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General / Privacy of sons and daughters?
« on: April 26, 2011, 08:26:55 AM »
Stossel had an interesting guest who was upset that his college-student son was caught by the university using heroin and some time later died of an overdose. He said the school should have notified him when the son was caught so he could have tried to save him from his addiction. Who's right? I thought it also made for an interesting hypothetical question too.

The Show / New Hampshire providing ID for Names other than Legal Names?
« on: September 29, 2010, 10:23:02 PM »
Hey all, a few weeks ago on FTL some caller said they were able to go to a NH DMV and obtain a license for a fictitious name and it was allowed under some legal code they referenced. Does anyone have any details on that or the specifics? Or can even point to the date of the episode?


The Show / Puke was awesome Monday
« on: June 02, 2010, 08:58:11 PM »
He's a funny guy. My vote to come back for more guest hosting!


Young (at heart) professionals and students for liberty - join us at the Rattlesnake Bar (pun intended) May 19 for drinks with fellow liberty minded friends in an informal atmosphere! This is not your grandfather's Tea Party. ;-)

Invite a friend or four. If you are new to the ideas of liberty we want you to come to with an open mind or a sharp mind for debate.

We're planning to launch a more active liberty social community here in Boston and would enjoy hearing your ideas about:
#social events
#spreading ideas
#liberty education

Maybe we can get a group together to head to PorcFest. We look forward to meeting you.

Parking or Public Transport
Metered street parking until 8pm or parking around Common/Public Garden. Near Arlington Green Line Stop.


General / Ideas for civil disobedience
« on: January 12, 2010, 09:46:37 PM »
I'd like to get a list of ideas for civil disobedience going here. What things have you done or known friends to do or been impressed with? I really like the idea of opening up a homeless shelter without permits. It really strikes at the heart of how evil the state is.

Hello - curious about 2 oft cited items - if anyone could point me to some good sources...

1. Ian/Mark say that the US government and in particular the military is the biggest polluter. I'm curious how this is measured...

2. Ian says many Supreme Court decisions show that the government has no obligation to protect or provide its citizens with anything. Any overview of these decisions?

General / Bundle of Liberty Feeds - Please Suggest Additions or Pass On
« on: December 20, 2009, 02:13:21 PM »
Rather than start another blog I decided to spread the message of all the great content that's already out there.

Feel free to start your own aggregator of feeds. Here is one I setup at

Current list
- 911truth.org

123 Real Change

21st Century British Nationalism

Acumen Fund Blog

Advocates for Self-Government - Freedom Circle Directory

Advocates for Self-Government: New Year's resolutions from former ...


Alex Jones' Prison Planet.com

Allan Sloan - Deals -- Allan Sloan on Wall Street and Investing ...

AlterNet.org Main RSS Feed

America: Freedom to Fascism

American Banking News

American Minute

AMERICAN.COM -- A Magazine of Ideas, Online

Anarchy In Your Head

Antiwar.com Original

Anything Peaceful

Atlas Shrugs

Audit the Fed

Austro-Athenian Empire

Big Government

Big Government

Big Head Press Story Updates

Big Hollywood


BlackListed News

blog of bile

Bob Barr 2008 Blog



Bull! Not bull

Bureaucrash - Join the Resistance


C-SPAN Archives Syndication - Recent Book TV

Calculated Risk

Campaign For Liberty Blog

Campaign For Liberty Featured Articles

Cato @ Liberty

Cato Daily Commentary

Cato Daily Podcast

Cato Headlines

Cato Institute Event Podcast

Cato Media Updates

Cato Recent Op-eds

Cato Unbound

Cato Upcoming Events

Cato Weekly Dispatch

Cato Weekly Video

Center for a Stateless Society

Chris Martenson Blogs

Citizens Against Government Waste Stories

Climate Audit [Welcome to our new home!]

Club for Growth

Comments for The Peace Freedom & Prosperity Movement

Common Tragedies

Congressman Ron Paul's Press Releases

Congressman Ron Paul's Speeches and Statements

Consent Of The Governed





Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan Watt Podcast (.rss Format)

Daily Brickbats

Daniel Hannan's blog listings.

der Blaustrumpf

Dissident Voice



Environmental Economics

Exposing Faux Capitalism

Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance -

Farm Wars

Federal Jack

Financial Sense

Financial Sense Newshour

FIRE - News


Forbes.com Author: Yaron Brook

Foundation for Economic Education

Free Association

Free Keene

Free Mind Media

Free Minds Feed

Free Talk Live

Freedom Blogs

Freedom Politics : News

Freedom Watch Show Ideas on UserVoice

Freedom Watch With The Judge

Freedom Watch With The Judge

Freedomain Radio - The Total Feed

Freedomain: The Logic of Personal and Political Freedom



From the Wilderness' Peak Oil Blog

GCN-Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show Podcast

GCN-Radio Liberty Podcast

GCN-The Nutrimedical Report Podcast

Gerald Celente News Blog

Glenn Beck - The 912 Project

Global Guerrillas


Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee - Exposing the long-term manipulation of the gold market


Government Bytes

Health Freedom Alliance


Homeland Stupidity

How to Flex Your Rights During Police Encounters

Info, Comments, Opinions and Facts About Goldman Sachs

infowarsnews at Yahoo! Groups

InfoWarsTV.com-Spreading The TRUTH-One Video At A Time

Institute for Energy Research

Institute for Justice

International Society for Individual Liberty » Blog Archive ...


iTulip.com: The Contrary View of the Markets

Jack E. Robinson for United States Senate - Latest News

JBS News Feed

Jesse's Café Américain

John Stossel

John Stossel's Take

Judicial Watch -

Kerry Howley

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Larken Rose

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)


Libertarian Papers » Latest Articles

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Libertarianism, from A to Z

Liberty Conspiracy

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Lost Liberty Café

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Massachusetts's Campaign For Liberty


maxkeiser.com — Finance. Markets. Economics. Scandal.

mercatus (mercatus) on Twitter

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Mises Economics Blog

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Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis

Mutualist Blog: Free Market Anti-Capitalism

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New Hampshire Liberty Alliance

No One Has To Die Tomorrow

No Treason

Nouriel Roubini's Global EconoMonitor


Oath Keepers

Pajamas Media

Patrick J. *Buchanan* - Official Website

Persistence of Vision

Peter Schiff News Blog

PFP Movement Radio | Blog Talk Radio Feed


Pioneer Institute Blog

Popular libertarian Bookmarks on Delicious

Popular liberty Bookmarks on Delicious

Positive Liberty » Advocates for Self-Government

Prison Planet Podcast

PrisonPlanet Forum

Pro Libertate

Pyramids of Control

RA - The Feed

RagingDebate.com / Discussions

RealClearPolitics - Articles

Reason Foundation -

Reason Foundation - Out of Control Policy Blog

Reason Magazine - All Reason Articles from the Past Year: Page 1

Reason.tv -

Repeal the 17th Amendment

Republic Broadcasting Network

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Retake Congress

Ridley Report - The New Hampshire revolution is now televised


Ron Paul .com

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Salon: Glenn Greenwald

School Sucks Podcast: The END of Public Education

Sean Ryan for Boston City Council At-Large

Seasteading Institute - Comments for "Libertarian Island: No Rules, Just Rich Dudes"

Socio-Economics History Blog

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Tax Foundation - Tax Foundation's "Tax Policy Blog"

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In his new book, Three Felonies a Day, attorney Harvey Silverglate holds that the typical American professional commits an average of three federal crimes a day, just going about their daily business, without even realizing it. And the only thing keeping them out of prison — make that keeping you out of prison — is the fact that federal prosecutors haven’t looked at you yet. “No social class or profession is safe from this troubling form of social control by the executive branch,” reads a statement on the book’s Web site, “and nothing less than the integrity of our constitutional democracy hangs in the balance.”

While Three Felonies a Day illustrates the problem quite well, today I want to talk about solutions. Likely you have never thought you needed to protect yourself from the government. But you probably weren’t aware that so many federal laws are “impossibly broad and vague” that you were a “criminal” several times over today, just for going to work, picking up your kids, and eating dinner. Moreover, the concept of criminal intent has been largely removed from the law, so you can be imprisoned even if you had no idea what you were doing was against the law.

    Under the English common law we inherited, a crime requires intent. This protection is disappearing in the U.S. As Mr. Silverglate writes, “Since the New Deal era, Congress has delegated to various administrative agencies the task of writing the regulations,” even as “Congress has demonstrated a growing dysfunction in crafting legislation that can in fact be understood.” Prosecutors identify defendants to go after instead of finding a law that was broken and figuring out who did it. Expect more such prosecutions as Washington adds regulations. — Wall Street Journal

One of the most powerful solutions against the sorts of miscarriages of justice that land people like you in prison is privacy. Privacy makes it much harder for an overzealous prosecutor to spin your perfectly innocent activities into “crimes.” Not to mention it also provides protection against the more mundane threats of identity thieves, psychotic ex-spouses, and so on.

The Show / Guest Request: Sterling Allan of Free Energy News
« on: September 27, 2009, 07:32:07 PM »
Sterling is committed to decentralizing energy through open source energy research and development. He's been doing this for a few years. See youtube and his website:


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