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Sex, Lies & Anarchy comment thread

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Does anybody else find this show interesting? I guess I like to hear friendly conflict and this particular podcast delivers in spades. I hadn't even downloaded the animal rights episode. I was like, "so what?" but heard it anyway on LRN. They take subjects and really make them interesting.

Thanks, Alaric! I really appreciate your support of the show. Let us know if there's anything in particular you'd like us to discuss. Same goes for the rest of the world. :P

My only beef with the SLA gals is that y'all still have not taken up my offer to be guests on NH Capitol Access!   :P

Denis - Let's revisit after Liberty Forum. Maybe Kellie and I can do it then. Candy is in bridezilla mode right now and useless to me. :P

How about a discussion about treatment of people who follow the NAP but have questionable values, such as, sexist, racist, strict parents, religious fundis who think every one but them is going to hell, homophobes etc.. It is my belief that the following of the NAP is the most important thing for the movement. I think in a free society (FreedomFeens language "LibPar") I would choose to live in a gated community with restrictions on self- righteousness. I believe racist could live in segregated comunities and I wouldn't judge them harshly. Like to hear you girl's take, but it is a toughie.
On this board there seems to be a division between people who want to wait for human evolution to be ready for LibPar and people who want a NAP based LibPar NOW.(Dale mentioned NAPsters which I think is fucking stupid but fine. I am a NAPster)


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