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I may be the only person that distrust google and facebook, but with all the NSA leaked info recently, it seems that these organizations may be prime for datamining and conspiring with the Feds.

I recently started receiving emails from FTL Google Groups and an "Invitation" to FTL Facebook groups, these emails showed they originated from google and from facebook. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this indicates that my email address has been entered/imported or shared with Google and Facebook.

I trust that the FTL admins don't share directly with the NSA or the Federal government but I don't trust Google or Facebook and don't use them nor do I wish for my email address used to AMP at FTL be entered/shared or imported to either of these companies.

BTW I may have already screwed up by OPTing Out of the GoogleGroups emails I'm sure that just CONFIRMED to Google that my address is real?

The NSA has all your phone records unless you are a QWEST customer. QWEST was the only one that told the NSA to use the FISA court. AT&T, Bellsouth and Verizon allegedly just turned over every record.

Support the House in the Last Stand Against Telecom Immunity!
Today,(2/12/2008) the Senate passed a terrible surveillance bill granting immunity to lawbreaking telecoms, putting the House and Senate at the brink of a face-off. Show your support for the House to keep telecom immunity out of the final bill!

You can help by calling or sending an email to your Representatives. https://secure.eff.org/site/Advocacy?alertId=365&pg=makeACall

If you need some background, here is a very informative story from USA Today article May 06' http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/2006-05-10-nsa_x.htm

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