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General / Bitcoin
« on: July 14, 2015, 04:45:19 AM »
Okay, I did some searches, and I came up empty, if I missed something that's been talked about before, I apologize.

I have some questions about Bitcoin.  I've done some reading but I'm still confused.

How does one get started?  I know I can go to expresscoin, etc, but once I buy bitcoins, where do they go?  Is Expresscoin the same as a "wallet" I've heard people talk about before?

How anonymous is bitcoin?  I can definitely see the overreaching US gov't wanting their "cut", since they seem to think that anything bought or sold needs their permission.  No, I'm not trying to skirt laws, etc, just trying to avoid trouble down the road if I every sell something for bitcoin.  How secure are the different "wallets" etc?

My apologies for being a complete newb when it comes to crytocurrency.

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