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General / What is more important?
« on: January 22, 2014, 02:57:54 PM »
Than PoughkeepsieGuy?


Just trying to remove all his OBSCENE posts from page #1...

General / Pro-life or Pro-choice?
« on: January 22, 2014, 02:56:38 PM »
I have always leaned towards being pro-life unless there is a good medical reason to terminate a pregnancy.

However, since meeting PoughkeepsieGuy, I have become completely pro-choice and wish his mother would have aborted him long ago..

General / How do I block PM messages from a specific person?
« on: January 22, 2014, 02:52:44 PM »

General / AHHAHA Dave locks his posts
« on: January 20, 2014, 02:42:12 PM »
In true hypocrite fashion, Dave "locks" his post.

So the guy who fucking loses it on the forum when he is excluded, excludes people..

General / SHHHH No one tell Dave about this forum section!
« on: January 20, 2014, 11:22:20 AM »
Hey I found a section dave hasn't overrun with posts...

General / Why I do not get along with dave
« on: January 18, 2014, 09:52:39 PM »
[20:39] *** Now talking to HUDSONVALLEYGUY
[20:39] <HUDSONVALLEYGUY> by wear and tear 
[20:39] HUDSONVALLEYGUY is ~webchat@ool-4352f00f.dyn.optonline.net http://chat.mixxnet.net/
[20:39] HUDSONVALLEYGUY using calihop.ca.us.mixxnet.net MIXXnet San Diego - Hosted By CaliHop.net
[20:39] <HUDSONVALLEYGUY> http://www.mixcloud.com/hudsonvalleysounds/called-ftl-about-quitting-my-phone-book-job-1-18-14/
[20:39] <Temper> ummm..
[20:39] <Temper> all use of your car then "ruins it"
[20:39] <HUDSONVALLEYGUY> i saw ur vid about talking computers,  ment nothing to me
[20:40] <Temper> well watch it again
[20:40] <Temper> read the links
[20:41] <Temper> you have to make some kind of effort
[20:41] <HUDSONVALLEYGUY> and yes i DO talk TO PPL and not AT THEM
[20:41] <Temper> no you don't
[20:41] <HUDSONVALLEYGUY> yes i do
[20:41] <Temper> i asked twice "HOW" it would ruin your car...
[20:41] <HUDSONVALLEYGUY> and i told you
[20:41] <Temper> you just repeated that you weren't going to ruin your car
[20:42] <HUDSONVALLEYGUY> ITS WEAR AND TEAR  listen to the show http://www.mixcloud.com/hudsonvalleysounds/called-ftl-about-quitting-my-phone-book-job-1-18-14/
[20:42] <Temper> "wear and tear" is not an answer
[20:42] <HUDSONVALLEYGUY> yes it is
[20:42] <Temper> what kind of car do you have?
[20:42] <HUDSONVALLEYGUY> im driving all overe the earyh to deleevr phone books
[20:42] <HUDSONVALLEYGUY> IM NOT gunna drive from NY to CONNECTICT and then BACK to NY to delever  PHONE BOOKS,  fuck it
[20:42] <Temper> how far is that?
[20:43] <HUDSONVALLEYGUY> how far is what
[20:43] <Temper> ny to connectict
[20:43] <HUDSONVALLEYGUY> (facepalm)  look on a map
[20:43] <Temper> so you don't know?
[20:44] <HUDSONVALLEYGUY> dude..
[20:44] <Temper> how could you realistically weigh the offer without knowing?
[20:44] <Temper> no it's not
[20:44] <Temper> its 3 hours 1 min
[20:44] <HUDSONVALLEYGUY> http://www.mixcloud.com/hudsonvalleysounds/called-ftl-about-quitting-my-phone-book-job-1-18-14/ just give a  listen
[20:44] <HUDSONVALLEYGUY> http://www.mixcloud.com/hudsonvalleysounds/called-ftl-about-quitting-my-phone-book-job-1-18-14/
[20:44] <Temper> 167 miles
[20:45] <Temper> $25.05 in gass
[20:45] HUDSONVALLEYGUY no such nick/channel

So 6 hours of driving and $25.05 in gas. For $75? that's $8.325/hr wage. You would be a fool to refuse such an offer with 0 money!

Now, here's an option. Most places will rent out a truck, or some other company will. For one day you can guess it would be $60, and 2x-3x as much gas. However, you would be able to haul 10x as much easy! So if they would pay you $750 for 10x as much load you would make like $3000/mo

That would be your own place, internet, tv, etc.

You usually are right where you want to be...

General / Quantum Computing
« on: January 18, 2014, 04:05:56 AM »
Quantum Computers - The Ultimate Encryption Backdoor?

I made this video to try to explain why I don't think Quantum Computers will be cracking encryption anytime soon!

Please leave your scorn and ridicule below!

General / Ylisium - Not your RESPONSIBILITY
« on: January 05, 2014, 01:46:30 AM »
I hate it when people are so naive when it comes to big words.

Here is a big word. Responsibility.

Responsibility is those things that you must do for your own welfare. Earning for your clothes, shelter, and food is a responsibility. Planning for the future is your responsibility. And making restitution is your responsibility.


If I say I am going to do x if you do y, you accepting the outcome of X when you do Y is not your responsibility. That is my action of enforcement.

Ylisium - Do you see the difference? RESPONSIBILITY cannot have ENFORCEMENT. It is something you do by yourself and for yourself.

General / Board is infected with some sort of PoughkeepsieGuy virus..
« on: January 03, 2014, 01:50:57 AM »
LOL, it has taken over the board. Like over 70% of the posts on the first page are made by PoughkeepsieGuy..

General / Is Mark full of shit when it comes to DUI?
« on: January 02, 2014, 04:52:13 PM »
So yesterday, we embarked on a debate topic I am very opinionated about. First, I resent my elders over this issue. They seem to be pussified in fear of death but condone the active destruction of the good name of people.

To qualify this, I graduated from high school in 2000. Yep, i was somehow luckly to get 3 0's. Yay me. But today I am 31. I haven't kept i touch with all my high school friends. But I can say this, there isn't one that I know, or can think of readily except myself and that is only because i beat my charge, that does not have a DUI on their record. This includes my brother, my best friends, my not so good friends, and my not friends. Each of them has a DUI.

All these people cannot go to Canada, work in many government or prestigious companies, and will carry the shame of conviction for the rest of their life. To this end, Mark should know and understand my words so painfully aware of the impact of forever. My point is, their skies are forever tarnished is the outlook of the future.

That is the carnage. The impact. The cost. It's value in numerical productivity lost is insurmountable. And therefor immeasurable.

Now lets look at the facts, and the true nature of the assertions.

But first, lets setup some explicit statistical maximums.

The subset of a class should follow the same characteristics as it's class. Otherwise the difference is statistically significant. For example, all members of the class Americans must go to school. Out of the American population, x% of it is homosexual. So in any high school the odds are that x% will me homosexual. That does not mean that their are not statistical outliers. In a small high school  the statistical significance may not be effectual. AKA at 8% there may not be a homosexual in a group of 10 or even 20. However, in a school of 1000 if there is a significant deviation it is significant. For example, if the school of 1000 was a catholic school, then it is either that the religion prevents homosexuality or ,more likely, your information is not accurate because the sample is not being honest. But no matter what, the subset should mimic the characteristics of the bigger sample, or you have a difference. In stead of homosexuality, you could replace that with any characteristic, including race, ethnic group, or religion. Like x% of Americans are catholic, so x% of a high school classroom should be catholic.

So, the first question is, what does our population look like?

To answer this we will ask 2 questions: 1) On the daily average, how many people are drunk. 2) On the daily average, how many people die in an automobile.

The first question is going to be factually skewed. This is because there is stigma associated with the affirmative response to the first question.

However, according to this study (http://www.andjrnl.org/article/S2212-2672(12)02048-5/abstract) carried by this newspaper here (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/25/american-alcohol-guidelines-habits_n_2756004.html) -  36% of men and 21% of women consumed alcohol.

So, with http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0884102.html we will normalize these numbers to ((36%*49.2)+(22%*50.8))/100 = 28.8% of Americans should be drunk when they die in an automobile. All things equal.

Luckily (: we have the number of people who have died in autos and when anyone dies - drug testing is mandatory. So all these numbers are concrete. This is also, Mark's "worst case scenario". However, I would rather die in a car then never walk again or use my arms again after getting out of one. But these numbers we have.. anyways

SEE http://www-fars.nhtsa.dot.gov/Main/index.aspx

So according to the government, (i hear an objection, over-ruled!)

In 2011 there were 29,757 fatalities on the road.
In 1994 there were 36,254 fatalities on the road.
Between the years of 1994 and 2011 (17 years), 653,782 people died for an average of 38457.8 people per year.

So it stands to statistical inference, that 28.8% of 38457 or 11,109 people should be drunk.

Yes, I know, times matter, you think. Etc, etc. But that is not your argument. Your argument is getting people who drink off the road will save lives.

So what does FARS at NHTSA say?

If we query 2011, at "Option 3 (Crash / Vehicle / Driver / Precrash / Occupant)" Choose "Condition (Impairment) At Time of Crash" we get:

Under the Influence of Alcohol, Drugs or Medication   6103 out of 44,153 or 13.82% of the drivers in an accident with a fatality were impaired. Now there were:

Not Reported   1342
Unknown if Impaired   7187

But it is clearly statistically significant that people who drive do not do so while impaired.

But let's just look at BAC.

Alcohol Test Result   Total
0.00 % BAC   15964
0.01 % BAC   273
0.02 % BAC   231
0.03 % BAC   206
0.04 % BAC   186
0.05 % BAC   186
0.06 % BAC   246
0.07 % BAC   188
0.08 % BAC   312
0.09 % BAC   271
0.10 % BAC   297
0.11 % BAC   367
0.12 % BAC   348
0.13 % BAC   413
0.14 % BAC   396
0.15 % BAC   410
0.16 % BAC   450
0.17 % BAC   404
0.18 % BAC   457
0.19 % BAC   406
0.20 % BAC   409
0.21 % BAC   416
0.22 % BAC   376
0.23 % BAC   307
0.24 % BAC   302
0.25 % BAC   243
0.26 % BAC   202
0.27 % BAC   186
0.28 % BAC   151
0.29 % BAC   121
0.30 % BAC   95
0.31 % BAC   78
0.32 % BAC   49
0.33 % BAC   54
0.34 % BAC   48
0.35 % BAC   32
0.36 % BAC   30
0.37 % BAC   24
0.38 % BAC   12
0.39 % BAC   12
0.40 % BAC   10
0.41 % BAC   9
0.42 % BAC   9
0.43 % BAC   3
0.44 % BAC   2
0.45 % BAC   5
0.46 % BAC   3
0.47 % BAC   2
0.48 % BAC   1
0.50 % BAC   1
0.51 % BAC   2
0.54 % BAC   3
0.59 % BAC   1
0.60 % BAC   1
0.61 % BAC   1
0.63 % BAC   2
0.65 % BAC   2
0.66 % BAC   1
0.74 % BAC   1
Not Reported   945
Test Not Given   23908
AC Test Performed,Results Unknown   1101
Positive Reading With No Actual Value   32
Unknown if tested   1440

Now at the "Legal limit" of 0.08% or more, 7,737 people out of 25,217 "occupants" would be arrested or (30.7%) However, conveniently, there i no data for just the drivers. They include the BAC of all occupants. In fact, there are 52643 occupants but only around 43,000 drivers. So without doing the painful work of normalizing all the data I can easily tell you that being drunk does not give significant rise to the number dead on the road by a vehicle.

Statistically, charging people for a DUI because DUI's cause accidents is just not supported by data. If you move the legal limit to 0.1% (where it once was) then the numbers are worse, at 7154/25217=28.4% which is around my population size. It is also around 2-3 beers etc or what I would call a normal drinker or OUR POPULATION REPRESENTATION!

So I hereby conclude Mark is a statist scum bag :P LOL And he is advocating the hurting of people without benign justification.

He did come up with some good points, like for example, if i swing to hit your face but stop just before impact, there is no victim so there is no crime. This is a clear fallacy for there is clearly a victim, the one who had emotional and psychological distress thrust upon them. So as long as you don't drive around in a car with a big sign that says "HAHAHA I AM DRUNK YOU BETTER WATCH OUT!" then this is not a good analogy.

I of course, await his response (and yours).

General / Information Security
« on: October 03, 2013, 10:09:08 PM »

The Show / What the heck Mark?!
« on: August 13, 2013, 03:05:17 AM »
You really don't think it is fair for someone to modify a contract sent from a bank to negotiate better terms?

In reference to: http://www.minyanville.com/business-news/editors-pick/articles/A-Russian-Bank-Is-Sued-for/8/7/2013/id/51205 and your comments at the end of FTL on 08/12/2013...

What did you say? Something along the lines of they don't have to provide that level of service as to negotiate a contract?

Well I am just one person and I get about 15 pieces of mail a day. That's like.. umm.. 5475 pieces of mail a year. I have to sort all that, respond when "demanded", etc etc. I think that is a lot. At an average of just 30 seconds per piece to "handle" thats 45.6 hours per year.

To pretend that a company, in this case a bank, doesn't have to honor the principles that in a contract:

1) Both parties are equal
2) Both parties have to agree willingly
3) Both parties have the power to negotiate to get a better deal

For someone that seems to be for a free state, or what not, it seemed like you were saying that people are subordinate to corporations. I think that is nonsense. If ANYONE has the ability to READ every contract the get returned it is a corporation or bank.

Can I post and get some website or something that has my "standard contractual terms" and then enforce them!? I doubt it. If people could do that, as corporations seem to be able to, they probably all would.

No if I am expected to read everything and handle all my affairs, then a bank or corporation should too.

Anyways, just my opinion - feel free to blast me for it.  8)

Free Radio Forum / Way not to get caught?
« on: August 12, 2013, 04:03:22 AM »
I don't know much about radio, so I just wanted to ask:

What if you had 3 or 4 transmitters, separated by a mile or more, hooked up to the internet that were connected together each with their own FM transmitter on the same channel. Then, randomly, 1 node would be selected as the master and would start broadcasting while the others would power down the transmitter. Then say every 5 or 10 minutes a new node would be randomly selected making it the new master and the others would power down.

A) What would be the effect on the listener? Would this just make the station unusable!?
B) Could this be triangulated?

Cause with a battery, solar panel, and a prepaid GPRS modem - I think this would be a good way of giving the FCC the proverbial FINGER!

Just an idea.  :lol:

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