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General / Big Brother Watching The Parade Watchers
« on: July 06, 2013, 01:52:23 PM »
Hey everyone,

Here's a funny but educational video you can pass along to those not in the know of the NSA scandal: Big Brother Government Watches 4th of July Parade Attendees

Duane G. Johnson kept being ignored by various government officials. He had charges against him and claims he is innocent. So he started putting toilets all around Maryland in order to make his message louder.

Somebody thought one of the toilets was a bomb. The police were called out and it was found to be a bogus bomb scare.

For more info see this video. [youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIdrDnqk72c[/youtube]

This man has been in jail since February. He was denied bail. The charges are false...at most he littered. I am spreading the word to hopefully get this to the national news networks and set this man free. This paranoid state we are living in due to 9/11 is dangerous. Imagine if it happened to you.

I decided to air my grievances at the local courthouse. I've had a few run-ins with the system (I was sued by some deadbeats) and couldn't afford a lawyer. So I lost...when I had hard evidence to back up my case and they had just their word. Anyway that's another topic, another day. A full length documentary will be released about it with the next 2 months.

One of the things I noticed through my experience with the court system was that the judges' actions are pretty anonymous. With the exception of a few news stories that can be found on Google we really have no way to keep track of how the judges are doing. How many cases they are presiding over, how many cases they've had overturned, things like that. So a lightbulb popped over my head and I came up with a few ideas for "The Judicial Accountability Act" . To spread the word I figured a protest was in order.

Anyway I tried to do the "legal thing" as much as I oppose it by applying for a protest permit. I didn't hear from the government people for two weeks so I gave them a call. They said approval was held up due to location. I wanted to protest right in front of the courthouse steps in the courtyard. An area that is open to the public...HOWEVER the lady on the phone said it was "government property." I said, "Well, government property is paid for by the public. Legally whomever pays for something is by default the owner, right?" She refused to comment.

Anyway they never approved my permit. I even asked the lady if the location is no good then to please let me know where I can legally protest and approve that. So I went back to Plan A and demonstrated anyway. See what happened here:


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