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Guns, Weed, and Bitcoin: Among the Free Staters at Porcfest
FEATURE: What I saw at the Porcupine Freedom Festival
BY: CJ Ciaramella   
July 3, 2014 9:00 am

I'm only posting like the first 20% of the article.

LANCASTER, N.H.—There is a specter haunting New Hampshire—the specter of libertarianism—and every year it holds a huge party in the middle of the woods where people carry guns, smoke weed, prepare for the collapse of society, and trade Bitcoin for beer.

Since 2001, libertarians have been trickling into New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project. The aim is to turn the Granite State into the freest, least-regulated place in the nation. There are around 1,500 Free Staters in New Hampshire now, and most of them congregate every year at the Porcupine Freedom Festival, a weeklong party where just about anything goes.

The movement has confused some in New Hampshire who weren’t aware they were living in an authoritarian police state, and has alarmed Democrats who love the government. Democratic state Rep. Cynthia Chase once called the Free Staters the “single biggest threat the state is facing.”

I travelled to the 11th annual Porcfest, as it’s known by attendees, to see this domestic threat for myself. The festival is located at a private campground a mile or so outside the town of Lancaster, up in northern New Hampshire among the White Mountains.

In the midst of this verdant scenery, more than 1,000 hardcore libertarians gather every year to live out their idea of a society free from overbearing government.

General / Re: PorcFest XI - 2014 Porcupine Freedom Festival
« on: July 01, 2014, 02:49:22 PM »
The Field at PorcFest

Some famous liberty dudes. If you aren't sure of their names, click here. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=748677211842194&set=a.172188502824404.34847.147390698637518&type=1&theater

General / Re: Porcfest XI - 2014 Porcupine Freedom Festival
« on: June 23, 2014, 02:37:49 PM »
Here is just 1 of the dozens of events happening at Porcfest today.

General / Re: Porcfest XI - 2014 Porcupine Freedom Festival
« on: June 21, 2014, 10:38:44 AM »
Hope everyone enjoys PorcFest, the largest pro-liberty outdoor event in the world.

General / Re: Porcfest XI - 2014 Porcupine Freedom Festival
« on: June 02, 2014, 07:37:53 PM »
Hey, One Two Three. Make a cool graphic about the live Flaming Freedom show 11am to 1pm on Saturday!

I don't make those cool graphics :( Good luck with your show, though  :D

General / Re: Porcfest XI - 2014 Porcupine Freedom Festival
« on: May 31, 2014, 08:18:26 PM »
In under four hours, late registration for PorcFest will close. You will still be able to get tickets at the door, but the donation to the FSP will increase by 25%.

General / Re: Porcfest XI - 2014 Porcupine Freedom Festival
« on: May 28, 2014, 02:43:15 PM »

Thursday night at PorcFest is Comedy night, two hours of comedians followed by Bob Murphy and his variety show shenanigans.

Register for PorcFest today at http://porcfest.com/register
and check out the complete schedule at http://porcfest.sched.org/

Big news: Nick Gillespie of Reason Magazine and The Daily Beast fame has just been booked as a PorcFest keynote speaker!

In three days registration for PorcFest will close! Tickets for the event will still be available at the door at a higher price but this is your last three days to get tickets for;

- BrunchFest
- Build Your Own AR-15
- Lockpicking 101
- DIY Bodycare Products

Register today for PorcFest at http://porcfest.com/register

General / Re: Porcfest XI - 2014 Porcupine Freedom Festival
« on: May 15, 2014, 01:07:53 PM »
PFest tickets are on the rise. Grab 1 before they get 2 high!

Back again and more fabulous than ever is the Big Gay Dance Party, now in a Friday night spot at PorcFest. Dress up, be seen, and dance the night away.

BGDP is one of the many events at Porcfest that rely on donations to happen. Please support their crowd-funding campaign to make the event great! http://www.gofundme.com/8whgs8

On May 17th, ticket prices will rise before sales close on May 31st. Don't pay more than you need to for the best pro-liberty experience in the world! Get your PorcFest tickets today at http://porcfest.com/register

General / Re: Porcfest XI - 2014 Porcupine Freedom Festival
« on: May 12, 2014, 03:41:38 PM »

In the backwoods of New Hampshire there is not much in the way of light pollution and with our elevation at PorcFest this is the perfect opportunity for checking out the summer stars.

The Porcfest Star Parties are an opportunity for those of all ages and skill levels to get a chance to observe the sky through a telescope, learn how to pick out star groups and, as so many in the past, marvel in the beauty of the night sky.

Tuesday http://sched.co/1jXBaub
and Thursday http://sched.co/1nCdSet
at PorcFest. Join the event

We all want a cavernous mansion on hundreds of acres of land, but what if you are more limited in space? Tiny homes let you build the (mini) castle of your dreams on any sized property.

Come and learn about building tiny homes Tuesday at Porcfest http://sched.co/QphRA0

With the continuing march of the surveillance state, it's more important than ever to understand how to protect yourself. At PorcFest this year we have two sessions that allow you to do just that; understand how you are being surveilled and the countermeasures you can take to prevent it.

Wednesday: Becoming NSA-Proof http://sched.co/1jXyE7c

Saturday: Worried about NSA Spying? Learn Counterveillance! http://sched.co/1ewk8h2

General / Re: Porcfest XI - 2014 Porcupine Freedom Festival
« on: May 05, 2014, 06:51:57 PM »

Ben Stone of Bad Quaker Dot Com is returning to PorcFest! His scheduled appearances include:
• The Role of The Story Teller
• Let's Talk Abortion (panelist)
• Liberty is More Dangerous Than You Think

We just confirmed Joel Salatin as the Friday keynote for PorcFest. Joel is a leader in sustainable agriculture & permaculture.

Joel has spoken for us before, at Liberty Forum in 2012, and we are very excited to have him out again. As well as speaking, Joel will be hosting a book signing immediately following his talk, bring your own or buy one at the event.

Join us at for the
Shaolin Rifleworks: Build Your Own AR-15 Workshop at PorcFest.

During this four hour class, you will learn to understand, build, maintain, and troubleshoot AR pattern rifles.

For more details and for any questions see https://www.facebook.com/events/532689903523661/ and get your tickets now at http://porcfest.com/register

Spots in this class are strictly limited to 15 and you can pay for this class with Bitcoin!

n May 17th ticket prices for PorcFest will rise again and then ticket sales will end on May 31st. Where will you be in June, sitting at home wishing you had got your Porcfest tickets while they were on sale or enjoying the best liberty festival in the world?

Register now http://porcfest.com/register/

The Rubber Room - Not Safe for Work / Re: anti freekeene
« on: May 05, 2014, 06:47:08 PM »
FSP has not disown FK so FK is still part of FSP.

Sillytroll is sillier than sillyperson. Since FK was never a part of the FSP, the FSP cannot disown FK. The only legal connections that I know of are that FK helps sponsor PorcFest and Liberty Forum. All kind of groups have done that from political parties, to PACs to book stores and so on.

The Rubber Room - Not Safe for Work / Re: anti freekeene
« on: May 05, 2014, 06:39:32 PM »
FK is *not* the FSP.
I am merely the one of the most vocal anti-FK members of FSP. Many of the most effective activists I've spoken to -- the ones who are profoundly libertarian, yet are liked and in some cases elected by their neighbors in town -- share the opinion that FK has, as a whole, been on balance at least somewhat of a negative, a liability, a detriment, to the goal of Liberty in our Lifetime, within NH.
Not because of the motives, but because of the implementation. It's just very confrontational, in your face, very un-New-England, very un-New-Hampshire.

And I can already hear Ian's cognitive dissonance rationalizations kicking in.
Dude... the brand is so bad, it's like maybe they should start killing puppies or advocating for cannibalism. It AMAZINGLY bad. Talk about losing the battle for hearts and minds!

FSmember1111 was a troll on this forum and the FSP Forum. The Free State Project doesn't have members.

General / Re: Porcfest XI - 2014 Porcupine Freedom Festival
« on: April 22, 2014, 06:29:49 PM »

Already, three dance parties on the schedule for PorcFest XI: Big Goth Dance Party on Wednesday, Buzz's Big Gay Dance Party on Friday, and UNCE on Saturday!

Plus, learn to dance! Merengue Dance lessons on Monday, Ballroom Dance on Tuesday, Salsa Dance on Wednesday, Swing Dance on Thursday, Speed Dancing on Friday, and Social Dance on Saturday.

Get all the details (and your tickets) at www.PorcFest.com

Learn to pick locks at Porcfest with your own pick set and practice lock. Get your tickets for Porcfest and for this event at http://www.porcfest.com/register

Not satisfied with Big Gay Dance Party and UNCE this year we have also added the Big Goth Dance Party. Pull out your Dr. Martens, put an unhealthy amount of hairspray in your hair and dance the night away to the best EBM & Industrial tracks.

With two beekeeping classes and two beekeeping movies you can learn all about keeping our honey producing friends in your back yard while at Porcfest.

General / Re: "Connecticut Gun Owners Unite! Do Not Comply!"
« on: April 04, 2014, 09:56:58 PM »
I'd hope that the No income tax, no sales tax gun owners in CT vote with their feet by moving to NH :) The next big rally is tomorrow and there are supposed to be 1/2 a dozen free staters there, handing out FSP flyers. For the folks that stay in CT, I hope the state doesn't build a new jail for them :(

General / Re: Porcfest XI - 2014 Porcupine Freedom Festival
« on: March 28, 2014, 09:35:47 PM »

What does a free and voluntary society look like? Come and experience it firsthand in New Hampshire this June!

PorcFest is the largest and most popular event hosted by the Free State Project each year, and is seven fun days of camping in northern NH, with a full schedule of events, interactive sessions, speakers, DIY workshops, games, family events, movies, music, and much more.

Whether you're already a Free State Project participant, simply considering it, or just want to have a good time with fellow pro-liberty activists, PorcFest is a great event to attend! Find out more at www.PorcFest.com

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