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What was the link the first caller gave on the 6-06-13 show?  I'm afraid I couldn't find it, so I must have misheard the link, despite replaying it several times.  It was regarding a list of privacy software and I'm always trying to keep updated in that regard. 
                                                             Thanks, people!

This Thursday, 5/17/12, our Ohio home was raided by the local police department.  :shock: It seems they suspected us of growing pot in our basement because our electric bills were higher than our neighbors... Oh, and they had a "confidential informant" tip them off via the FBI two weeks earlier.

Well, two weeks earlier we had signed up for PIPP (Percentage of Income Payment Plan) with the electric company.  It is a federal program... and we just find it an odd coincidence, especially since we had to take them a copy of our electric bill to apply for the program.  We suspect the Federal government is using PIPP to gain information about people in order to justify raiding their homes and then hiding behind the "confidential informant" rules... when in truth the "informant" is a government agency.

We would like to find out who this "confidential informant" is and possibly sue them for slander.  It's not about the money, it is about the right to face our accuser, who obviously is a lying SOB... but I digress.  Anybody have any clue as to what our options are here?  If so... email me at mrmiran@hotmail.com with your suggestions or just post them here.  Thanks!  =0)

The Show / Abortion: When is the choice made?
« on: December 14, 2010, 03:15:39 AM »
I'm about a week behind so I just listened to the podcast from 12/07/10 where they were talking about abortion.  Here's the deal... I have two main points, one of which was addressed on the show.

1) If you're an adult and make a conscious choice to have sex, then you accept the consequences of that choice and carry the baby to term.  You don't "undecide" later then kill the life within you out of convenience.  Saying it is a fetus and not a baby because it cannot live on its own is specious because even after birth a baby is dependent on its mother for life. (food, shelter, hygiene, etc.)

2) If you throw out my point #1 and insist it is a woman's choice... consider this:
If it truly is a woman's choice, why does a man have to pay for it if she choses life?  It's your choice, ladies... YOU pay for the kid. 

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