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General / Mercatus: Freedom in the 50 States
« on: March 07, 2015, 05:20:45 PM »
Does anyone know when Mercatus will come up with their 2015 update. Yes, I have googled, to no avail.

General / There has to be more than 20,000...
« on: April 20, 2014, 11:04:01 PM »
Reading Cantwell's message had me think about something I think about often.

The FSP can't be the only option for liberty in our lifetime.

All the childish personality driven drama aside...

I don't want to live in New Hampshire.

I grew up half in Connecticut and half in upstate NY (Mooers Forks), and of all the states in the region, New Hampshire is the least appealing to me. Why not free Clinton county NY project, or FSP Maine, or even Vermont which is the most beautiful state in NE IMHO? Rhetorical question.

I know there are other projects out there, that don't seem to have the steam that the FSP has, I get that. But, whenever FSP alternatives are brought up on the radio show, at least one of the hosts grows indignant. As if to talk about competition in this particular marketplace of ideas is heresy. I find this disappointing. Oddly, same thing happens with Bitcoin and it's alternatives.

There are far more than 20,000 liberty lovers in North America. Knowing this, why after more than a decade the FSP is still only at 80% of it's goal?  And of those 20K who will actually move if that goal is ever met? The small town of Bend, Or grew by more than 30K in less than ten years and 60K in 20. If an isolated, high-desert town could do it...

I don't think that it's the profound success it's claimed to be. More than a decade later, there's less than 2K "early movers". In that region of the US, there should be much more. There are libertarians all over Maine, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and RI. Moving to NH, for these people, from their oppressive regimes, should be a no brainier and relatively easy to do.

Political migrations aren't anything new and they are occurring all the time. The idea of "American Redoubt" for example (not backed by an actual organization like the FSP). The western region of the United States (eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, Idaho, Montana, etc..) has seen an actual growth, in only a few short years, that the FSP can't even accomplish on paper.

I think that the idea of New Hampshire is simply unpalatable for many people, and the feeble promise of "liberty in our lifetime...eventually" isn't reason enough to pick up one's life and trek halfway across the continent. Especially if the idea's creator took more than a decade himself to move. Why should I or anyone else?

Most, people need more than just the feeble promise of "Liberty in our lifetime...eventually", to uproot their lives and make the move. We have families, jobs, friends and lives. Many of us have regional, geographical, climate and cultural preferences, too. I know I personally, don't want to live anywhere near the NYC - NJ - DC metroplex. I live out west now and have gotten used to having space. But, I miss the culture of the east coast. Would consider the move, if I could live in Maine, VT or NY, but not New Hampshire. There's very little economic opportunity, cost of living is high, taxes are high, government liquor stores, slip from number one to number four in the feedom index (despite the FSP early movers) etc...

I'm sure there are folks in the SW region of the US, that love their "dry heat", desert landscapes, jobs and family. Why should they have to uproot and move all the way to the humid and frozen climes of NH? Same for Northwesteners who love their cool, wet, dank climate, Microbreweries and vinyards. How about southerners that just can't abide by the frozen northern culture? There has to be options for people. Trying to shoehorn everyone into one all great and powerful Free State Project makes about as much sense as the one size fits all Federal Government we all have an equal amount of disgust for.

I'd love to see a kind of network that works to promote all these projects, happily. Promote, and draw in those people, groups, organizations or businesses who can develop opportunity for those seeking the chance to be free. A real free state project. Not just some idea developed in academia that really isn't doing a whole lot for the millions of liberty lovers around the world. If I knew how to start it, I would. I'd at least like to see the hosts of FTL not dog the alternatives...


General / Bitcoin Question...
« on: March 29, 2013, 09:43:28 PM »
Yes, I relaize this isn't the Bitcoin forum. I've asked my question and it seems like it got lost in the see of threads over there, so I'd figure I'd ask here.

Here Goes!

Question on calculators.

I am building a mining rig with an HD 6990 CFX (Quad - GPU).

With that set up, theoretically, I'll get about 1579Mhash/s.

So, when I go into the calculator and it asks me for my mhash rate, do I just enter 1579? (if so that's depressing! My example in the image below.)

Or, is 1579 and there is a long-form I should be entering?

Thanks for your help.

General / The hot babe thread (as in hot women)
« on: July 19, 2012, 01:47:33 PM »

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