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General / Re: Don't initiate violence?
« on: May 01, 2014, 06:44:16 AM »
I don't see what it would hurt to post a sample or two.
By the way a Muslim libertarian is looking for a practicing Jew to have on a panal at Porcfest. I guess to try and convince us libertarians that don't have all powerful judgemental invisable friends that religous people are not nuts or something. He goes by Will Coley on facebook, but I'll be glad to help you guys get in touch. By the way I found your dream wife. Her name is Joanna Angel. :)

 I do not like Cantwell. (shall henseforth referred to as "Toolboy" by me on the rest of this thread) 1. His going to that trolls house with the can of mace. 2 I heard he pepper sprayed some girl at a gathering(I don't know if this is true) 3 He made sexual jokes about Ali Havens who is dating one of the cohosts of my favourite podcast. (and I laughed at the gag- still you defend friends girlfriends)
 I have argued with Toolboy on facebook a time or two. He was not impolite to me at all and I get the impression he is a good friend to his friends. I have to admit I tend to note and respect that sort of thing. I believe his brand of commentary brings not only people, but quality "doers" into the liberty movement. His retoric is consistant with the NAP as far as I can tell. Yes frontal asaults on DC and trying to shoot drones with a hunting rifle would be a bad idea, but Toolboys humour is to be extreme and make a point. Doug Stanhope says crazier shit and I am sure he would be welcome to Porcfest.
 When Ladiesman Curtis fucked and scorned, or just fucked, or just scorned one to many liberty chicks (guy needs to write a how-too book) He was thrown out of porcfest.... because Carla didn't like him anymore. I don't want to have a liberty movement where the in crowd is judged on their likability. Toolboy works hard and has the balls to be a little controvercial. Curtis is a player among nerds, but he also tried to do things, it's not his fault the ladies want him. (I know a few players who are not libertarians or screw libertarian ladies, they tend to remain friends after breakups with women, just a interesting aside)
 I think it is wrong to discriminate against anyone who is not actually dangerous. Curtis and Toolboy are not. Both are documented taking the high road in confrontational situations in fact. If we have a freedom movement based solely on arbitrary stuff like who likes who, we are proving ourselves to be wrong. Evidently even people who know what the NAP is will get and misuse power based on arbitrary things instead of facts and merit.

General / Re: Don't initiate violence?
« on: April 26, 2014, 04:08:50 AM »
Just a small disclaimer. I disagree with Ben on the making the fake video thing. It would be counterproductive and sets up a backlash. It isn't like the government and their enforcers are not giving us plenty of youtube fodder anyway. Otherwise I would like everyone to quietly help that series get on as many thumb drives and phones as possible.
http://www.badquaker.com/archives/2551 I think the previous post sort of prefaces the series, but he was very negitive at a few people in that one so Ben would probably prefere the sharing start with part 1.

General / Re: Don't initiate violence?
« on: April 23, 2014, 03:42:34 PM »
I know the goals of liberty can not come from violence, but to be honest I don't think I could just stand there and watch some thugs taze a 7 month pregnant chick.
Am I just old fashion and wrong? Or is there a line when one can honorably start retaliating the hard way?
When can one initiate violence?
Adam Kokesh proved that even feining aggression towards the state will lead to bad things. Be simpathetic, polite and practice damage control when in a conflict with a state employee. That is your best bet to help everybody young man. I also think you were confused. Defense doesn't violate the NAP, with that said it is never moral to initiate aggression.

You'll have to define, "initiate aggression".

If I am a slave, do I have the right to attack my owners in their sleep if it's the only way to freedom?

The state is the state because it has the monopoly on violence.

It's the threat of violence that ultimately keeps people from infringing on your freedoms. We've turned over so much of that threat to the state, we have what we have cow. It's almost a perfect ratio.

As the populace's ability to make violence decreases, the states ability to oppress grows.

Beliving that you're some kind of Glenn Beck Ghandi and that's going to solve all the problems of the state is ridiculous.

Yes killing your master does not violate the NAP. A direct frontal assault on the government would be suicide though. I believe we in the liberty movement need to concintrate on long turm statogies. Since I can not go underground for a while, I am working more on infrastructure. I recommend the Bad Quaker's beyond civil disobedience series. I need not reinvent the wheel on a thread that pretty much is a simple documentation on one man's journey.

General / Re: Are "libertines" dangerous?
« on: February 28, 2014, 03:33:56 PM »
God Created Gay People Too | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid - Ora TV
Maybe wrestlers in general find themselves defending people they don't really understand.

General / Re: Are "libertines" dangerous?
« on: February 28, 2014, 03:08:57 PM »
 Peter Schiff is now stumbling around on the gay thing. God dammit, where does the fear of gays come from? The only gay guy that ever tried to pick me up was pretty nice about it, hell I was flattered. Simple "thanks for the beer but I'm straight." End of story.
 Being a member of the drama club and the varsity heavyweight wrestler in high school I found myself being early on the defending gays thing, not that the gay bashers really wanted a piece of me. "I don't have a problem with them, why don't you shut up." was about all it took. Later on I found out some of the gay bashers were gay, and probably appreciated my POV.
 I don't know. I really wish the gay lobby could try a little humour, restraint, and maybe understanding that they are feared for some reason, with their activism. Normalize homosexuality by being normal. Passing anti discrimination laws or acting entitled sure as hell isn't the way to go though.
 I, at this time, don't have a problem with libertine types. I only vaguly remember being freaked out about people who like weird sex. I will say that folks who were cool about it by showing themselves to be good people helped me along though. The angry ones did not.

General / Re: Are "libertines" dangerous?
« on: February 16, 2014, 03:31:38 AM »
I don't blaim you. I think he has some thoughtful subscribers worth reaching, and I am a skillful troll if I don't say so myself.

FYI as of late I can only comment on youtube via my Google chrome browser. I Use IE for most browsing and Chrome for youtube and facebook. Seems to be the least buggy solution for me.

General / Re: Are "libertines" dangerous?
« on: February 15, 2014, 01:59:44 PM »
I am tired of trying to not argue with you Dale.
Funny you mentioned beastiality. I wouldn't use it as a comparable example because those people don't bother me, however the guy that posted the video in the OP just tried that shit on me. Unlike you, he is going to get both barrals of my troll fu. Why don't you help me out on youtube instead of beating a dead horse here. I don't like dominating people. Live with it, call me a switch I don't give a fuck. We are on the same side dude.
Pssst check out the comments on the video on the OP.

General / Re: Are "libertines" dangerous?
« on: February 15, 2014, 11:37:27 AM »
 Dale I don't disagree with most of your last post, why are we arguing?
 I can't see what I fabricated. Those news stories are very real. Crowds ignoring blatant crimes happens all the time. Crowds usually hate the hero who tries to do something in fact.
 I started this thread because I wanted YOUR opinion on the video, Shaw was just a bonus. I did not want to bring up that top/bottom thing again at all, it only makes me feel like a weirdo. Most people think relationships need the dominant/submissive dynamic. I think when humanity evolves to the next leval perhaps based on upbringing alone, people will love having total equal cooperative relationships with friendly competition. Maybe we really are just smart monkeys who need to rule or be ruled, I don't know. If I ever meet a chick who wants to stand beside me in a cooperative I might make a video saying how swell it all is. As of now I only see that sort of thing in some science fiction movies.
 BJ as a bi sexual you probably switch back and forth without really noticing, like SL&A Antigone and Stephanie Murphy do. I can not even speculate really, but you folks are probably more evolved in a way.

General / Re: Are "libertines" dangerous?
« on: February 15, 2014, 05:58:39 AM »
 Now that we agreed that libertines are a-ok- although I still find people who need to dominate their lover repugnant, and always will no matter how special they think their paticular case is, Lets discuss why we can't just ignore cases of people silently in gags on leashes. If Dale is right and this stuff is natural and swell, people would simply not notice when someone IS being mistreated.
Cases in point:
And this:
 Just looking at weirdness and noting how cute it all is doesn't help people being victimized. Someone dramatizing a terrorist attack better damn well both give warnings to the surrounding people and respect the reaction they might get if they aggressively push back when questioned, or except defensive moves from people who don't know and understand what is going on. A libertine who respects other peoples POV would have a easier time.
 If libertines wish to live in a free society they wouldn't want total exceptance of aggressive behaviour without question either, if only to stop their own rights from being violated. Passivety of the bystander is some seriously evil shit. Lets not normalize it.

General / Re: Are "libertines" dangerous?
« on: February 14, 2014, 01:35:14 PM »
 When you grow up constantly trying to survive because the head of the household needs to dominate the rest of the family you have a tendancy to get itchy hands around want-to-be alphas. A little hang up I have. I am not judging, but anyone for any reason will be called out if they try and dominate anyone around me. Try and dominate me, they might get hurt. I almost always give a warning, because I know I have a problem. I have never continued beating someone after they submit thank goodness.
 I suck at team sports, because I have hurt people on my own team if they got lippy, and bring the whole team down. A good team needs an alpha.
 Some people are holding back monsters and trying to be a good person. I fucking hate it. Many will have these problems til peaceful parenting becomes the norm. I am sure I would have jail time had I ever lived in my home state as a adult. In Norway my horrible temper is nothing but embarrassing because people just find it clownish, and I am never aggressive first.
 I hope in a free society someday all this sort of thing will be a non issue. There will never be a reason to question if domination is some sort of force by intimidation or a lifestyle game of loving concentual submission. To be honest though, since I see a lot less of the dom/sub dynamic in Scandinavia where spanking has been illegal since '79 (I have seen women openly wearing dog collars too, so who knows) I think equality between lovers will be a by product of creating a better human through peaceful parenting. Since I have no frame of reference for BDSM and gays I don't really know what will happen. I do think watching someone openly "punish" another person or treat them like a farm animal, even if the slave/beast of burden moans with pleasure, will look repugnant to this more peaceful thoughtful and empathetic person, as would a gay top unconcerned with respecting their lover as a equal.
 If It seemed I was agreeing with the video that was not my intention. I put a disclaimer on the first comment. I did want to discuss the video and let it be known some stupid assed shit was being spread by some "libertarians".
 One more thing Dale. If the lifestyler "tops" don't want guys like me to lump you in with religious zealot and traditional conservative chauvinists (with willing submissive partners who would defend their lover to the death, hate to break it to you but quotes from a sub and a mentally broken submissive wife sound earily similer) you should have a little humour about it, and not use a paragraph of insults to explain it. "Look, my lover needs and craves my dominance. he/she would be depressed and unhappy without strong loving guidance and the security it makes her/him feel. It is not easy all the time but we are a perfect match and I am terrified anything bad would ever happen to them." Not slap them on the ass and say "Bitch get me a sandwitch!"
 Saw enough of that crap as a kid thank you very much.

General / Re: Are "libertines" dangerous?
« on: February 14, 2014, 11:57:50 AM »
I haven't judged lifestylers of any sort even once on this thread, in fact I stated I don't judge them at all. I say be open and honest about it and try not to surprise people because it can be misunderstood. You are the one judging people Dale. Personally I know many religious couples who couldn't be happier with sex lives that compete with porn stars. They just don't have to cover themselves with latex to do it.

Who wouldn't want a ride?

You bet your ass there is a husband getting a hell of a handy.

General / Re: Are "libertines" dangerous?
« on: February 14, 2014, 09:44:20 AM »
I am working on my second divorce. Who the hell is projecting? You are the one telling me what I do. Why do you get so worked up about it?
 We are not going to get anywhere by generalizing and demonizing anyone. You seem to think religious couples never have good sex lives. Why is that?
 If it makes you feel any better a Amish couple who pushed their sexual beliefs on everyone (even if she taught the kids how to make butter in one of those dildo ina bucket thingies) wouldn't be invited back to my lunch buffets more then once either, so I wouldn't just be being a dick to the BDSM couple with the girl wearing a saddle and a horse tail buttplug (even if she was giving children pony rides) when I didn't want them there.
 If there is a feminist who wants woman truly equal and accountable at work or during a divorce I haven't heard the US version of it. Oddly enough Norwegian feminists do fight for mens rights, but they are usually leftists.
 I don't remember discussing libertines with you before. Until this thread I didn't know you considered yourself one. I kind of thought after seeing my old Santorum thread you understood I wasn't prude. I just don't like to dominate or be dominated, how and where I stick this into that or lick there after she has been marinating in a sauna has nothing to do with dominance.

General / Re: Are "libertines" dangerous?
« on: February 14, 2014, 03:05:59 AM »
At least we agree that a gay person isn't nessesarily a libertine right? That was the main place I disagreed with the video. Michael W Dean yelled at his wife to prove himself the badass when I called in to the Freedom Feens, remember? That forced me and Neema to submit by proxy. It was very uncomfortable, at least for me.
Why do you not see the similarity between people who have a dom/sub voluntarily relationship for religious reasons and every other relationship with the same dynamic?
I would say I am more the libertine of us two if you are going to simply define it as unusual sexually. I would like to have a sexual partner who is completely equal in responsabily and accountability to me and I am not exactly beating women off with a stick, where men who use women like kleanex often are.
Look at the recent turn Quantum Vibe took. After years of establishing a sexually even society, the writer had the heroes execute a man for "wife beating" a crime that shouldn't exist in that world. That writer seems to know his stuff but I find this contradiction odd.
Maybe we should define libertine in the first place, but please don't get all pissed off when I just try and hold everyone to the same standard.

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