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General / Re: Side Effect of Poor Education.
« on: May 06, 2011, 06:21:38 PM »

I "force" my son to go to avoid going to court with his mom since she doesn't want him to be home schooled. I'm not rolling in the dough so private school is out.

There's a limit to how effective this argument is, that "ya gotta do whatever you must to get yer kids outta public skoo!". Many working class people just don't have the means.

Right, you choose public education over homeschooling. You choose to live where you live and what sacrifices you make financially..you are choosing to send your kids to public school.  It's very easy to applaud yourself for good parenting when your kid happens to not be one of the ones who gets the life squeezed out of him by public school, but there are plenty of parents who read to their kids every night who aren't so lucky.  Sending your child to public school is a huge decision, and yet it is viewed as a default by most people.  This is 15,000 hours of your child's life, and that's a considerable amount of formative time.  It is ABSOLUTELY a reflection on the parents to send their kid to public school, and certainly a reflection on their priorities.  Whether it's you not feeling like homeschooling, or not finding a private school to take him with financial aid, or whatever, it's still your choice.

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