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the hypocrisy is mind-blowing;
the double-standard cocksuckery, legendary;
the obvious inner-circle denial bullshit = priceless.
so ''they'' make >cognitive dissident< (aka kkken, the poster-child bitch of this place) a ''MOD"........
after he posted:
....."Cunty is the best you can do? Not cunty nigger or cunty kike jew? Maybe cunty bitch slant-eyed pussy? How about cunty spic jumping bean? There's always cunty cracker jive-ass shit.''

i'm actually not surprised in the least.......he's had his head up the inner-circles ass for so long, they haven't had to wipe their asses in 2-3 years now.

as i said.....its no wonder the place is an empty, crushed soda can on the side of the road.

FUCKING over and out
Even The band on deck went over

holy non-shit-bangers, boyzn girlz
did any of you peeps even get out of bed on the 4th?
if so.....wha'd u do?
it WAS a fucked up holiday week.....so i cain't blames nobody fo layin' low...
anybody set shit on fire?
wife put fuzzy eye on ar-15/30-30/12 ga contest i set up (with normal safety protocols, of course).....''it's too loud''.....blablabla

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