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General / Harvard Law: Is Libertarianism a Sign of Mental Illness?
« on: March 03, 2009, 05:18:34 PM »
Is Libertarianism a Sign of Mental Illness?
Posted by Daniel J. Mitchell

I don’t know whether this belongs in the comic-relief category or the future-threats category, but the Harvard Law School is having a conference to analyze the “free market mindset.” The basic premise of the conference seems to be that people who believe in limited government are psychologically troubled.

The conference schedule features presentations such as “How Thinking Like an Economist Undermines Community” and “Addicted to Incentives: How the Ideology of Self Interest Can Be Self-Fulfilling.” The most absurd presentation, though, may be the one entitled, “Colossal Failure: The Output Bias of Market Economies.” According to the description, the author argues that the market “delivers excessive levels of consumption.” Damn those entrepreneurs for creating so much wealth!

The conference is on 2009-03-07 at Harvard Law School. This event is free and open to the public. Here is the registration form. The talks have Q&A periods, according to the schedule. Sounds like an interesting party to crash… ;D

/I knew there was a reason I quit my job at Harvard…

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