believing in the Ten Commandments but murdering someone every few years." - Mike DeLuna

General / Re: Richard Mack - Oath Keeper - running against SOPA author
« on: February 21, 2012, 10:04:59 AM »

LRN.FM - The Liberty Radio Network / Re: Bad Quaker Podcast
« on: January 29, 2012, 12:33:59 AM »
Bad Quaker podcast is excellent. I love it.


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