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Serious Business / would you sleep with a married woman?
« on: May 21, 2013, 06:37:06 PM »
screw morals, since they don't exist, but would you sleep with a married woman?

as a libertarian i of course believe all should hold rights, however i hate muslims lol..

And not because i think they're all terrorists, since i'm not dumb enough to think that.  i detest them since they are:

- sensitive.  even at the most innocuous of slights against their religion, they yell and cry out.  Look bitches, you live in a country of freedom of expression, go back to Pakistan or Yemen if you hate it here so much. 

- closed-minded.  they cannot accept anything beyond their own world view.

- hypocrites and skivers - they hate our way of life, yet still utilise our resources and welcome the fact our countries are safer, more secure and wealthier than Pakistan or Mullaistan or wherever. 

i just wish all  muslims living in developed countries go fuck off back to pakistan, or arabstan, mullahstan, towelheadstan or niggerstan or wherever.  i don't want them in my country, or them to fuck up our way of life.  yes, some libertarians believe that some hold the right to change society, i say bullshit.  look, culture is inherent to human identity (please, don't say otherwise, humans are not atomistic, and don't prove those who say libs are autists correct, eh?) and people hold a right to defend their culture.  i cannot go to india and say "hey, don't celebrate holi".

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