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The Show / CANTWELL: Good riddance!
« on: May 22, 2015, 04:22:55 AM »

Even before the N word debacle I had stopped listening on Wednesdays.  After hearing Cantwell seriously praising FOX News one day, that was the last straw, I listening to him bloviate was a stupid waste of time.  If his followers want to hear him, lettum follow him on his own outlets- don't let the likes of him tarnishall that you've achieved guys.  Keep hiim off please.

General / Amazon Spain
« on: September 04, 2012, 09:13:16 PM »
I may be buying stuff soon at Amazon Spain, does it work the same way as with the UK one?

Guys, I listen to every episode - sometimes a few days later but every day - I just have to say how disappointed I was to hear you all discussing Elizabeth Warren - having even admitted that you didn't know much about her - and even still I hear you refer to her as a leftie and a SOCIALIST!  How can you say such ignorant things on the air? Believe me, of all the US politicians, Left right & center - she is a keeper - articulate, intelligent, able to carry on a coherent debate.... and while I don't subscribe to all her views (I'm a Ron Paul fan - IF I had to pick someone) I am at least happy to have her in the mix. She's doing a great job.  I BEG YOU... careful with what you say off the cuff - it does her a diservice and only shows your lack of preparation...
Luv YOu! Apoca Lisa

This would make a great topic for a show. These people are about to SERIOUSLY screw with my life, I am petrified that this will pass! :(

The Show / passports
« on: April 05, 2012, 11:15:29 PM »
 :lol: As a seasoned traveller and expat living abroad I was kinda shocked about your guys lack of knowledge about passports... but I guess if you've never needed one so why be informed, right?  TSA George, though well meaning, doesn' t know what he's talking about... obtaining another country's passport? Maybe it was a joke... The only people able to have another passport are those with dual nationality... like my kids who have one parent of each country and even then, not all countries allow it.  In some cases the US makes you give up one of the two. So Ian, let's say one of your parents are or were from Country X - hopefully they'd have registered you at that country's consulate when you were born so getting a passport would be easy.  If not, you would have to take in that parent's birth certificate and other docs first and then apply for yours providing you are allowed to have a dual nationality.  In some places dual nationality for a male means having to do military service - so watch out! LOL AND you don't have to go to NY city for God Sakes,,,,most State capitals have all of the major consulates.. I know it's a pain and I also hate having to bend over and crack my ankles for OUR MASTERS but for now we have to play their game ....
so get out your wallet, birth cert, pictures prepare to SUBMIT!  LOL Luv u Guys!

I heard the entire testimony - it seemed ignorant on your guys part that u failed to point out over the air that she spoke at length about the the pill being a very important treatment for a myriad of debilitating female "disorders", some LIFE THREATENING... imagine a MAN suffering from these symptoms... never would be having this conversation - research things a bit...luv you!

The Show / low hanging pants
« on: January 18, 2012, 11:51:08 PM »
 :shock: I listen to the pod cast a day later and just anted to comment that the low hanging pants thing comes from the 70's, we used to call them LOWRIDERS and they originated as a "look" obtained in prison where guys belts were taken away to prevent suicides by hanging... used to be just the gang bangers but now it's a mainstream look...

The Show / American Geographical Ignorance
« on: January 18, 2012, 11:39:06 PM »
:shock:  Recently you guys talked about geographical ignorance in the US and it was a very amusing show.  I'd like to express a general gripe -  I rarely hear anyone mention the fact that people in the US regularly use the term "Spanish" when referring to all things LATINO.  In other words, all Latin Americans are lumped together with the real Spanish (people from Spain which is no a completely different continent) as well as the food.... for xample beans & rice is NOT Spanish food.  They do eat beans and rice however not necessarily together like they do in Latinamerica....  just sayin'....

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