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The Show / I guess I'm done with Free Talk Live...
« on: March 15, 2014, 01:49:50 PM »
Every show lately has either turned into "the bitcoin hour" or "Puke-talking through half-baked thoughts with Darryl" - I can't even recommend the show to new liberty-minded friends anymore because it's embarrassing - I keep making excuses as to why the shows are usually better, but they're never better anymore. When I started listening to Free Talk Live, it was obviously Liberty 101, but the show was professionally done and entertaining to listen to, now it has all the accoutrements of a high school or college radio show - its amateur hour. As I've said in the past - I own and trade with bitcoin, but I don't listen to radio shows or watch television programs about it because it's fucking boring! Get Darryl off the air and Ian, stop pretending like you've got a deep radio voice - own your squeaky voice, there is no reason to boost the bass and whisper into the microphone - it's a lame trick that talentless radio hosts resort to, and it sounds like crap. I just took two weeks off from listening to the netcast and downloaded one of the more recent shows today - heard Darryl puking into the microphone and shut it down. Only the Sunday show plays in my area now, so that's your introduction to this market, a brain-dead feminist twat lacking in original thought. How in the fuck do you put Darryl and Stephanie on a microphone when you've got The wise janitor, Ali and Julia...even Johnson is a good host if he would just clear his throat once in a while. Cripes, I feel like someone ran over my dog - it sucks so bad that you guys have lost sight of the show and just dial it in now. Mark and Ian are great together and you've all but abandoned that formula for what?

General / Ian wants to introduce me to...
« on: December 26, 2013, 10:28:30 AM »
Ian keeps telling me that he want's to introduce me to this guy that he knows and...apparently he has some amazing balls that are less dangerous than balloons? I keep waiting for the introduction, but it never happens - Ian just keeps talking about his fantastic balls.

On a serious note: the little magnetic balls aren't "safer than balloons" - but very few people seem to understand the nature of the danger associated with these things; if you swallow a balloon, you'll likely poop it out.  If you swallow one of these little balls; you'll likely poop it out too, but if you swallow one, wait an unknown period of time and swallow another, you may require invasive emergency surgery to survive; these strong little magnets, if at different points in the digestive tract, will attract if they are close enough, kinking the intestines, causing an obstruction and can rip right through intestines causing internal damage and allow digestive materials to enter the body cavity causing infection, pain and death is possible in a matter of hours if not properly diagnosed and surgically corrected - which, think about it - the fact that a child ate a magnet can be difficult to ascertain when the child is writhing in pain - the docs are probably going to attempt to treat it like a food poisoning or they might have the child drink an x-ray reactive dye so that they can see what's happening in there - these things take time...enough time for death to occur. Once again - if you eat a balloon, you're probably going to just poop it out...if you eat these magnets, you may poop them out, or you may die a painful death in a matter of hours.

On the effectiveness of the commercial; The guy's name is Shahan Q and his site is littlemagneticballs.com? I have no idea how I would go about buying something from this guy even if I wanted to....and hero worship is generally pathetic anyway, so I just take out the ear buds and wait for the commercial to be over.

The Show / zello - guerrilla marketing?
« on: December 05, 2013, 10:36:36 AM »
Why do you guys continue to pretend like you've never heard of zello before when these people call in to complain about people making fun of them on zello? I've heard this 3 or 4 times from callers on the show - I can't tell if it's different callers or the same person every time, but I think this is guerrilla marketing campaign for zello because the same things are said every time; that it's an internet walkie-talkie, that someone is making fun of someone else and I'm not sure if there's anything else.

Mark - why don't you ask these zello marketers to buy an advertising package - and if they already have, this is the most un-compelling form of marketing I've ever heard.

The Show / Ian's Pronunciation
« on: November 14, 2013, 02:54:26 PM »
In netcast FTL2013-11-12 Johnny Ray does a fun semi-stereotypical Spanish accent as he reads quotes from Nicolás Maduro. Johnny Ray stops a moment and asks Mark how he feels about his pronunciation of the name “Maduro” – Mark admits he finds it a little contrived and Ian chimes in (18 minutes, 4 seconds) with; “I support…uh…accurate pronunciations if at all possible.”

At this point a significant portion of my brain erupted out of my left ear, soiling my headphones and cubicle wall, causing me to go into convulsions for a short while.

Ian, with utmost love and respect; your attempts at “accurate pronunciation” to date have not been successful. My wife and I find your attempts at pronouncing Spanish words and names to be painful to listen to – I frequently skip ahead a few moments because I don’t want to hear it.

Here’s a tip: It is not necessary to roll every “r” you encounter in a Spanish word or name. Typically, you only roll the double r (rr) in words such as; “perro,” “tierra” and “abarrotar” or when the word begins with “R” such as; “rabioso” or “rápido.” A single “r” within a word is pronounced with more of a “d” sound.

But this is just a quick and dirty explanation of how to pronounce the letter “r” – I don’t hear you making any attempt to correctly pronounce the letters; “h,” “j,” “v,” “b,” “ñ,” “ll,” or “ch” – so why focus so much on “r” – what has it done to you for you to torture it so? Beyond letter pronunciation – I don’t hear you appropriately stressing syllables according to the written accents. The rolling of the “r” is a very small part of proper pronunciation in Spanish.

One more tip: not every language rolls the “r” – so when you’re attempting to pronounce a Swedish, Icelandic, Russian or any other languages word, rolling the “r” is just a shot in the dark and is more likely to be incorrect than correct.

There are fewer than 250,000 English words – including colloquialisms and words no longer in common use – nearly 100% of those words are either cognates or have been borrowed directly from other languages such as Latin, French, German, Spanish, etc.  We make no attempt to pronounce the words we use daily in the accent of their languages of origin because it would be exceedingly difficult and would sound silly.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with just pronouncing a word in the style of your native language - it's preferable to butchering the pronunciation again and again and again and again...ad nauseam.

The Show / Hot topic on the show lately: Chris Cantwell
« on: September 06, 2013, 11:12:31 AM »
As I've heard about this situation it keeps reminding me of the legal precedence for the expectation of moderation or censorship once a business has engaged in moderation or censorship - a topic in my Cyberlaw class a few years ago.

It occurs to me that; now that the Free State Project (FSP) Board has removed Chris Cantwell as a participant and declared him "unwelcome to attend FSP-organized events", they may have unwittingly creating a blueprint for the marginalization of the FSP.

By taking action against Chris Cantwell for his written views that the "FSP Board believes [...] exceeds the right of self-defense," they may have opened themselves up to the legal expectation that they have adopted an editorial process for vetting the written brain-droppings of FSP participants.

The risk being that; if the FSP does not now condemn all written rhetoric that the FSP could be reasonably expected to have knowledge of and would deem detrimental to the accomplishment of the Free State Project's goals, failure to take action commensurate to that taken against Cantwell could be legally interpreted as tacit endorsement of said writings.

This method of associating the FSP with written rhetoric of FSP Participants could be an effective attack vector exploitable by anyone wishing to discredit the FSP because anyone can become an FSP Participant and if they want to claim the FSP is an organization of domestic boogeymen (boogeypeople?) - they just have to get one on the inside and then exploit that participant status to then have 'evidence' which supports previous claims such as those made on the bearcat application.

Am I paranoid? Is there something I'm missing that should prevent this from happening?

Quoted stuff from: http://freestateproject.org/blogs/september-2013-board-meeting-minutes

« on: November 21, 2012, 10:17:10 AM »
I'm listening to the podcast right now - pulled the ear buds out for a while though because you guys can't stop yammering on about bitcoins.

I understand; it's a cool idea - I've even got a couple of bitcoin wallets and I trade with bitcoins from time to time. It may even be an important medium of trade in the future - I trade with mine because I want the medium to succeed, but I really don't think that it will seeing as how most bitcoin owners just sit on their bitcoins, limiting the usefulness of a currency  that has a value based on it’s perceived usefulness. Interesting strategy

Bitcoin is not an interesting topic of conversation and the stuff you have to say about it is the same crap every time. A 30-second commercial is tolerable, even if you play it a few times, but yammering on about buying them repeatedly in every show is boring and tacky. It’s tacky because your incentives for doing so are clear – there is nothing wrong with it – it’s just tacky…and as I said before: boring.

The Show / Higher Quality MP3 Archives
« on: May 07, 2012, 02:30:58 PM »
I am frustrated.

Perhaps the bumper music is slightly clearer, but Ian still sounds like Ian, Mark still sounds like Mark, and Stephanie still deep-throats the mic on Sunday, only now it takes twice as long to download and there is no added value...just added inconvenience.

Perhaps I'm the only person who feels this way, but I don't listen to Free Talk Live because Mark's dulcet tones make my buns tingle - did anyone actually have a problem with the sound quality of the MP3 archives prior to the latest change?

I suspect that most listeners would not be able to detect a difference between 48-kbps and 96-kbps files of the same content.

It is my opinion that only an audiophile-wannabe is going to complain about a 48-kbps bit-rate talk show.

April 22, 2010 Podcast (extended edition - time measured from beginning of podcast)

@ 164 Minutes, 25 Seconds - Ian argues with Mark about why nobody outside of Keene "gives a flip" about the Free State Project members; "...because they're not doing anything...no, no, no, they're not doing anyth...big fucking deal, they're not doing anything, they're sitting in the fucking state house doing their bullit...bullshit politics"

@ 170 Minutes, 04 Seconds - Ian explains that he never trashes on the politico types; "...but don't trash on...don't...right...come here and do your thing, but don't trash on us for doing what we're doing, I don't trash on politicos for going and begging at the state house."

"Bullshit" & "Begging" - I'm sure the politicos don't see that as being "trashed on."

Both the politicos and the outside-the-system activists could be successful with enough people. Neither currently have enough people to make a lasting difference - but that absolutely does not mean that what either are doing is pointless. The success of one group will likely benefit the other; the failure of one group won't necessarily hurt the other, but it certainly won't help them. If the most public face of the Free State Project (in Keene) is a bunch of pot-smokers in a park with a megaphone; the general populous are going to start associating freestaters with noisy, in-your-face pot-smokers.

The Vandals song "Anarchy Burger" includes the lyrics; "America stands for freedom, But if you think you're free, Try walkin into a deli, And urinating on the cheese" - the 420 celebrations probably look, to the average bystander, like a bunch of anarchists going into the public deli to piss on the public cheese, figuratively speaking. It may be peaceful; and I am certain it is, but most people likely see it as antagonistic. You've also kind of backed yourself into a corner in that; if you ever stop the 420 celebrations prior to the complete decriminalization of Marijuana, the statists will see it as a victory for their side and will be a little harder to reach later on.

If you don't make any attempt to correct the misconceptions about freestaters, what's the point in getting upset that people don't understand? I can't imagine anyone seeing a bunch of middle-aged pot-smokers together in a park and thinking; "wow, they're principled liberty folks; I'd like to hear what they have to say" - I'd be more likely to think; "another group of liberal hippies, I'd better get out of here before they get on my ass for wearing leather, or eating meat" - the perceptions may be unfounded, but even unfounded perceptions can make a very real impact, and may be a hindrance in the long run.

No, I don't have any suggestions. I enjoy the show and listen to the podcasts daily, but I think Ian is just a little too critical of activism that he doesn't see as useful, and Mark can't stop stammering long enough to drive his very valid points home - no offense to either, it's the only radio show I listen to and I am a fan. This is either constructive criticism, or maybe I'm just completely full of shit and haven't thought this through well enough to see it yet. I voted for Rudy G. in the primary, so I'm not exactly accustomed to thinking for myself quite yet.

General / Conspiracy Theory: Mark Edge & The Smiths
« on: February 18, 2010, 12:08:14 PM »
FACT: This is a photo of Mark Edge, aka Manwich

FACT: This is a photo of the indy pop band The Smiths circa 1985

The powers that be (they) would have you believe that the person standing to Morrissey's right in the above photo is Andy Rourke.
[They = The powers that be...probably Jews]

FACT: This is Andy Rourke
This man is clearly not the man pictured to the right of Morrissey above...that man is clearly the one we know as "Mark Edge"

So...why the subterfuge?

With 10 minutes worth of searching the internet, 18 minutes listening to Alex Jones and quick call placed to Scott in Massachusetts, I was able to uncover the conspiracy...

Agents of Brøderbund Software had infiltrated the highest levels of Tri-Mart Corporation; a Wisconsin-based wholesaler of cleaning supplies, where, in collusion with the governments of; Belize, The Gambia, Moldova and Canada, they conspired to make Old Dutch Potato Chips and Black Bear Soda available within the school system as well as on the shelves of the convenience stores throughout the greater Menomonie area, as far east as Eau Claire. Brøderbund's involvement largely a mystery, some facts have surfaced; Mark Edge, under an assumed name ("Manwich" hereafter), was recruited by Brøderbund, trained, equipped and given the mission of gaining acceptance into the recently emerged indy pop scene in order to supplant an existing band member with the purpose steering the song writing process towards the creation of depressing songs with catchy melodies; teenagers were powerless to resist and had little choice but to seek solace in a bag of potato chips or a fresh can of soda...whatever happened to be available...Black Bear or Old Dutch perhaps? - now you are beginning to see...but there is more.

How could he possibly have replaced an existing band member without anyone noticing? Genetically manipulated coffee beans were the key to softening the memories of band members and coffee drinkers alike, making them more vulnerable to "Manwich's" already impressive powers of persuasion, thereby allowing his arrival to go unnoticed. The plan was perfect, but "Manwich" was not, and things did go horribly wrong; as part of his cover,"Manwich" had been intimately involved in the manufacture of quality coffee products with the Berres family beginning in 1970, until 1987, when the Berres brothers became aware that "Manwich" had been pilfering toilet paper and smuggling gym socks in his pants, they prevented him from accessing the beans which had allowed his devious actions to continue unabated, but they were not able to remove him completely due to his close friendship with the family patriarch.

Unable to procure the beans necessary to further perpetuate his ruse, he had little choice but to allow Andy Rourke to return to the band; dazed, confused and unsure of what had transpired, The Smiths, without the creative genius and dulcet tones of this impostor, began writing happy songs and broke up later that year. In 1992, Peter and Jeff Berres officially took control of the family business and began roasting their own coffee; the Berres Brothers Coffee brand was born and "Manwich" was finally forced out. He had no choice but to go into hiding for the next 6 years, ultimately retreating into a prefabricated history which few would care to challenge, left to wait and hope, that his deception would go undiscovered...until now.

Brøderbund Software, secretly controlled by a cabal of Black, Jewish bankers, has largely retreated from its efforts to control popular music in order to bolster snack sales, and has since taken up efforts to promote White Supremacy and trans-fat awareness. Some theories suggest that Billy Corgan may be the result of a partnership between Brøderbund Software and Berres Brothers Coffee; this would explain why "Manwich" has been pushing so hard to secure a seat on the Specialty Coffee Association of America panel. There is also a theory floating around, that Billy Corgan is actually a "Manwich" clone who attempted to insert his head in the rectum of a rotund Brazillian woman, and lost his hair in the mutual combat that ensued.

*Modified - added paragraph breaks to aid in readability.
*Deleted a few words here and there, for purposes of gramatification.
*Updated Billy Corgan theory as per recently revealed data from a reliable source.

Eastern wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris)

This was the turkey species first encountered in the wild by the Puritans. Range covers the entire eastern half of the United States; extending also into Southeastern Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces in Canada. They number from 5.1 to 5.3 million birds. They were first named forest turkey in 1817, and can grow up to 4 feet (1.2 m) tall. The upper tail coverts are tipped with chestnut brown. The Eastern wild turkey is heavily hunted in the Eastern USA and is the most hunted wild turkey subspecies.
/Plagiarism (Bolding is mine)


Ted rocks!

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