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I'm not a particular fan of Flash player, so I figured out how to stream the RTMP in MPlayer or VLC.

You'll need the program "rtmpdump" and either "vlc" or "mplayer" (they're free).

To stream in MPlayer:

Code: [Select]
rtmpdump -r "rtmp://212-109.livestream.com/mogulus-stream-edge/lrnfm" -a "mogulus-stream-edge/lrnfm" -f "LNX 11,2,202,238" -W "http://cdn.livestream.com/chromelessPlayer/v21/playerapi.swf?isPopUpPlayer=true&autoPlay=true&id=player&allowChat=true&t=13620&allowShare=true&jsEnabled=false&hideInfo=false&time=" -p "http://www.livestream.com" -y "rtmp://212-96.livestream.com/affiliateStream/lrnfm/6c69766572657065617465723a72746d703a2f2f3231322d39362e6c69766573747265616d2e636f6d2f6d6f67756c75732f6c726e666d2f4c524e464d3030303032303132303930322d3139343832385f343935"  | mplayer -

Or, to stream in VLC:
Code: [Select]
rtmpdump -r "rtmp://212-109.livestream.com/mogulus-stream-edge/lrnfm" -a "mogulus-stream-edge/lrnfm" -f "LNX 11,2,202,238" -W "http://cdn.livestream.com/chromelessPlayer/v21/playerapi.swf?isPopUpPlayer=true&autoPlay=true&id=player&allowChat=true&t=13620&allowShare=true&jsEnabled=false&hideInfo=false&time=" -p "http://www.livestream.com" -y "rtmp://212-96.livestream.com/affiliateStream/lrnfm/6c69766572657065617465723a72746d703a2f2f3231322d39362e6c69766573747265616d2e636f6d2f6d6f67756c75732f6c726e666d2f4c524e464d3030303032303132303930322d3139343832385f343935"  | vlc -

For Windoze, you'll need to put the the directories in which rtmpdump, vlc, and/or mplayer reside in your path or, you need to replace "rtmpdump" with the path to your "rtmpdump.exe" file and "vlc" with the path to your "vlc.exe" file or update your windows path to include the directories in which they reside.

I hope that helps someone. :)

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