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Episodes & Show Prep / Re: 2012-03-14
« on: March 15, 2012, 02:25:12 PM »
My dad got a cellphone ticket $80 a few months ago, he had a phone in the car, but it didn't have a phone plan. He keeps a cheap one in the glove box as a backup phone since you don't need a phone plan to make calls to emergency numbers.

The police here in NY randomly select people to ticket for cellphone use and it doesn't matter if you were using one or not.

He ended up paying it as there is no way to get a ticket dropped. about 2 years ago he got a parking ticket for parking at an expired meter. Even though he has an assigned parking spot in the work place parking lot. The issue is that in cases of tickets, it is your work against the police officers word and their word is worth more.

Also car insurance sucks. Here in NY it is nearly $900 every 6 months (and thats for the lowest coverage, even if we get into an accident thats out fault, the insurance will only cover like $20,000. The car cost $6000, for the cost of insurance, we can afford to replace the car in about 3 years.

Instead of insurance, a better solution is to just have a certain amount that you deposit into an account every few months and that will go towards covering any expenses from an accident that is your fault. And if you never get into an accident and decide you no longer need a car, you withdraw all of the money and spend it on what ever you want.

Episodes & Show Prep / Re: 2011-11-28
« on: November 30, 2011, 11:23:03 PM »
The child needed to be hogtied, the officer most likely felt his life was in danger.

The kid could have easily went for his gun, then before you know it, there will be a deadly situation. There would be a struggle over the gun, the police officer will try to shoot the kid, but the kid would grab the slide and push the gun to the side, causing the chambered round to miss and the casing to not eject.

Music from a 60 person orchestra will begin to play from some random location.

The 5 year old kid will eventually land a really strong punch knocking the police officer back and him just happening to drop the gun.

The kid will then dive for the gun but the officer will get there a split second before, and within a few millimeters, knock the gun further away.

Both will then continue to fight, getting slammed into walls causing parts of the concrete wall to shatter and the pieces to fall down in slow motion.

The fight will rage on for about a minute, before one of them slams the other into a window and both fall out.

The fall will then happen in slow motion and the fight will continue on the way down with somehow gaining rapidly changing/ sweeping camera angles and movements. The orchestra will play more strongly, then the fight will end with one landing on a car roof and surviving, while the other falls on the harder ground.

So now you see, the police officer prevented all of this from happening by hogtying the kid.
Consider that the next time you think a police officer is using excessive force on a kid :)

The Show / Re: The callers set on kicking illegals out of the US....
« on: October 03, 2011, 08:55:58 AM »
I really don't see why people feel a need to kick out "illegals"

does becoming a citizen suddenly make someone a better person.

If someone is an asshole, getting a sheet of paper that says they have become a citizen wont make them any less of an asshole.
If that can be agreed upon that a piece of paper does not change who someone is, then can it also be understood that there is no logical reason to hate people who are in the country with out some piece of paper?

Photoshops / What a police officer sees when you use a camera
« on: August 09, 2011, 01:09:23 AM »

when ever you pull out your camera, can you blame them for smashing your camera and arresting you for trying to record a police officer in NY?

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