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The Rubber Room - Not Safe for Work / FARM PHYSICS:A New Cure and More!
« on: September 03, 2010, 02:17:05 PM »
The day has finally arrived. An understanding has been made to both the cause and cure for all diseases that affect then human body with time.

During the the first half of the 1900 a French Physicist named Antoine Bovis is accredited with discovering the "Bovis Scale" which determines the exact rotation of this electron in H2O molecules. 6,500 is the point of reference. All other reading are either + or - on the Bovis Scale and readings can exceed 50,000 on the positive side!

Understand that the human H2O molecule is surrounded by an electron whose orbit is in a 180 degree half-circle to the South. All fluids consumed each-day are first "forced-through metal piping" which causes their electrons to spin(orbit) to the North, like the insects, bats and cats molecular rotation.
To drink this in-correctly influenced fluid, own the molecular level, means that you are "NEGATING" your own "7 year cellular rebuild cycle" thus causing your early demise! To begin to (molecularly) "south-spin" all beverages before drinking for just 13 seconds, means that now you are giving your system exactly what it needs to do this cellular replacement correctly with time. In awhile you will begin to eat-less, sleep-less, and look much younger. You will also have the ability to remain in the physical form for up to 1000 years, this time around!

I have two videos currently listed on the YouTube.com, first go to: A New Cure for Cancer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F054MSUzgHU). Then enter: A New Cure for Cancer & everything else!(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWApeCYob1U).

On July 25, 2010 Los Angeles FM Radio KXLU 88.9 reviewed my latest discoveries entitled:
FARM PHYSICS:A New Cure and More!Now available through "PublishAmerica.com"
This program is now archived at "PodcastShmodcast.com" Just enter: 07.26.2010  Move the indicator to the 20:00 minute mark since the news is first!

I have also appeared on "BlogTalkRadio.com" upon the FREE AMERICAN HOUR with Clay Douglas on 4 occasions. Although this discovery is not new it appears that information has been purposely excluded from our current medical education. It will only take a matter of time now since this information is now out and available to all who are now becoming intuitive.

I am planning my candidacy for the 2012 Presidential Elections at this time. My platform will be one of great-change in view of the planetary-flip schedule for September of 2015. Many things now need to happen in order that this country and race survive the seven year drought due to follow this event. Our Military now needs to return home, as well as the growing of beans rice and corn for storage purposes. Hemp must be legalized immediately for production, and all debts internationally as well as internally will be made null and void. Our currency will be reprinted upon a new hemp dollar bill and re-issued. All residents of this land will be asked to donate all items of gold to fill the New Fort Knox since our own dollar bill will need this corner stone put in place. All products used from that day forth will be grown or produced here, not there! This will be mandatory in order to instantly recover from our state of collapse.
New methods have been discovered in the process of creating hydrogen taken from the H2O molecule to power our engines! Just go to: "The Water Fuel Engine" by Craig Westbrook now on the YouTube! This information is just what we have been waiting for all of our lives until today. The internet has woven the threads of understanding, as to who we are and just what we are intended to do! To recover our Nation Destiny before the flame of Independence is snuffed out forever here by the few who are ignorant of our Creators true intentions.

At this time I am only introducing each and everyone who reads this blog to some of the facts which have been presented to me to date. Understand that upon the planet we are on there has been since the beginning of time a race that has existed below the ground referred to as Reptillians. They are now in control of the outsiders, the Greys/Renticuli (3000) primarily located at Dulce New Mexico's Underground Base.
These Grey's have in 1933 signed a treaty with FDR, and at the same time the Nazis were receiving assistance from a group of Pleiadians located below the Giza plateau.

Since that time, the Grey's have used the pituitary secretions given off by our own children, to mix with chemicals designed as food for a "cocaine-high" effect.
This group know as the "illuminati" (humans) owns and controls most all large scale food, money, and resources at this moment.
They have been made to fear, from these Grey's and this is why things are becoming so very bad, so very fast, at this time.
The Grey's intent is to kill off 3/4 of the planets inhabitants, then use the rest as cattle for their own interests. The Reptiles don't care at all concerning us, and the human factor(illuminati) which is completely in the dark, is now questioning its own continued existence!

This is an update on some specific news that you ALL need to become aware of now. More will be coming out this next season on the YouTube.com as well as individual websites such as this one. My thanks to all concerned, and remember now that you can make the difference if you only want to!

The New David

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