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The Show / Scott the Bigot's Prediction
« on: December 31, 2010, 01:51:29 PM »
Scott left out of his prediction who's side Jesus would be on. He said that Judaism isn't a religion, but a race. And that it would be a race war between Christians vs. Jews and blacks. I'd be curious to know if Scott would be on the side of Christians, or on the side of that Jew named Jesus.

The Show / Obsession with Secrecy
« on: December 28, 2010, 01:19:24 PM »
It's a slow day at work today so I thought I would touch on this briefly.

I don't know that I have an obsession with secrecy, but I definitely believe in the use of encryption and PGP or GnuPG. I use Truecrypt which is a free, open source application for encryption of files, and for Windows systems it can also be used to encrypt the entire system partition. I also use GnuPG sometimes for signing emails with the ability to encrypt them if ever necessary.

The reason that I believe these are important isn't because I have anything to hide. It's because I would prefer that everyone encrypt everything from their financial documents to their shopping lists. If more people did this, it would be in the temperament of the people at large that this is an extension in which they have a right to be secure in their persons, papers and effects. It's always the argument of the statist that, you shouldn't mind being searched, or being eavesdropped on etc. if you have nothing to hide. Bullshit. Not only do I have no obligation to report to the government my business and conversations, it should be recognized as the right of any free person use and those technologies as an extension of their own personal private affairs.

If you guys had picked a warmer climate by the beach, I would come join you! Guess I'll have to carry on wherever I go.  8)

The Show / What to do with your liberty?
« on: December 28, 2010, 12:58:12 PM »
I was thinking about the question from last nights show concerning what to do with liberty once it's attained. There aren't a many things these days that I would do differently just because, they became legal or unregulated. But I want liberty so you can do anything you want to do without harming anyone else, without even having to think about what the government might do. It shouldn't even have to be a consideration. That said, "things" being legal or illegal is only a start.

To truly be at liberty requires having access to the same information and economic possibilities that are currently reserved for the elites. I'm not talking about shrewdness in using information, I'm talking about access to the same information.

In other words, for instance, I'm not really at liberty to get the best education possible, when I've been priced out of the market by rising education prices produced by government guaranteed loans that go only to those who qualify. I'm not advocating that everyone should qualify. I'm saying that the government has no business in it.

I'm not at liberty because I get to decide between the 2 health plans offered by my employer, or due to regulations on insurance and the healthcare industry I have to pay through the nose to get it for myself. I might be at liberty to do that, but the expense digs into my liberty to do things that I otherwise could have.

I'm not really at liberty when the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department have secret information known only to some, or outright lies about the soundness of the system or particular entities in that system thereby causing me to make decisions that I wouldn't have otherwise made. This is not information gathering dependent on my shrewdness, but on my position in life.

I'm not at liberty with equal economic opportunities when the elites who get the newly created fiat money first before its inflationary effects are exhibited in the economy. Yet by the time I get it, not only are those same FRN's not worth what they were to the elites, the dollars I already had are worth less.

These things only scratch the surface of limits placed on liberty in a collectivist system.

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