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General / Re: "All you guys need to know is it was a cop" please help
« on: January 21, 2011, 05:56:06 AM »
Thanks for the offer

Something must have happened.  The local paper revised its' online article on the topic (mysteriously), no mention in the article that it had been edited.  You figure out why?  Too bad their revision was buried deep in their archived articles before they changed it.  They included the name of the officer. Still no mention of the details of how the weapon was lost, what kind of weapon was lost, etc..

His Name Is:


Here is his Myspace profile:


I'm only doing this because the cop poster on board was all worried about the website plastering his name all over the place!

My guess is that local paper didn't want the humiliation of being exposed by a little website getting the scoop.  They had the name all along but went along with the local authorities wishes to keep it secret.

Next on the agenda is figuring out what "misconduct" an officer did a few years ago to get himself fired.  You see the paper chose not to reveal that either at the local government's request. 

Thanks for the offer of help "ox"

General / Re: "All you guys need to know is it was a cop" please help
« on: January 15, 2011, 04:15:23 PM »
I really would prefer someone just stick the letter in the mail.

All I need is one letter in the mail to a local police department.  we'll pay postage if that stamp is worth that much.
Wish I didn't even ask for you to forward it via email because now that's everyone's excuse not to help.

Don't know what we have to prove this is legit.

Ah Hell, we'll just come clean

It is a scam:

You see we made up an us postal address called:  Shelbyville Police department (U.S. Postal Service will let you do it if you ask)
We created an Alias that has the same name of the police chief in the same town.
We created phony article in the local paper about a cop losing a gun.
We created an entire website full of other content.
All so we could craftily get and address and phone number off someone.
You see all the websites like internet white pages (where there are millions of #'s and addresses) are ip blocked to us here in Nigeria

I guess this unemployed African prince is busted

General / Re: "All you guys need to know is it was a cop" please help
« on: January 15, 2011, 06:43:07 AM »
ooops that form only creates a form letter to send or hand deliver.

ICOG won't foward your request.  You have to send it.

But if you don't want to send it, we can and will.

The paranoid among you may think that this is an elaborate identity theft scheme, but think about the work going into the website, and the fact that you would be sending it to our domain.  We can compensate you for the stamp if you want, should you choose to mail it yourself.

General / "All you guys need to know is it was a cop" please help
« on: January 15, 2011, 05:57:29 AM »
We're running a new website in Shelby County Indiana, meant to focus on local law enforcement.

The local paper reported that "a cop" lost his firearm and was suspended for 60 days without pay.  The local paper didn't press the issue, and the Shelbyville police department didn't provide any details on the circumstances or the name of officer.  The last editor of the paper was coincidentally arrested on marijuana charges promptly after he pushed the county sheriff for the name of an officer involved in a police action shooting.  The paper is been well behaved since.

People continue to visit the site and want to know the name and circumstances. We want to give it to them but we are too chickenshit to file the request ourselves.  We want to protect the site and not be retaliated on. 

A cop visited the site and plainly told us...

Who cares what the cop's name was. You probably only care so you can plaster it all over this anti-cop, anti-law enforcement website. All you guys need to know is it was a cop

The thread is on our forum: http://www.shelbyjustice.org/cms/index.php/forum/shelby-county-law-enforcement/74-shelbyville-officer-loses-gun-who-is-he#103

HERE IS WHERE YOU CAN HELP....The Indiana Coalition for Open Government has a form on their website where ANYONE can make a freedom of information request and they will forward the request for you to the Shelbyville Police Department.  We're too chickenshit, and we're not counting on the cowled people in the county to be brave enough. 

Anyone reading this can stick it in their eye legally and the police department is required to respond.  You don't have to get arrested or smoke a joint in public, just fill out the form sitting on your butt at your computer.

The ICOG information request form:  http://indianacog.org/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=78

Agency's Official's Name: Bill Elliott
Agency Name: Shelbyville Police Department
Address: 105 W. Taylor St.
Shelbyville In 46176
Agency's Phone: 317-392-5106
Request Details: "The identity of the police officer who lost a gun and the details of the event"

Please don't use bogus personal information as it will only give them an excuse to decline the requests.  But there isn't much they can do to someone in another state for helping us.

Please contact us with any information you get at:  admin@shelbyjustice.org
We can make payment arrangements with someone if document fees are required.

Thank You Very Much

General / Re: Do you live in Shelby County Indiana?
« on: January 08, 2011, 03:24:28 AM »
Hey sorry if anyone is offended at me bumping this thread again. But I saw an interesting reply comment on the local Shelbyville online version of the paper.  Basically I spammed a comment section in the hope that the paper would get wind of my website.  I never thought they would let the comment get approved and posted.  Well Surprise!  They put the comment up.  The cop shills and thinly disguised local officials are always quick to leap at any critical comment or article that is posted.  Here's the article link with comments at the bottom if you want to read it. 


Anyway here is the comment that I got a kick out of.  It is so telling
" Maybe if shelbyjustice.org registerd the site legally, instead of from Panama, the American Registry of Internet Numbers would not have received so many coimplaints! Looks like justice prevailed....again! "
This means some clown, "likely cop" saw the site and leaped to do a whois search to find out who he could retaliate against  Then he was totally annoyed to discovered it was anonymously registered and hosted in Panama (way outside of his jurisdiction)

Either he is woefully uninformed on how the internet works and thinks complaining to ICANN can get a domain yanked, or he is making some pitiful attempt to imply registering a domain overseas is illegal.  I just love pissing these folks off!  The site was offline because of a buggy server for a few hours it's been back up since.

Driveling on ... A couple of years ago the local Sheriff decided that releasing a deputy's name after "police action shooting" was an optional affair.  Yes, he thought that cops should be able to shoot people anonymously.  The local paper's editor took issue with this and started action.  The sheriff complied.  But...just a coincidence...shortly thereafter, that editor was arrested for marijuana possession and resigned his position.  The paper has been well behaved since.   

That's right registering a website anonymously is illegal, but cops should be able to shoot folks anonymously.   

General / Do you live in Shelby County Indiana?
« on: January 05, 2011, 06:36:07 AM »
We've started up a website dealing with Shelby County Indiana Law Enforcement, Courts and Criminal Corrections.  It's just been up a few days.  If you are from the area I welcome you to come in.  Others are welcome to comment as well.  Pump up our youtube views so we can really piss the local officials off when they cruise youtube.  I hope the mods don't think this is spam.  Well it is in a way, but in we are all listeners to the show and would really like the traffic and the itty bitty bit of Search Engine bump this will help us with. 


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