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General / Re: Starting a podcast show in the Indianapolis area.
« on: March 15, 2012, 07:05:48 PM »
Yeah Im not into that stuff either.  Actually a guy I was talking to about this from Indy was into the birther thing and I couldnt care less about that as well.


General / Re: Starting a podcast show in the Indianapolis area.
« on: March 15, 2012, 06:43:06 PM »
quickmike-can you email me?  My email for you (or anyone else) is mark_mnc1@yahoo.com.  Thanks for the reply, I talk with you more through emailing.


General / Re: Starting a podcast show in the Indianapolis area.
« on: March 15, 2012, 06:19:09 PM »
Thanks.  Yeah I dont mean to be rude or an ass but it would be focused on liberty and I presumed everyone on here gets the message of liberty so theres no real need to talk about it here... and at this point.  A lot of details would have to be discussed before starting this.  Im waiting on one lady thats was supposed to contact me regarding the issues but I can't stand unreliable people.   


General / Re: Starting a podcast show in the Indianapolis area.
« on: March 15, 2012, 06:05:26 PM »
Theres no fail or pass to this one.  If you want to then you can contact me outside of this forum if not I dont care what you have to say. 

General / Starting a podcast show in the Indianapolis area.
« on: March 15, 2012, 05:08:56 PM »
Im thinking about starting up a liberty-oriented podcast in the Indianapolis/central Indiana area and wonder if anyone here would be interested, or might know of anyone in this area, in joining up in this effort.


General / Re: Possible spam email from the FTL board
« on: August 16, 2011, 03:15:41 AM »
Cool, thanks John.  By the way has this been becoming a problem lately?  Do you know where any of these people are from?  I spend nearly all of my time on the liberty-oriented threads and friends on FB but its still nice to come on here every now and then. 


General / Possible spam email from the FTL board
« on: August 16, 2011, 02:19:09 AM »
I was checking my email today when I noticed an email from a Benita Duma and she had her email address as well.  It just said she read my post and wanted to get to know more about me. I replied that I wasn't aware of her and find this email very peculiar.  I then got another email from a Michael Hampton that I he hasn't heard from me in "X" amount of time because I haven't been on the forum in "X" amount of time.  I have no clue who in the hell either of these people are.  WTF is this?  Is anyone aware of any spam issues with the bbs?  Spam like this pisses me off to no end and if I receive any more of these and I'll be signing off for good. At any rate Ill be all over facebook like normal and possibly google plus in the future so anyone can look me up there. 


Well instead of RFID chips in their badges (a bit too expensive and intrusive) employees that have rates to make (this company calls them a direct function) use RF scanners and the company's internal server knows where they are at at any location in the building and how long they have been on tasks or off tasks (taking a break, dealing with other issues, etc).

This is a major company and theres a lot of bureaucratic control from the corporate HQ but I could see something like this in every station/department and for different levels-area managers, general managers, even the execs at corporate.  I don't so much mean in order to control the employees but really in all ways possible-where products/orders are that need to be found im a timely manner, process controls, and even down to the level of performance checks on machinery-including a R.F. scanning system.  I would think the hardest part would be to keep as as up to date as possible but also starting the project--finding what data employees, managers, and people that would use the computer/machine and putting that all together.   

I was talking to a new manager at work (in a warehouse environment) that just got his Industrial Engineering degree at Purdue Univ. and we were talking about how cool it would be to have a flow like map in a computer screen where you can see the layout of a factory/warehouse w/ each station, people, processes involved..in real time.  We were talking about one that would have the overall live feed map of whats going on operationally as well as a section of the screen where you can run tests, simulations, and reports on..kinda like a professional supply chain version of Microsoft Kinect (or hopefully closer to the one like in "Minority Report.")  I was checking google to see what is actually out there and wondered if anyone knows if something like this is out there on the market.  I can see companies like SAP or Oracle being involved in something like this right now.


General / Re: Business social media forums
« on: April 28, 2011, 12:58:45 AM »
You know I was wondering myself what on earth happened to monster.com a few years ago.  They used to be a major company with commercials all the time, everywhere, I'm sure the #1 job searching site but now its a joke. In my opinion, its horrible to view and get your eyes and mind off of all of the advertisements and clutter they have.  I find by far now the best two job search engines are meta search engines-indeed.com and simplyhired.com.  Theres still too much junk on the site for me but a lot easier to use and theres a ton more jobs available...not even close to monster any more.  I've looked but haven't found a forum on any of these major job search engines yet.  

If youíre looking to move to the SE N.H. area Amazon has a fulfillment center (Amazonspeak for distribution center) in the Nashua area and they call it Bos1 (for the Boston area-just like the two facilities I work at are Ind1 and Ind2 near Indy, In.) From what I know they have two kinds of facilities-sort, for smaller products and non-sort for bigger products (like tv monitors, skis, diapers, etc) and I'm not sure what the Bos-1 site is but you might want to look into applying there for an Operations or Senior Operations Manager position..it sounds like you have the experience for it.    

I guess with the company you are at now and the W.M.S. system youíre looking into-what products or options are you looking into?  Ive read a little into SAP's ERP (enterprise resource planning) and that seems to be able to encompass nearly everything a senior level manager could want and I think you can integrate WMS in it.  My only experience with WMS was tracking product/order through our D.C. system from receiving, R.F, scanning, any testing that might go on with it, storage, and shipping but it was cool to use.  ERP from what I know can do it all from the perspective I was at-regular employee, trainer, and fill-in lead.  It can assign or recommend tasks to workers, record data and offer graphs and charts for analytics, and has modules for engineering, production, H.R., purchasing, and every department you can think of.  Iíve heard Oracle offers an ERP software package but SAP, a German company, looks like it has the best ERP package out there.  

Since Iíve worked at all major fortune 500 companies (and the govt) at a low level I really donít have experience with the finance or sales side of things or even capacity planning/demand management that a G.M. would.  I just see things at the lower levels and have a million ideas for possible improvement that will never get heard-even simple things like work more in tune with product manufacturers, trucking companies, suppliers, etc to make sure they are all on the same wavelength and all working to grow help your company as well as themselves.  The book I read a while back that kickstarted me reading up more on ops management was a business novel called ďThe GoalĒ by Elijahu Goldratt who brought up the idea of the Theory of Contraints, managing bottlenecks in any business operation as well as using logical trees to uncover problems not seen by most managers.  


General / Re: Business social media forums
« on: April 27, 2011, 12:18:32 AM »
Sure i suppose I can bring it up here.  I did more searching for a kind of website for business professionals that was free to use and a forum like this one but couldn't find much of anything.  Theres a shitload of tutorial business start up or marketing sites, pay sites, and business news sites but one with this format would be the best.

So your in the manufacturing field and planning on moving the N.H.?  Very cool.  Ideally I would like to be up there myself but need the job here to make enough money to be able to move up there...or just a good enough job offer there. My main field has been in logistics/distribution...with some manufacturing details... but if anyone out there is willing to find a way, or has found a way, to build a motor based on static electricity I would absolutely love to be part of that business endeavor.   I just hope in this real life case that inventor/entreprenuer doesn't have his lifeblood drained by him.  Personally, Ive had just about enough drained from me.

I've been in the field for 4-5 years and currently I work as a contractor in a major distribution center but I've been studying a ton on the side to find a supervisor or management role and have read up on lean methodology, statistical process control for six sigma/root cause analysis (but I don't have a certification belt), the theory of constraints, performance benchmarks, ERP and general supply chain management but its just all from books I bought off of amazon.   Do you recommend any specific books?  I don't have the money for certification courses but I'm not sure if I just want to keep buying books.  Do you think just buying and reading books is a good move?     

General / Business social media forums
« on: April 26, 2011, 12:36:00 PM »
I was wondering if anyone out there knows of any social media site for business people that has a BBS/forum like this one?  Of course the main one is linkedin and Ive been a part of that but it seems pretty worthless and theres no forum to post questions in (that I know of at least).  Technorati is pretty popular but its really only for the I.T. field, right?  I'm mainly concerned with the operations management field.  Thanks.


General / Comment about the local tea party-Israel flag waver there
« on: April 16, 2011, 03:09:52 AM »
I was off work today and thought I would go downtown Indianapolis (I live 10-12 minutes away from there) today to see whats up with the tea party crowd at the statehouse.  I got to talking to a few people-one local businessmen who hasn't even heard of Austrian economics and was pretty accurate in how he was explaining the federal reserve, the housing crisis, and the current state of the economy..pretty cool guy overall and seems to get the message about liberty.  Another professional (a CPA) whose wife is really involved in their local atea party groups and was just talking about how intrusive governments at all levels have been.  It was nice talking to a few people but in general it was just a bunch of republican-worshipping middle-aged statists...I guess the plus is that they are least starting to use the "constitution" term in their conversations.

What killed me was this complete inbred, trailer-trash moron with the American flag pants and t-shirt waving a huge-ass flag of Israel.  What kills me is he kept walking around waving the damn thing.  There was so much I could have said to this guy I wouldnt know where to start but it was crazy.  They also had a booth of a state rep who wants to introduce Arizona's draconian, gestapo-like immigation law here in Indiana.  

I was downtown long enough by the time the speeches started "Here's our first guest-hes a veteran of the Iraq war..blah, blah blah." I could tell it was my que to leave.  Also, as I left I saw a bunch of younger people come in which is cool.  I just noticed in the past there was a good deal more people and a lot more "Atlas Shrugged" signs and after talking to a few I could tell they actually read the book as well as more "Don't Tread On Me" flags.  

It certainly wasn't the crowd to bring up minarchy or voluntaryism/anarchocapitalism but oh well.  

General / Re: Starting a local libertarian education group
« on: March 09, 2011, 02:26:36 AM »
Ive never heard of that Liberty on the Rocks group but I just checked it out and it looks good.  I thought YAF was good but heard a few things about them recently that seemed pretty statist to me.  Students for Liberty might be good but I need to look into their resources more (and get a printer to print the material out).   I also need to get my work hours fixed since Ive been working weird hours but I would really like to get this started and don't see any reason why not. 

I guess my second question is what problems or issues has anyone faced if they started a group like this?   

General / Re: OHSNAP. Atlas Shrugged Trailer -
« on: March 08, 2011, 03:20:18 AM »
Geesus, maybe its a sign I have no life but I read Atlas Shrugged four times and my copy of Ayn Rand has more notes in it than my parents Bible does.  After I finished it the first time I sat on my couch for hours trying to let everything she wrote about sink in.  Right now I have the book on Audio and every now and then listen to Galt's Speech-mainly the end of it (by the way the last 30-40 minutes would be great for a tea party speech...or give the speech than leave for N.H.).   

I got several of her other books too and have "Rand on Business" on my Amazon wishlist as well as "Human Action," "the Mystery of Banking," and Bastiat's "The Law" that I need to get after im done with several business books I just bought.     

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