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The Show / Intellectual property
« on: November 09, 2010, 09:41:04 PM »
I think you guys are way off on this IP issue, much as I love your show. Two points I'll make.

First, is it wrong to sneak into a movie theater to watch a movie? Is it wrong to sneak into a concert, or anywhere someone is performing? Even if they're not guarding the gates closely enough to prevent you from doing so, I still think it's wrong. They are going on stage (or projecting a movie) with the intent of providing you a show in exchange for your money. You don't get to set the rules, the vendor does. If you don't like the restrictions they put in place, you can not watch the performance. I liken listening to a recording of music to any other kind of performance. The performer gets to set the rules, and you get to listen.

Second, I think the consistent liberty-lover's position should be to support the studios on this one. You shouldn't get to decide how I want to make my living (if I were in the recording biz). If you think I have a stupid business model, well, that's my decision, and I'll pay the consequences. You don't get to decide how I sell my performance. I do. If I want to stipulate that before letting you have a copy of my song, you agree that you won't give it to someone else, those are the conditions of our contract. If you then decide I'm an idiot and want to give your friend a copy of the song, you've violated our contract.

I realize there's no explicit contract when someone buys a CD or legally downloads a song. But there's an implicit one, the current copyright laws of the political designation you happen to be living in. If there weren't copyright laws in place, you bet there would be a contract to sign every time you bought a song saying that you promise not to give the song to someone else.

You guys have decided to give a lot of the content on your site for free, including your podcasts. That's great, and I really appreciate that. But if I want to make my living charging people to listen to me talk (or sing), that's my decision.

The Show / Tuesday's show
« on: June 24, 2010, 12:39:39 AM »
This past Tuesday's show was excellent. Not that I don't think you guys don't always do a great job. But Tuesday's show had me laughing the whole time. Great work. Looking forward to listening to the Porcfest shows.

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