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Day ?? on the platform..  I've begun eating my own leg in this god forsaken hellhole of endless blue.  The sun is a blinding dagger of torture that hangs just beyond my reach, and it speaks to me in the low tranquil tones of whale-song.  Madness is my savior, and has abandoned me yet again.  I beg its return, it lurks within the flickering waves, creating the faces of my memories under its surface in an ever-changing sheet of dream.  

This is a creative and interesting text. I would like to see the rest of the story!

General / Re: Interesting document I found...
« on: November 12, 2009, 07:55:46 AM »
That parent undergo a contract for the child just because they have to live somewhere does not make sense.

Also that one is free to leave is also not true. As an American you are obliged to pay tax wherever you try to settle down all over the world. I my selves are a Norwegian citizen and at least I can live without paying any tax if I stay/work in a tax free country.

I think it is amazing that a "paper" with so many contributors may fail on such essential issues.

Thanks! I appreciate very much the input which I will review in detail. Your writing and thinking about this matter is enlightening. I also appreciate the other comments. I think what I have to do is to let the site and the content be more open-ended. Some how we know that the real protection of the environment must be by private means. All these huge centralized and heavy political organizations will not do it and it will just create too much centralization and distort our freedoms and livelihood.

The labor is perhaps the labor I am paying to protect the salty water? It can involve e.g. somebody supervising it via satellite every day, somebody coming with a boat to take water samples and sampling the population of fish other seafood at the territory..

Left to their own devices (without work), all things degenerate according to second law of thermodynamics. It requires work also to maintain status quo.

If you want to homestead a part of the oceans and protect it for your children and grandchildren - visit
http://www.itsmysea.com and put a flag somewhere on the high seas (preferably international waters). Its partly for fun and to demonstrate a feasible (?) concept for privatizing the seas. Use Jolly Roger flags and suggest cool and eccentric rules, this will make this more cool.

I suggest that you stipulate how much you will be willing to pay some protection agency for the protection service. If the rules are simple (allow boat traffic, but prohibit dump of waste or overfishing), then quite a few environmental organizations, insurance companies or protection agencies may offer some basic service. I suggest  that the maximum amount of the seas you proclaim ownership of is 200m x 200m
(based on calc of total area of the oceans and number of people on earth).

Perhaps FTL or similar could get paid to give media publicity to whoever infringes on this property.

Comments are much welcome.
Also if the MAP gets crowded with flags everywhere it would be quite an awful demonstration that the concept will work.

NB. If anybody can program a dedicated MAP application so that we actually can show borders on the map and not just a flag, then I am willing to pay for the programming job.


The Show / Re: About VAT - incoming VAT to the business is deductable
« on: June 02, 2009, 11:40:20 AM »
I have actually escaped Norway for a year or so, I am living and working in Qatar where there is no income tax. Thanks for completing the post with more accuracy. I am desperately in need for an accountant if you are interested

The Show / About VAT - incoming VAT to the business is deductable
« on: June 01, 2009, 12:47:37 AM »
I am living in Norway and the VAT System is like this:

if I have a VAT registrered company then I must charge 25% VAT on all my bills, and these 25% I must pay to Government every second month. I can however deduct all 25% VAT on incoming goods.

If I am a pencil producer and buy lead for say 50USD, then I must pay 62.5 USD to the lead manifacturer.
If I plan to sell each pencil for say 1 USD, then I must sell them for 1.25 USD to the shop.
If I sell like 100 pencils, then I have to pay government 25 USD, but I can deduct 12.5 USD which was the VAT for the lead, thsat means my VAT expenses was 12.5 USD.

The end purchaser will have to pay whatever retail price the shopkeeper takes. If the pencil cost 2 USD, then he will have to pay 2.5 USD for a pencil. If the shopkeeper sell 100 pencils, then he will have to pay 50 USD - 25 USD = 25 USD.

The VAT regime is very much stricter than normal tax. Thats because government think its their money. They are more polite and slow getting income tax (done at community level). But the VAT you must be very sure to pay on time, because you get horrible fines and delay charges. The penalties for VAT evation is stricter than other types of tax crimes.

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