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General / Re: What the Hell is going on in here?
« on: May 14, 2012, 10:58:58 PM »
We covered that already, Brasky, you including "the N." into the offensive name.


It's okay, stuff like that happens all the time here. So often in fact there's an entire thread dedicated to it.


Trouble is, I don't use "the N.". I don't use any slurs, even the ones that are permitted here. Another spot of trouble seems to be that, in all the years of being accused, there's no evidence at all that I'm a racist. Only accusations and emotional arguments from the same 3-4 people.


General / Re: What the Hell is going on in here?
« on: May 14, 2012, 10:28:14 PM »
Example, changing your username to NiggerSpicKikeFaggot was an end-run around the request, and you got locked in the basement for it

I stopped reading your comment at that point.

Why you'd try to extend this discussion is beyond me.. it's been covered numerous times. And I didn't use "the N." as part of the offensive name, I used other slurs to make the point that your filter falls short of protecting the feelings of other groups. That point still stands.

What you and Shaw routinely do is not criticism, it's simple name calling. By all means, critique away, anyone, but be accurate with your claims, bring valid points, make your argument a good one. It's been done here before - several people have made me rethink my positions, and I like it. Overall, the points I've made here are solid and have only been dodged or challenged by people arguing from an emotional standpoint.

You, Shaw & BJ act or have acted like assholes. You're all pals, old timers at this BBS. "Insiders" would be an accurate way to put it. Nothing wrong with that at all - but, typically, you all get one-sided and automatically take one anothers side on issues. That's where the trouble is. It even spread to Letitia who was pretty eager to ban me for something I had no involvement in.

Banning people, deleting threads, editing people's posts, etc. Gene gave his story, you know mine, and the others are no longer here to share their stories because they've been banned or grew tired of the routine and left.

That is criticism. Take it or leave it but don't forget that the effects of what I've described are in plain sight. The message hasn't just come from me - I'm just the last guy here willing to tell you.

General / Re: What the Hell is going on in here?
« on: May 13, 2012, 07:42:14 PM »
...another timeless ramble from the lap of Ol Pap Brasky. ..c'mere shonny lemme tell ye about life..

It's good that you explained yourself. I don't share that need.
[...]Whether or not you guys accept the criticism is up to you.

Irony.  Criticism of bad behavior is what pushed you into battle mode, from which you never regained your composure. 

All it takes is a stroll through my post history here to see otherwise. Criticism has never bothered me, I like it just as much as a solid opposing viewpoint. It's common, and a pity, those who can't cope in those situations typically resort to aggression as a result.

As for the word filter, I'd encourage people who are concerned about offensive speech to try it out. I haven't in some time, but last I checked all sorts of offensive words are not filtered here. Before any implications surface that I'm a main reason for the word filter's existence - again, just check my post history. The whole story is there, unaltered. I assume it's all unaltered anyway, posts being changed by mods has happened here.

General / Re: What the Hell is going on in here?
« on: May 12, 2012, 10:25:33 PM »
...another timeless ramble from the lap of Ol Pap Brasky. ..c'mere shonny lemme tell ye about life..

It's good that you explained yourself. I don't share that need.

There are enough other people providing (or did provide, before leaving or being banned) negative feedback about mod activity here to cause concern. Whether or not you guys accept the criticism is up to you.

General / Re: What the Hell is going on in here?
« on: May 10, 2012, 08:29:06 PM »
Ah come on Mr. Billy give these brave mods their benefit of the doubt. That Dude trolled before and even though he tried to mend his ways...Once a troll always a troll. We should put Trolls on a trollcrime registry and ban and intimidate and ostracise them forever.

Agreed - crush the resistance to our opinion! Our opinion reflects my feelings and we do not have a better argument so crush them!


It isn't right for me to use the generic term "mods". Lindsey, Mike, Dale, blackie & ecolitan (and maybe even others.. who knows how many mods there are here) have never become power mad. So to be clear - I ain't talking about those guys. Anyone who's visited here regularly might know the scoop on who I've had troubles with.

That should state things clearly enough so that I avoid getting trolled for rehashing old shit, being accused of the horrid "collectivism!", etc.

Seeking a drama free, emotionally detached, honest, logical solution to these issues. Have not a care in the world for more drama.

General / Re: Sam Dodson: We all miss him, and so does the movement
« on: May 10, 2012, 06:41:56 PM »
Don't see why this has to make him less a part of the show. I see it as more of a reason to keep him involved. I would amp if we could get him set up on Skype, keeping us updated with live reports from within the bunker on this particular invasion.

General / Re: What the Hell is going on in here?
« on: May 10, 2012, 06:31:08 PM »
Let's clear up the righteous mod bullshit.

Months ago probably, awhile ago anyway, a little birdie told me to check out a post from one mod to another mod's facebook page, so I did. To avoid drama I didn't say shit about it here - and to avoid further drama I'm not gonna name names, though I usually do. Here's the text (took a screenshot too in case it disappears).

(name withheld)
Hi there! Guess what? Theres a word filter in the new build. Go try to write the variations of the N. and preview it. EPIC win. I LAUGHED MY BALLS OFF. And it's retroactive. The whole site. Every post, ever. That dickhead has five thousand posts saying whatever the fuck we want. HAHAHA!"

I know a lot of mature, calm, collected, noble, emotionally stable men and none of them ever display giddy emotion such as that.

The claim has been that the mods are the real victims here and they only engage in fair play and would never jerk around posters at the BBS. Hhm. How about that. You can't skew this statement, but won't be surprised if someone tries.

I don't know who the "dickhead" is, probably dragline since he's the only one who used "the N.", and not in a racist way. Too bad he was banned and can't speak for himself here.

The people at this BBS are the most tolerant group of people I've ever interacted with online. Well - were - the most tolerant I should say. Was a wasted effort to enforce tolerance here.

Before I'm called a stalker, etc. - just don't. I'm not and it won't change what's been said. Everyone here posts enough to make stalking unnecessary.

General / Re: What the Hell is going on in here?
« on: May 10, 2012, 12:48:27 AM »
No secret I had issues with the core mod group, but the main reason I left was the repetition.

It's even occurring now in this thread... idle accusations and finger pointing all over the place.

General / Re: What the Hell is going on in here?
« on: May 09, 2012, 12:57:57 AM »
I come around every few days.

The Show / Re: Less Stephanie, Please
« on: May 09, 2012, 12:50:35 AM »
I really enjoy the Sunday show here lately. Mark normally says what I would have said when Stephanie says something stupid and listening to her bristle is very amusing to me.

Lucky she has a vagina otherwise Mark probably wouldn't talk to her at all.

You know.. the basis for all male/female interaction.

RE: New Black Panther Party (BKK, Black Koward Klan) Offers 10K Reward For Zimmerman's Capture

Russ.. even when I disagree with him I still find his points interesting. Never heard of Aurini before but I like that vid.

Hellybilly gets a bad rap...

Depends on who ya ask. Glad you think so though.

LRN.FM - The Liberty Radio Network / Re: Freedom Feens on LRN
« on: April 07, 2012, 10:56:04 PM »
Trippin with the Quaker was a good one.

General / Re: And to Ian
« on: March 28, 2012, 10:33:13 PM »
this being the BBS that it is, that doesn't mean their input will be valued. So for those two, be prepared for the usual.. you'll be fingered as a racist in place of legitimate discussion.

Yeah, racism has never been appreciated here.

Neither have you if we're being honest.

But to the point, this BBS has never confronted or encountered a real case of racism. Accusations and mutual high fives within an insulated peer group is charming to watch though. Boys will be boys.

General / Re: Occupy Wall Street protesters.......................
« on: March 27, 2012, 07:58:16 PM »
Those people piss me off


OWS has attracted a lot of aimless, homeless, junkies, criminals, misfits and others who could give a shit less about politics. They're just there for the party. Word on the skreet is there have been more than a few rapes that the OWS royalty have covered up.

The Show / Re: Anti-Immigration activist Jared Taylor
« on: March 26, 2012, 09:03:25 PM »
A First Timerís View of an American Renaissance Conference


Hope you'll answer a few questions.

Average age of attendees? Do you feel the organization is primarily older individuals?

Average disposition of attendees? Bitter, cowardly, meek, pleasant?

Is the morality centered on Christianity? For instance, how open is the group to atheists & gays or others outside the "mainstream"?

For that matter, would minorities be welcome to attend, assuming they had a peaceful presence?

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