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The Show / Is there an FTL Skype account for call-in during live shows?
« on: November 13, 2012, 02:33:49 AM »
Is there a FTL Skype account for call-in during live shows?

General / "Liberty On The Rocks" Radio Ad Music
« on: November 02, 2012, 12:53:17 PM »
What's the song/music used in the "Liberty On The Rocks" ad? (Check minute 51:45 of the latest podcast if you don't know the ad.)

On a Greek island near Athens tax investigators have been attacked by an angry crowd. When they arrested the owner of a restaurant, the demonstrators threw stones and fireworks. The riot police had to move up.

Athens - From anger at the taxman applied inhabitants of the Greek island of Hydra have besieged in the early hours of Saturday, a police station.  The reason: the taxman had previously arrested the owner of one of the most famous taverns in front of Athens located in the Aegean island, because he and his mother issues no receipts.  The tax inspectors were attacked on the way to the police station.


 The protesters threw stones, firecrackers and flares at the police station.  Finally, the current management of the police station is severed, the Greek television reported on.  Outraged citizens prevented the port of Hydra also creating a boat, with the Tavern owner arrested after Piraeus should be brought to the prosecutor's office.

 On Saturday afternoon, riot police arrived from the port city of Piraeus to the island around 2700 inhabitants , to rid the tax inspectors, it said.  How Eyewitnesses said the shopkeeper threw before the tax investigators, "to want to make ready" them with their checks.  "We have hardly any work, and take us to be laid," said one bar owner.

 During an inspection of tax investigation authority in early August more than 600 restaurants, bars and taverns as well as other tourist companies were controlled.  Investigators noted 2010 fiscal irregularities.  In most instances, the entrepreneurs of any receipts.  She conceded, although the VAT, but put them in his pocket, said an employee of the tax investigation.

Greece is in a recession, the unemployment rate is 24 percent.  In the front of a national bankruptcy standing country need many billions can be saved.  State officials will cut the salary pensioners losing salaries, in the social field is saved massively, the economy is in tatters.  So far, the government's efforts have not, despite massive support from the European Union and International Monetary Fund (IMF) led to a trend reversal.  It is currently unclear whether and how Greece can hold in the euro zone.


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