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I think you have a very childish hollywood'ish view of crazy people for starters. 
You are supposing that people that belong to the medical monopoly and call themselves shrinks
have a crystal ball and can predict the future.

You are also promoting the idea that the people who we arm ourselves against be the very ones to decide
if we are "sane" enough to do so. If you don't have the discernment to see that cluster fuk ......well take a look
at the Soviet Union where they used mental hospitals to dispose of their enemies. You saw that happen here in the
US last month with Brandon Raub.

Lastly if someone wants to harm someone else the best way to mitigate the chances of this is for you to arm your self. What are you  going to do outlaw the ownership of gun, knives. cars, baseball bats, rocks, etc, by anyone that the government priest class things is a threat?  Put on your thinking cap before you do anything else.

This power in the hands of government would most assuredly  result in the death of millions as it would be used to disarm the population and set the state for democide.  And the very very few so called real violent people that are disarmed and would have at most killed a very small number of people would have found another weapon (or stole a gun) in order to do what ever they are going to do.

What is next government shrinks prohibiting people from going to Walmart because they predict that they have a propensity for stealing and shoplifting?

The Show / Re: Question for Stephanie about her vocational monopoly
« on: March 29, 2012, 03:53:36 PM »
I have no beef with Stephanie per se.  I have a problem with government monopolies such as dentists, doctors, attorneys, and the near monopoly of government schools.

I respect people like Robert Scott Bell that was in medical school and quite, and rejected the medical  paradigm, and establish him self as a healer that works between the cracks of the tyrannical laws.

It is sad however that she has not commented on it.  This is sort of like Sherrif Mac "The defender of the constitution"  proudly proclaiming on his web site (with photos) that he was an undercover narc cop that locked people in rape cages for harming no one. I don't think you can get much lower. There are a few others in the patriot movement Officer Jack McLamb comes to mind. I think it speaks volumes that neither Mac or Mclamb have commented on their past transgressions on their fellow human beings. Perhaps they think their rape of their fellow man is justified.

"Government is how we choose to treat our fellow man. Nothing more nothing less. Hence government is how we choose either to love our brothers or rape them. Unfortunately   most Christians have chosen the latter."  ~ Joe Tittiger

The Show / Re: Question for Stephanie about her vocational monopoly
« on: March 19, 2012, 04:52:53 PM »
There is something  fundamentally wrong with a profession where extortion is used to get customers and to inflate the price.

Not to mention the huge number of deaths caused by outlawing other approaches.

The Show / Question for Stephanie about her vocational monopoly
« on: March 19, 2012, 03:21:09 PM »
Wondering what your concerns are about engaging in a monopoly occupation, that the state by nature of the monopoly steals from those that use your services, and will put in a rape cage any that dare to compete with your services. I am not sure that complying with these usurpation's of liberty, serves the cause of liberty

Doctors are far from the only offenders. Dentists, Attorneys and others are in the same class. Those that can not afford the monopoly rates do without.  And many valuable competing views are not even allowed to exist.


Absolutly! And that is the restriction that the 2nd amendment puts on the federal government.

The problem with your argument is that the government will always define who is crazy and it is the best interest of the state to define everyone as crazy and not allowed to defend themselves since the very reason for weapons is to defend yourself against tyrannical government.

Compare how many people a few crazy people can kill compared to how many people a government can kill with nuclear weapons, weaponized diseases, nerve gas,............ and you ability to defend against each.

Who should we really be concerned about?

While not exactly a gun story, I've had security called on me for a cell phone on my hip because it happened to be under a trench coat. Security handled it very well, assuming if it was a gun, I was either licensed to carry it or at least not robbing them. I'm sure actual police would've been less professional.

I have also had a cop draw on me for a pair of wooden bokken my friend and I were toying around with, hitting each other with them and not severing limbs.

Did I mention he was watching us hit each other with them, on said friend's property, for about half an hour? Jackass.

That security person should have been sued. Have they ever heard of the 4th amendment?


You can't convince me that every person is worthy of the right of owning and/or carrying guns. 

And thus, there are laws. 


Bill you are reason why guests should not post. I think there should be a mala prohibita law where people named Bill not only can not own guns. They can not post on the Internet. After all we need laws don't we?

Free Radio Forum / Re: What do you think of Ruger firearms?
« on: November 13, 2011, 09:18:52 PM »
The Mark series of pistols have a great reputation. They are a bit difficult too take apart though and you need a gun smith to change a barrel on one. That said I do not like what the company stands for these days.

Free Radio Forum / What do you think of Ruger firearms?
« on: November 13, 2011, 07:42:30 PM »
Let me start with the fact I own a single Ruger product. A Mark III pistol.

That being said the company has never heard a government edict that they have not enthusiastically implemented.  To top it all off they are supporting the NRA. The gun organization most likely to compromise your gun rights. There are other gun rights organizations that do not have the track record of selling the American public out.

I was not happy to hear them get exposure on a freedom oriented show.

Just my 2 cents worth. What do you think?

FYI for bolt guns you should look at Savage the 100 and the Stevens or Axis/Edge  knock off many many advantage over any other manufacturer.

The Rubber Room - Not Safe for Work / Re: Joseph Farah gets "Anarchy" wrong
« on: February 03, 2011, 12:38:48 AM »
Who the hell is Joseph Farah and why should we care about his opinion?

Hmmm I should have linked to the orginal article.... duh

let me see if I can find it.

OK here it is:


General / Re: Does hearing this from a Christian shock you?
« on: January 06, 2011, 04:58:24 AM »
FED *Cough*

LOL, ya think?

Its like his profile was just copying others to blend in. He's got my sig and a damn gladsen flag.

Did you just drop off the turnip truck? That saying has been around since before I was born.

General / Re: Please DO NOT support the troops!
« on: January 04, 2011, 08:43:27 PM »
Yes we do agree. I am just playing the semantic game that most readers want to hear.  

In my heart of hearts I have no problem in defending myself in any way that works. Since I will not the the aggressor in the hypothetical battle I don't really care if I am going to commit a so called "war crime" all that would matter in that situation is winning and living.  This seems like a contradiction of terms  -  it may well be.  But I do know for sure that most of  my enemies in the real world will not  be constrained by the concept of a war crime either. 

A lot of hidden history has come out in the past 30 years. Smedley Butlers "War is a racket" is also very enlightening as to the illegitimacy of  US wars.

Life is very much interconnected in ways that  most do not see.  For instance: If we did not have the Federal Reserve we would have not been able to wage a lot of the wars we were in.  If we did not brain wash the youth with nationalism as in requiring them to repeat the Pledge of Allegiance, and if we did not have the threat and acceptance of a draft, illegitimate wars would be much harder to wage.  As Thoreau said we  must strike at the root rather than hack at the branches of a problem.

Does anyone else have a problem with the words "one nation indivisible" in the pledge?  Is that not the opposite of the federalism that we are supposed to be?   I am a patriot  and Christian that dislikes nationalism, even the constitution. I see the latter as Spooner did:

"But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist."
-- Lysander Spooner

My allegiance is to freedom and God  not to a country or a document.


General / Re: Does hearing this from a Christian shock you?
« on: January 04, 2011, 07:22:31 PM »
Non sequiturs seem  very popular among those that can not reason.

General / Re: Does hearing this from a Christian shock you?
« on: January 04, 2011, 06:29:37 PM »

I "get it." I'll bet that I've been where you are, but you have yet to be where I am. I agree with everything you said, and felt the same way 20 or so years ago.

If you want to spend the rest of your life in a cage, or die in a hail of cop bullets just to prove a point, go right ahead. But the next day, aside from family and friends, you will be forgotten about. When The Decline and Fall of the American Empire is written, you will not be mentioned.

And the state will remain unchanged or even more powerful. It will have to run its course and collapse from within. It WILL happen, we just don't know when. But one man or even dozens or hundreds of men like you killing state employees won't make any positive difference. But it WILL give the state an excuse to expand and clamp down even harder.

I  humbly submit that you don't get it and never will. "Points" are all we have as humans and men.   What matters to some of us is our character and doing the right thing in every situation.  And you don't get that.  Being remembered by mind numbered people who know who won a Superbowl but do not know the history of Lexington and Concord is not important to me. I assure you though that the creator of the universe will notice and he will remember. That is what matters to some of us and I realize that you don't get that either.

Lastly if you want to insure that the state gets more powerful and takes more of your rights away and your children will be even more enslaved than you are. Take your own advice and do nothing. That will show the tyrants.  That will make them change. Your doing nothing will make them bolder and as you say "expand and clamp down harder"  The state needs no excuse to clamp down that is what it does and will continue to do unless we draw a line in the sand.

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